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  1. Imagine if it smells that bad, how poor the quality of product coming out of these "farms" are? If you raise a hog in crap, crap is indeed what you will get. 20 years from now this place will have contaminated all of the groundwater...

  2. PDBronco -- You are misinformed. Under the federal National Labor Relations Act a certified union is legally the sole bargaining agent for all of the workers in the bargaining unit (i.e., all the workers) and it has a legal duty of fair representation to represent and deal with all of the workers fairly and even-handedly whether or not they are members of the union. So when you say the union is not required to represent all the workers, you are just flat out wrong! Which then raises the question -- which is more unfair: to make the minority of workers who are being represented but do not support the union to pay union dues or to make the workers who do belong to and support the union pay for an organization that represents everyone equally. Reasonable people can disagree, but don't make your decision based on false information or on a political motivation to hurt an organization that tends to support politicians you don't agree with.

  3. A big part of why Harding Street "accounted for about 88 percent of all of Marion County's toxic industrial emissions" is because there is very little industry (and good-paying jobs) left in Marion Co. And I think Perras' claim about SO2 is bogus because IPL already installed scrubber technology to restrict NOx and SO2 emissions, and the mercury control will take out more. What's left will be carbon dioxide - and if the coal industry wants their product to remain a viable generating source, they need to invent a technology that will neutralize CO2. The problem with this resolution is that, as usual, Sierra Club, CAC never offer real alternatives. Do they want us as a society to move backward? Live in tents, reduce the life expectancy of humans? They're anti-gas, anti-nuclear, anti-coal, which tells me they're pro-blackout. Like I said in a post last week, to eliminate all of IPL's coal generation and replace it with wind, you'd need 500-foot tall turbines spread over an area larger than Marion, Johnson and Brown counties COMBINED. It's insane, this dialogue.

  4. Between family farmers and corporate ones such as this with nearly 200 THOUSAND hogs. I feel for the folks who live close by, but as another poster correctly said, you get what you vote for. Personal responsibility.

  5. Would be good see this information more often on what is opening and closing. I hate to say but the Star Bucks construction. The corner is much easier to navigate without the tables and the loiteing crowd of people on that corner. It would be nice to have some affordable comfort foodin Downtown. It doesn't have to be a Franchise.