Glendale lands Flat Top Grill

August 14, 2008
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Flat Top GrillIndy is becoming a hotbed for chain stir-fry restaurants. A popular player, Flat Top Grill, has signed a letter of intent with developer Kite Realty Group Trust to open a new restaurant at Glendale Town Center. The restaurant is slated to open in early 2009. The Oak Park, Ill.-based chain has 12 locations, including one in Fort Wayne. The restaurant will be going head to head with Chicago-based Stir Crazy, which recently opened in new lifestyle centers at Greenwood Park and Castleton Square malls, and Michigan-based BD's Mongolian Grill, which has locations in Indianapolis and Carmel. Flat Top is most similar to BD's since its menu features exclusively stir-fry dishes. Which do you like best?
  • I love making my own meal at BD's. I wish we had one downtown. I haven't been to the other two.
  • I've been to the one in Ft. Wayne. It's good stuff!
  • Flat Top is decent...I'd rather see a specialty restaraunt or an Olive Garden or something going in there.
    However, I must say that so far, I'm impressed with what's been done at Glendale. Target is definitely bringing in people, and hopefully that will pay big dividends for the other players in Glendale's renaissance. Between Macy's, Target, the movie theatre, Staples, Lowers, and the library, Glendale is shaping up to actually survive for a while!
    That's good news for the Broad Ripple/Keystone area.
  • Hooray!! Another chain coming to town. I guess Indianapolis Monthly was correct that Indy is king of the chain restaurant.

    While, I would like to see more local restaurants, I can't complain too much about adding something else to the landscape.

    I haven't eaten at BD's or Flat Top but I have eaten at Stir Crazy and found the food and atmosphere to be nice. Not great but solid and something different for the southside.
  • I'm actually excited. I first had Flat Top last Feb in Chicago on Southport. 15 dollars for all you can eat, and the food is fantastic.
  • Huh, Glendale is still around, who knew? I thought it was just a constant construction project that you drive by and say, remember when we used to go there?

    I wish the mall the best, but at some point it may be the focal point for a complete renovation. How many malls do you need in a 3 mile radius?

    Flat Top is pretty good though.
  • creamcrimson:

    i'd say glendale HAS had a complete renovation. have you seen it? it's also not a mall no mo'.

    as for the restaurant? sure why not? i agree there are too many chains in this white bread town, they're usually bland and predicatable (that's the whole attraction for some, but i get even more tired of people griping about them. so shut up and go local already!!!

    go glendale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CreamCrimson -

    Have you driven past there lately? I think you missed the complete renovation of Glendale. It was really more like a demolition, anyway. No mall, just stores now. You should visit if you haven' actually looks decent now.
  • An olive Garden?

    I don't know, maybe we should carry on the tradition of Glendale? Where local owners run their own stores?

    It really didn't work out the first time, so nevermind.

    I do love the new glendale though. Weird to see a standalone macy's
  • I thought I would never see the day when someone would say I wish there was an Olive Garden there instead.
  • Whereas Olive Garden may not be your favorite restaurant, tell me it wouldn't do significant business there. And I don't mean to say I definitely want an Olive Garden there, just something more noticeable and established.
    Damn, I wish Shaffers fondue would come back....
  • I don't care about Stir Fry, so I'll just comment on Glendale:

    How many millions of dollars did the City provide to assist this redevelopment (whether an actual grant or TIF, or whatever mechanism) and they couldn't manage to build sidewalks around the perimeter so someone in the nearby town might safely walk to the center? This just a couple years after the City and the Feds funded a consultant to do a study to tell the City that sidewalks are needed in and around Glendale.

    Does anyone in the City-County building speak to anyone else in the City-County building?
  • Idyllic, apparently no one but you, me, and Urbanophile actually read the plans prepared by DMD Planning staff and approved by MDC.

    I have to admit...I've been so accustomed to Glendale as is that it completely escaped me that the only real sidewalks are on Rural Street behind the center around the theater. Even Marsh across the street has one corner close to a public sidewalk.
  • Fantastic, lived by the one in Chicago for a few years. Good food at a good price and it's not your typical chain restaurant. I think they're only in Chicago, DC, and Fort Wayne (not sure if that's just a branding thing and they have other chains under other names, but it's unique enough that not every city has one).
  • Ok, idyllic indy and thundermutt, don't you guys realize that the more involved the city is in a project, the less impact the planners have?
  • Free lunch, I don't understand. It would seem completely illogical that City planners would be less involved in projects with which other folks within the City are involved. Am I confused?
  • All it needs now is an IKEA and a Dons Guns!
  • Oh great, another chain.
  • Serious thoughts here: (Yes I can have those at times)

    Macys is making a terrible mistake as of this week. I spoke with a manager @ their Caselton store and she explained that the Glendale store will now be a budget Macys and they are not going to be selling any premium brands there any longer. No Lucky, Diesel, Calvin Klein, etc. The Catleton store will now take over as the premium store. This is stupid if you ask me. Glendale is going to end up another Eastgate if they go this route. I am also not impressed with the Target as I expected more that just a copy of the Nora store. They haven't really given the shopper any reason to shop there other than the address. You market to the Wal-Mart set, and it will look like a Wal-Mart. We already have one up the road.

    Oh well. :/
  • Da Hooey

    I'm not too surprised after reading your interesting information. I had already figured that the Glendale Mall would in turn become just another mediocre shopping center. Who puts a Staples and a public library in a mall to begin with? Then along comes a Target, surely, Target is a very nice store in comparison to Kmart and Walmart. Now Macy's is availing itself to be one of the bargain stores... sad. It's not entirely Macy's fault. It's the demographic markup as well as the location. I'd bet in five years, this mall will become like you said, another Eastgate.

    This is an entirely different subject, but since Clay Terrace is suffering with the loss of some big box retailers along with smaller ones... sure, the economy is pretty bad, but the obvious reason is there... There is not very much money in Indy.
  • Flat Top Grill has fantastic all you can eat, make your own breakfast. I lived in Oak Park for a few years and this place was always on the list. Back then it wasn't a big chain.
  • Dustin -

    Clay Terrace has only one anchor and that was Circuit City. That had more to do with Circuit City than it did the local shoppers. I have a friend that works for leasing for Simon. She stated that the biggest problem is not a lack of money in Indianapolis, rather an oversaturation of malls. Does Hamilton County need 2 malls? Simon got a bit overzealous lately in it's home market when building 2 malls in county with less than 200,000 people. She stated Simon would have been better off keeping available retail to a minimum by not building Hamilton Town Center or Clay Terrace and expanding Keystone and or Castleton.
  • I agree with Da Hooey. Turning the former LS Ayres flagship store into a bargain center Macy's is just plain stupid. One reason people choose to live near there is because they DON'T want to go to Hassleton or Keystone-by-the-Interstate to shop. When I lived in that part of town I was far more likely to mall-shop at Glendale or Circle Centre than north of 82nd/86th.

    Staples is there because there is a significant cluster of small and home-based businesses in the area. Lowe's is there because the housing stock is older but well-maintained and frequently updated. The library is there because Mayor Goldsmith wanted to help Kite after they bought and renovated Glendale Mall.

    I hope Kite can lean on Macy's, but perhaps the Simons already have, and this plan is the result...Macy's needs to keep Simon happy.
  • I am shocked that Macy is still even there.
  • Shane

    Thanks for the education. It makes a lot of sense.
  • Alot of you seem to be really ignorant of the area surrounding Glendale. We are not even close to be like Eastgate - thank you very much. Sure we have some more moderate neighborhoods but we also have Meridian Kessler, Meridian Hills, and Broad Ripple. All with good household incomes and within an easy drive. And Glendale has the nearest Macy's and Target to downtown.

    I believe it would be a grievous mistake on Macy's part to underestimate the Glendale area and it's shoppers and add a bargain store, but to my knowledge, I've never known Macy's to even have that kind of concept.

    DaHooey Target is Target. What did you expect? I'm very happy that it's like the Nora store - except it's closer to my home and has more groceries. As far as a reason to shop there - it's Target! It sure beats the h e l l out of the crappy Walmart down the street.
  • I lived in Chicago for several years and loved the Flat Top Grill. It is by far superior to an Olive Garden and more upscale than a BD's. Flat Top has less than 15 locations so it isn't quite your typical chain. I think it will be a great addition to Glendale.

    It is too bad to hear that the Macy's is turning into a bargain store. I have actually gone to that store more often now that the Target at Glendale has opened.
  • Wow! Another chain restaurant and it is similar to Mongolian Bar-B-Que. I can't wait to eat there (sarcasm). Kite Realty never ceases to surprise, especially with the Glendale Mall (again sarcasm). At least it isn't some furniture store that ultimately failed or filling the mall with 2-3 footlockers (gotta-be-da-shoes). I lived in the area (Broad Ripple) for over 20 years. The best thing going for that mall is the Lowes (at least with it being there you can get the materials you need to fix up your over taxed Broad Ripple Bungalow), to bad the developers didn't think of traffic flow...maybe even feasibility and sensibility where thrown out the door when you exit/enter from the Keystone Street side. The Movie Theater used to be something special but like all things new they get dated with time. I like the comments about sidewalks and tax incentives...makes you think. The comment about the Library (don’t agree with). The library is a big plus for the area and for the IPS public schools of the area…believe me they can use all the help they can get (that is probably the second best thing about the mall), but sadly all in all the over taxation of the area, the sad state with IPS schools and even Washington Township schools too will make most of the educated people with some money pick up and move north where the taxes are lower, schools better and there is a Starbucks on every corner(sarcasm about the Starbucks only). If they don’t move further north then they put their kids in the private schools, make so much money taxes just don’t matter and are up at Clay Terrace shopping anyway. Ultimately people who are happy live in places where there are amenities and where they get value…the value of the Glendale mall just isn’t enough to sell neither me nor anyone else on the area.
  • We got quite the discussion going here~! :)

    To address other's comments -

    1. Sidewalks, we need sidewalks! If you give Ballard enough time, 62nd street will be a dirt road ... I think this neighborhood needs alot of help from the city, but sadly, we are not going to get it. I live in the area just north and east of Glendale, and you would be surprised at the demographics of the area. There is a TON of money here, and people like living here. Too bad kids and everyone else have no sidewalks to travel to glendale.

    2. Target is Target, you are right, but I suppose I should not have expected anything else.

    3. Macys was a fantastic store when it switched hands and you can certainly find a bargain there. MOST of the staff are knoweldgable and nice and now we are going down bargain city avenue and that sucks. Oh well, Catleton is not far for me, and they have what i want.

    4. Lowes. Lowes is a trip. I spent alot of money there over the years, and yes it is very busy and they usually have what i am looking for. But talk to me abotu customer service there. The apathy in their employees is amazing, nobody is responsible for anyhting over there.

    5. I need a beer. Anyone else?
  • 1. I agree that the whole area could use sidewalks - but good luck getting them. I live in the area south and west of Glendale and some streets over there have sidewalks, some don't. Our neighborhood group kept going back to city govt about the fact that our neighborhood was one of the few that did not have access to the Monon via sidewalks. Finally after years of complaining, they repaved 52nd, put in brand new sidewalks, and as an added bonus we got bike lanes. We are very happy with that development, but think it's probably an anomoly.

    2. I've been to the Target several times and so far their customer service has been great and I really appreciate the expanded grocery.

    3. DaHooey - I really would not count on your source being correct about Macy's becoming a bargain store. They don't even that that concept. Have you ever, ever seen a bargain Macy's? Department stores have different levels of stores, such as A, B, C, and D stores - but not really bargain stores. The only one that comes to mind is Nordstrom Rack. I think the person you talked with did not know what they were talking about as often happens. I read on someone's blog a few months back that Kite was going to keep the Penguins at their headquarters and the public wouldn't see them again. The source for this supposed story was a security guard at Glendale. Obviously not true as the Penguins are right inside the entrance to the library.

    You can keep the Castleton store - I'll take Glendale any day. They have the best employees at that store I've ever seen anywhere. I go there often and always get the best customer service. I love that store and do my best to support it. Sure, sometimes they don't have exactly what I'm looking for, but that's what is for!

    4. I agree 100% with you on the Lowe's though. We've been through a kitchen remodel these last months and have made many trips to that store. Many of the employees are surly and not too helpful, though every once in awhile you hit the jackpot. My favorite is when the saw is broken and they can't cut any plywood for you. Seems to mysteriously happen every Sunday.

    5. I always need a beer!
  • Maybe the mayor can takes some of his profits from selling OUR parks and spend it on some sidewalks. :)
  • Wow Firewoman, you must know so much about the entire corporation of Macy's. What makes you so sure that there isn't a bargain Macy's store? I would suggest that you should travel a bit more so you can learn something.
  • I probably
  • there appears to be no signs of work going on in the last 2 months or so since ive moved back to the area, anyone know whats going on here?
  • It appears the FlatTop Grill Coming Soon signs have been removed from the Glendale shopping area.

    Is this another victim in the slipping economy?

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