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  1. Dude is so right! People around my age (I'm 24) are like, NASCAR is so g--! Cars going around and around and around, and guys that are like in their 70's are racing sometimes. And rich kids and fat guys. They are so turned off by it. That's the problem with that sport. We go to the Brickyard race, though, mostly for the party. I never hardly watch the race. Just like when Earnhardt comes out before the start. Guy is dope but truthfully, he isn't much of a racer. Not like guys like Mario or Petty. That dude was cool. I read about him. But today, now way, the crowd is down because its just older people now all into cars and turning circles. The party is dope, though. All those NASCAR parties are dope. Better than Coachella.

  2. How dare juries (purportedly made up of stupid viewers of TV crime drama) expect EVIDENCE that someone is guilty?

  3. So, doesn't Hancock County recoup a great deal of money if the alleged drunk driver is indeed intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle over the legal limit? By the time the driver is convicted, he/she is paying a great deal of money in court costs and fines. So why is the prosecutor whining about this? Because he and the judges stand to earn less because their expenses have increased? Or do they need to get the sheriff to kick in some of his pay for this? The fact is, the accused have a right to a fair trail and there are costs involved. This isn't about TV crime dramas, this is about a mistrust of police and poor public image/reputation they too often have in rural counties such has Hancock "Handcuff" county. County residents shouldn't have to foot this bill. Let's recoup that from the court fees and increase the fines for the guilty.

  4. Daniel, if you are aren't happy with the decision on August 13 and want to suggest the US change marriage so you can keep it for your religion and so that other religions can't use the term, you are free to work with the legislature to get laws changed. On August 13 judges are going to decide if Indiana and Wisconsin can continue to discriminate with respect to marriage as it is defined currently. I hope that discrimination stops no matter what it is called.

  5. The 1st paragraph speaks of creating a license plate recognizing the Indy 500 yet in the 2nd paragraph the license plate approved mentions the 500 Festival- 2 different entities/businesses- which one is correct?