Giant Eagle store coming to The Bridges in Carmel

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Pittsburgh-based supermarket chain Giant Eagle Inc. officially announced Thursday that it will build a Market District grocery store in The Bridges development in Carmel, marking its entry into the Indiana market.

The Market District grocery, along with a GetGo convenience store and fuel station, should open in 2015, the company said in a prepared statement.

Giant Eagle Bridges rendering 15colGiant Eagle's first local Market District store is set to open in 2015. (Image courtesy Giant Eagle)

Giant Eagle said it’s exploring additional locations in the Indianapolis area but declined to divulge how many stores it might open and in what timeframe.

IBJ reported in December that The Bridges at 116th Street between Illinois Street and Springmill Road had landed a Giant Eagle store. The entry into an already-crowded local grocery market has sparked speculation that it could be eying Marsh Supermarkets Inc. as a takeover target.

Market District is Giant Eagle’s specialty-grocery arm. The company describes the stores as “resembling open-air markets of Europe, combining the best of the everyday grocery needs with unique offerings and services not found elsewhere.”

Chef demonstrations, interactive events and in-store appearances by some of the world’s most prominent chefs are common at the stores, the company said.

The stores feature produce, a sweet shop with handmade confections, artisan domestic and imported cheese, and meat and seafood.

Food Network chef Guy Fieri called Market District “the Disneyland of grocery stores,” the company said.

A gourmet prepared foods restaurant with stone-hearth baked pizzas, sushi and other freshly made dishes also is located in the stores, the company said.

T.M. Crowley & Associates and Gershman Partners are developing The Bridges’ 62 acres along with Pittman Partners. Plans for the $100 million project call for 250,000 square feet of retail space, 500,000 square feet of office space, and 300 apartments.

Founded in 1931, the private company has 230 groceries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. It has roughly 36,000 employees when counting its GetGo convenience stores. It reported revenue of $9.3 billion in fiscal 2011, the most recent year available.


  • Marsh vs Giant Eagle
    I recently moved here from NE Ohio, where I shopped at Giant Eagle most of the time. Yes, some of their prices are high, but I was SHOCKED the first time I shopped at Marsh. Some of Marsh's "sale with card" price was Giant Eagle's normal price. Giant Eagle has nothing on Marsh, when it comes to high prices
  • Same Old Debate
    I can't believe this article has sparked the same old North Side / South Side debate. I moved to the greater Indianapolis area ten years ago for my career. We researched all areas, neighborhoods and school systems. After doing our due diligence, we chose to live in Carmel. It is one of the best decisions we ever made. When we made our decision, we encountered lots of anti-Carmel sentiment in this community. Over the past decade, the anti-Carmel sentiment has turned into vitriol toward Carmel. I just don't get it. Carmel is the nicest city I have ever lived in. Loads of data supports why so many people like living here. But I just don't understand the irrational hatred for Carmel. It is obvious this grocery chain did its due diligence and determined the best environment to conduct business. It chose Carmel, which is not plagued by the problematic environment of Indianapolis - high crime rate; crumbling infrastructure; and abysmal schools. A comment for Expat. You should conduct some objective research. You will find that Carmel is indeed an affluent community by national (and international) standards. There is no need to "get over ourselves". Facts, data and overall quality of life speak for themselves. I look forward to shopping at Market District. And I won't let people like Expat, and their hatred of Carmel, ruin the shopping experience for me.
  • Something for Expat
    I don't think anyone is comparing Carmel or Hamilton County to Beverly Hills. However, you're completely off base if saying they are "middle class" on a national basis. Hamilton County has the 24th highest median household income in the United States as compared to all other counties in the US. Actually, almost every county above Hamilton County is on the east or west coast which means that although their median household income is slightly higher their disposable income isn't necessarily any better when you consider how much more expensive housing (and cost of living in general) is on the coasts relative to Indy. Actually, Hamilton County has the highest median household income in the entire midwest and when you account for the cost of living difference with most of the counties above it you could easily make a case for it being one of the top ten counties in the United States for disposable median disposable income per household. Those types of things combined with the county basically at 300,000 people and still growing rapidly account for why so many high end retailers want to be in Hamilton County or very close (Fashion Mall, etc.) to capitalize on the disposable income and size of the county population. Basically, if you're a high end reatailer the only large concentrated audience for you in Indiana is Merdian Kessler north through Hamilton County. There is no other concentration of wealth and population in the state even remotely this area. And, as someone that's spent a fair amount of time in Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc. I will say that really there is only so much even the people with extreme wealth (say $100 million or more) are going to spend on food vs. people with just "normal" wealth. If you're going to open a Bentley dealership you're better off to be in Beverly Hills vs. Hamilton County but for most high end retail it's really not going to make much of a difference once you get past a certain level of wealth and population density.
  • Westfield Rocks Aldi
    Careful with your comments about Aldi there Westfield Rocks. An Aldi is being put in next to Best Buy in Westfield.
  • Re: Janet
    "Grocery prices are higher in the communities where Giant Eagle is the only game in town.".......Isn't this true for any business that is the "only game in town"?
  • North vs. South
    I've gotta jump in on this one, because it's just too funny watching everybody argue. South Side doesn't have nearly enough wealth to support the kind of stores you're talking about. North Side, stop acting like you're Beverly Hills. Carmel is not full of "mansions" or super wealth, it's just a normal middle class town that looks rich in comparison to other Indiana towns. Hardly anybody (including myself) from outside Indy would call Carmel objectively "affluent" without qualifying it "by Indiana standards." Get over yourselves northsiders.
  • Not a fan
    I am from Pittsburgh and grew with the overpriced, anti-competitive Giant Eagle supermarket chain. Grocery prices are higher in the communities where Giant Eagle is the only game in town.
    • Risky business
      I'm not usually an alarmist :) but if HJR-3 becomes law, it will be a death knell to high-end apartment developments like this. Young people simply don't want to live in a state that isn't hospitable to different people and ideas.
    • Alan
      Alan I'll just address your first issue for brevity sake. This was after about Giant. Governor Daniels and now Pence believes the long term strength of a community is a direct reflection of its downtown's vitality. Indiana's Stellar Community program is giving $$$10's of millions to a select few communities each year to make measurable improvements to their central downtowns. As Governor Daniels has said it takes more than low taxes but a high quality of life to attract or keep the high paying jobs that Indiana so desperately needs. Neither Fishers or Carmel not being a county seat, where just a flashing light to someone else. Fishers won't always be the home of new subdivisions. Like in the Carmel Arts district the test of sustainability is the measurement of private money citizens are willing to invest in old housing stock. I would be happy to give you a tour of the Carmel Renaissance taking place. Fishers Is at a crucial stage where it has to start investing in its long term future rather than living for the moment. I don't see another electable candidate who will provide that leadership other than Mr Fadness. For the record I have no skin the game other than the desire to see Fishers avoid the bust that descends on old edge cities that haven't made the investments before sprawl marches onward.
    • Run to Fafness
      I don't know if your joking or not about Fadness. Where to begin. 11 million dollars and land to a developer for a down town development that only town hall seems to want. Are you talking about the voxLuxum deal? Lets see right now it only has two employees and a potential for 85 I guess it pays to be a friend of Fadness. Launch Fishers? Lets see it is using greatly discounted space, 350,000 annually in tax dollars and Town Council just gave them another 50 grand. As an organization LaunchnFishers has created what 2 jobs. Are you talking about the Meyer Nahem deal. Lets see they had a fundraiser for Fadness and got 1.4 mill a building and land. Lets look at the school system. It's funny HSE is crying about the formula for transportation but are building 2 new schools worth 95 million. What's funny is HSE have to pay back to fishers fuel costs. Have you seen how many Public Works trucks and police cars sit idling at gas stations and coffe shops. Of course what City Manager is successful without a little intimidation as we seen recently when Fadness threatened or I mean hinted at condemning a property that stood in his way. How many times has Fadness been on the wrong side of what Fishers residents want? Lets see: recently he wanted to raise taxes on Fishers residents with no economic plan in place. One of my favorites his trash service idea. It was funny when residents at the meeting asked if he even knew how to negotiate when he negotiated for higher trash rates. I like this one too, Fadness was against Fishers becoming a city now he wants to be the mayor of the city he opposed? When you look at other communities such as Kokomo where almost 500 hundred jobs have been promised without having to give away almost 11 million dollars plus the land. Noblesville just had a company announce they were investing 1.4 million of their own money not take 1.4 mil from taxpayers like the Meyer Najem deal. What happens when Scott Fadness runs out of tax payers money to give away to his friends I mean buisnesses with 2 employees. When you add all of these factors together and see how many times Fadness has been on the wrong side of issues one can only come to the conculsion the only finicial plan Fadness has is giving away tax dollars and telling residents it good for Fishers. I believe residents should run as fast and as far away from Fadness as possible and elect an individual that will listen to tax payers not give there money away to his buddies. Elect an individual who works with buisnesses for what's best for the community and the buisness. Giving away 11 million dollars of tax payer money and tax payer owned land does not fit this category. Fadness is a perfect example of what is wrong with politicians.
    • Broad Ripple
      Maybe they could put one in Broad Ripple - that is just the size of retail it needs! LOLOLOL!
    • As usual
      I see the Carmel Mayor's PR department has checked in with their typical boilerplate misinformation.
    • LOL - Marshall
      She's right Marshall - I am working on this deal and they are NOT interested in the south side at all right now - maybe in the next 3 years, but the first 5 stores all go on the north side from Zionsville east to Fishers and Geist.
    • Southside Stores
      No one will build stores like that on the south side - it's a very much Wal*Mart town. There is a reason these company's realitors and development teams do not recommend the south side. It's also way Marsh and Kroger stores on the south side have lower than avaerage sales. It all about the Wal*Mart and Aldi's of the world.
    • Re: Marshall
      Marshall, if I'm wrong, please tell me why Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Trader Joes, Market District, etc are falling over themselves trying to build more stores on the Northside while completely ignorning the Southside? If there was money to be made on the Southside, don't you think they would be building there?
      • What financial trouble
        Alan, What financial trouble are you talking about? While every city has had to tighten its belt because of the Great Recession who is in better shape than Carmel? Want to compare tax rates or public utilities? Not counting this announcement Carmel in the Month of January has already announced $200 million in new high quality projects. This is only the tip of the iceberg for the coming year 2013 saw 3500 new jobs, a host of new corporate headquarters and the City rated #1 by money magazine I suggest Fishers need to not walk but run to embrace your City Manager, Scott Faddness. He is your future to prevent the boom bust cycles that suburban sprawl creates. As a Carmel citizen we want to see every community raise their bars and build a central Indiana that is competitive with the rest of the world for high paying jobs and workers.
      • Uh, no
        This is not what the chi-chi west side Carmelites were promised. A gas station and convenience store just down the street from the mansions? Oopsie.
      • Southside
        Its not because the southside is "built up" there are wide swaths of farm land available for urban sprawl down there. As much as the southsiders in other threads don't like me pointing this out, "It's the demographics stupid." If the demographics of the southside we such that they could support a high-end grocery, they would be chomping at the bit to build down there. But they are not. Sorry, facts are facts.
      • Buisness coming north
        While many buisness are coming to the north side one must begin to look at the finicial trouble Carmel is in and the coming finicial trouble Fishers will be in. The problem with the north side is right now there is no sense of fisical accountability or responsibility. Scott Fadness has given away 15 million dollars for a potential windfall of 200 jobs. Also Fadness has undertaken the fiasco of a down town project that a majority of citizens seemingly don't want. Fadness has a misguided policy of build new buildings while on 116th, 96th, Alliisonville,Brookschool, technology drive, Kincaid dr, and north by north east has empty store fronts and empty warehouse buildings. Maybe if these buisnesses got 350,000$ and free labor from the public works dept they would still be open. Scott Fadness is an ego maniac that only cares about the myth of jobs Launch Fishers has created. By the way do not stand in his way and oppose these costs. Look at his recent intimidation tactics and bullying of a resident who didn't want to sell his property. Fadness you can put in your bio all your volunteer efforts but the intimidation tactics you utilize to get your way are deplorable. Don't worry Fadness, Pethel will always be a more deplorable person than you!
      • Southside needs to calm down.
        Hey Southsider - sure you like quality groceries - you should enjoy your new Aldi's and super Wal-mart just fine! But truly - maybe because the southside is heavily built up and doesn't have the space for these new stores. But you are getting a Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market - I was almost jealous of you guys - for almost a full minute.
        • Wonderful news
          I have missed Wegmans since leaving the East a Coast. To have a store that sounds similar will be great for the area. Family owned with lots of quality products.
          • Near Northsider
            Nothing reminds me of the "open-air markets of Europe" quite like driving through Carmel. LOL
          • LOL-in reference to Northside Comment!
            Sad but unfortunately true!
          • The Northside is VERY Popular!
            I guess new businesses prefer the northside of Indy because the perception is that the money is out that way and that's where most people want to be or will travel that way instead of the south side of town. Purely perception but that's the way it is!
          • Leave the trailer park and move north
            Hitch your mobile home to your pick-up truck and and move to the north side.
            • ?
              Why does everything new to Indy have to go to the northside??? We southsiders like quality groceries as well!

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              1. Uh, sorry Johnnie, but you are incorrect. Despite the assertions by yourself and various defenders and captains, sports attendance is NOT off significantly at most sporting events in the US. Variances in attendance has been in the range of single digits, both + & - for years now. MLB has had most of its best overall attendance nubers in the last decade, and that trend has been consistent for most major sporting events. The number one issue cited by most fans when asked about attendance is the overall cost of attending. The presence of HD and big screen televisions in home doesn't even register, as a factor for not attending an event. VALUE in the product is the key, and apparently is something lacking in the current ICS. What other explanation is there when with what is routinely touted as the "best" racing on the planet, fans are staying away in DROVES. A "close" title battle into the last event at Fontana, with the "cars and stars" of the ICS, and who showed up? MAYBE 8K. Sorry, but HD TV isn't to blame for that kind of fan apathy.

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