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  1. Manny Mexican don't know about indianapolis when the first get here and they call indianapolis Minneapolis. I tell friends all the time in Chicago vivo en indianapolis and they oh si Minneapolis that's far... I am always like no indianapolis it's Indiana...they say no Minnesota ... I have go get and bring em... And back everyone traveled on bus in pairs to find work... Maybe he came with that guy... Did you ever ask why his story was similar. Javier is a great guy he was then even when he drank and he is better now that he don't.

  2. Ruben Pazimino a jerk jajaja that putting it lightly lol. But Javier is back try his food it's great and he is kindest warm hearted man you will ever meet...

  3. I remember when there where lines out side the doors of El Sol De Tala... Even during lunch. Javier never stopped being a humble man and as a child after all his hard work he would still give dome of the neighborhood kids tacos to fill their tummies. I know first I was one of those bothersome children that would bother him every now and than. He now opening El Sol de Tala as Javier's Hacienda... He will be back in the kitchen and wait to taste his plates of love....

  4. Go back and look. Most years, in late summer or early fall, AL pares staff. The end of summer means the end of home improvement season, business slows and voila! More Layoffs. Most media in this town are in love with the Angie mirage. Credit to the IBJ for casting at least an honest eye to an outdated, overleveraged house of cards.

  5. Online shopping changed things, but no one MADE them purchase the mall. It was a choice with risk involved. Others thrive, this one failed. Pay the piper you legally enabled thieves!