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  1. The intersection at 56th and Emerson is FAR from crime ridden. In fact, much is going on there. One of the heaviest trafficked Sbux at that location. Much traffic from Cathedral and surrounding areas. Get your facts straight people!! This is what makes for poor press when people don't even know about what they speak!

  2. FCC info on recreational or hobby usage of model (unmanned aircraft): Mr. Muffley: I like your boldness to "push the envelope," but for your own sake you might want to reconsider using that craft for commercial purposes.

  3. TP _ really? please provide your research which would validate your very tall tale........

  4. building in the flood plain? the neighbors will love the fact that raising the bldg 3 feet will increase the flood threat to everyone else.......

  5. As someone who has flown what is likely the same RC craft ("drone") with a GoPro camera attached underneath, I was surprised to see this article in IBJ promoting this company's blatant disregard for the law. As others have commented, commercial use of RC video is illegal. In other words, I can not fly my craft, shoot video, then sell it. However, if I fly my craft and shoot video for my own use (even if to promote my company) that is still legal. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (based in Muncie) opposes some federal regulations governing these craft, but until the laws are adjusted to allow commercial use this marketing firm's usage is illegal and I suspect they will be shutdown (perhaps fined).