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  1. This great promotion by the speedway shoulda brought fans in...$30 and free kids under 12 yrs of age. How much lower you want to go? Yeah, both with promotion standards and costs? What? You and your 12 yr old are not party animals? Stay home then.

  2. These mid summer bumps typically are fed by "sandwiching" these IRL garbage races either before or after some semi important TV event like the Tour DeFrance. Or F1. Or Mad Money on CNBC. Keep dreaming that it's from someone really interested in ugly cars with 6 cylinder engines that are underpowered, with incompetent stewarding in race control. Yup, cars that can't even race in the rain. That's the IRL IndyCar series. Worthless garbage.

  3. What a stupid decision WIBC !! The only guy that I looked forward to in the morning the Cronkite of Indy...I guess I tune to another station now...bummer... Steve enjoy your vacation....somebody with half a brain will be calling.

  4. I guess what I am trying to figure out is: is the increase in viewers a reflection of real increased interest in Indycar, or is it simply a function of NBCSN being more widely available. Are there more people per household watching, or just more households have NBCSN? Any increase is good news, but I'm just curious if there's any data on that kind of information. I know when our local cable provider adds channels to the lineup I'll tend to check them out and watch them more than I probably would have otherwise.

  5. Patricia, Unfortunately, I don't think there is any chance that the city will take the appropriate action, and deny this application. The developer basically gets whatever they want. No, McDonalds should not be there. However, the whole Bridges development should not be there in its current and future size and scope. Frankly, the council just doesn't care what the residents think.