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  1. John, you're right on that! How a precarious financial situation of their own making can then be risk reduced using another $21M tax revenue reserves to restructure debt without constituents up in arms is just amazing in the worst way. Granted, without that move Carmel would have likely gone into default. That might be the only event that will shake some sense into Carmel voters. Good lord, people. Great stats on education and income, pathetically low on supporting civic fiscal accountability from the executive. You're shareholders, folks. Act like it!

  2. Kenny, sorry it was supposed to be Cherry Tree, auto-correct on phone. It is on the SW corner.

  3. We appreciate the dialogue, but we feel it only right to be informed by more than the "opinion" of a few hobbyist. To compare Fat Atom to a "Drug Dealer" is not only irresponsible, it is libel. Please read the following articles -

  4. The intersection at 56th and Emerson is FAR from crime ridden. In fact, much is going on there. One of the heaviest trafficked Sbux at that location. Much traffic from Cathedral and surrounding areas. Get your facts straight people!! This is what makes for poor press when people don't even know about what they speak!

  5. FCC info on recreational or hobby usage of model (unmanned aircraft): Mr. Muffley: I like your boldness to "push the envelope," but for your own sake you might want to reconsider using that craft for commercial purposes.