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  1. I find it quite interesting that not only are there so very many (all but 1 by my count)comments here saying the same thing but that the management at Emmis/WIBC made the decision that the listening public wanted MORE yelling and right-wing rants on the station. I don't know anyone who agrees with the decision and apparently people - including myself - want to take the time to weigh in on this baffeling decision for change when no change was needed. Not a matter of being fearful of change, it's a matter of enjoying the last vestage of pleasant 'talk radio' in the mornings to get the day started with a little light conversation and a pleasant voice. I too hope that Mr. Simpson resurfaces on our airwaves in the AM and takes whatever few listeners away from the obnoxious Mr. Katz. Sorry guy - hope you like the city, but your voice and personality are just bothersome! Nothing personal, it's just not a good fit for me and my radio dial will be tuned elsewhere in the mornings in Indy.

  2. It's a sad day in our Indy theatre community when an organization as fine as Spotlight Players has to lower their lights for good. They produced high quality productions and were an asset to our art's scene. I wish their staff and players well and hope Indianapolis will embrace other community theatres as they bring entertainment options at affordable prices.

  3. Still waiting for Genki Sushi to come to the Circle City.

  4. Welcome to Republican controlled Indiana, where corporations have all the rights. Unfortunately the people of this state vote based upon Fox News, not upon what is best for them.

  5. "...Roy Lichtenstein’s massive “Five Brushstrokes” is being put in its new home on the grounds." Hey, Lou, where is it going to be installed? The IMA? (Thanks!)