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  1. With Julie's departure, I'm concerned about the rest of the morning crew. Scott Sander & company start my day off right...I seriously don't enjoy the other stations morning personalities. I hope that for their sake that they'll be able to keep the program and staff as it is.

  2. ....took the time to not only read the story, but also post on how unimportant it was too you.

  3. When it was announced they were selecting between Todd Williams Billie Tsien, SHoP, and Deborah Berke, I was hopeful for either an extremely refined modern building (Billie Tsien) or something really controversial and in your face contemporary (SHoP). Unfortunately they chose to go with the least exciting option. Hopefully Berke can surprise us, but I have not been particularly impressed with their previous built work. Their work seems to look like it is built on a shoestring budget and it shows. Should fit in well with the Artistry and Muse apartment complex though....

  4. I thought the chassis refresh was supposed to be in 2016? Liars again. For those playing at home, the same drab butt-ugly DW12 chassis with stupid wings, bumpers and body kits strapped on to it. Shoould be a winnah. LOL. Its like watching a 1972 Chevy Vega turn into a 1972 Pontiac Aspire every year until 2018.

  5. As usual, you are confusing socialism with communism, totalitarianism and authoritarianism. Capitalism is freedom from responsibility, as historically exemplified by the "Robber Baron" period of American history. Their abuses and exploitation of the working classes led to the Progressive Era and the subsequent rise of the middle class during the mid-1950s. History and the facts are not on your side...