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  1. Laws are written down for a reason. It is to prevent confusion. A discussion that was had, that never made it into the final written version is only that - a discussion or debate. While it may have been the intent of a few, it clearly was not the intent of the majority or it would have been written down in the final version. For your logic, one could say that they never intended to pay their mortgage, that the payment language is just a drafting error... Nations are not governed by intent - unless they are a dictatorship, oligarchy, etc... Perhaps that's the true intent of Obamacare.

  2. this is no doubt going to the supreme court. either way, all subsidies do is hide the actual cost of obamacare. how many people tout the low premiums while ignore the fact that taxpayers are paying the additional costs. obamacare is working? hardly. it hasn't even been fully implemented. its going to get a lot worse, conveniently after this falls elections. if insurance companies continually need to be bailed out by federal gov then something isn't working. insurance companies will continue to raise premiums and the gov will hide the additional costs and true premium costs through gov subsidies. cost of healthcare will continue to rise as more sick sign up. For progressives they see this as good thing. more people have healthcare...they ignore what will result, high cost, low innovation, and stagnant job growth... as they do with every liberal policy funny to listen to progressives yell 'law of the land', yet continue to want to make changes out of thin air and ignore the actual wording in the law.

  3. What is a waste are the negative comments about this grant. It is not your money so why would you even care? Go make millions and form your own foundation. That way you can give money for whatever reason or cause YOU choose. The Lilly family did and the Endowment carries on the purposes for which it was formed.

  4. sorry, cant have "intent" if no one knows what to "intend", hence Nancy's timeless words:

  5. The IBJ was so quick to report on the DC circuits ruling, but acts like the 4th circuit doesn't exist.