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  2. Italiano- Certain landmarks in this city are too important to demolish. Such statements reflect an ignorance of history and a lack of appreciation for the city's few remaining historic landmarks. Should we demolish monument circle because it is a little leaky? Or maybe the statehouse because a window is busted? This building is an important part of our collective heritage, why should we not fund to preserve it? Though we should not be wasteful with tax money, I find this knee-jerk anti-tax attitude to be destructive to this city's future.

  3. Update: Apparently, somebody coughed up the money, for now at least.

  4. Is this what you teach your students at Roncalli? Take the elected offices out of the control of the people when they don't do what you want them to do and put them in the hands of people who grease your palm with vouchers and high ratings? I know Roncalli loves those vouchers and advertises them on the school's home page -- and I know you miss your buddy Tony Bennett who was soundly sent packing by the voters. So, your response is to take those choices away from the voters? Some role model you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Mr. Maurer: Thank you for pointing out so eloquently what has become the all-too-common occurrence of a claim to be a "Christian" followed by decidedly UNChristian words and actions. 171