IBJ Movie Night: 'Watchmen'

February 25, 2009
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Can "Watchmen," based on the acclaimed graphic novel, hold its own with such recent superhero standard-bearers as "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight"?

Be one of the first to find out. I'm giving away passes to the March 5th (okay, technically March 6th because it starts at 12:01 Thursday evening/Friday morning) midnight screening of the new film. The passes are good at either Regal's Galaxy 14 on 96th St. or Regal's Village Park in Carmel.

So do you want to go?

Simply post here with some thoughts about your favorite super hero movie or TV show. We'll randomly pull e-mail address from posters until the passes are gone (so make sure you leave a valid address). If you win, you'll get an e-mail with instructions on when to pick up the passes at IBJ's downtown Indy offices.

Note: The pass does not guarantee seating. You must arrive early. And the film is Rated R, so leave the kiddies at home. Besides, it's a school night.

Watch future blogs here for more IBJ Movie Nights.

  • I would love to go to see watchman. I guess my favorite tv superhero would be Greatest American Hero and favorite movie... Spiderman. So far but maybe Watchman???
  • Willie Aames as Bibleman.
  • I bet my son would race down from Purdue to see the the preview of Watchmen.

    My favorite big and little screen superheroes have been the original Batman on TV, Superman by George and Steve Reeves, and I really enjoyed Ironman. I'm glad Rebecca mentioned Greatest American Hero. That was a fun show.
  • Favorite superhero movie right now is Dr. Horrible's Musical Blog with Dr. Horrible as my favorite character. He believes he wants to take over the world, when all he really wants is to be noticed. When he finally does get everything it has to come at the price of losing what he loves most.

    As far as characters in upcoming movies, I have to lean towards Rorschach. Here is a man who has no gray in his life! Everything is black and white, right or wrong and evil must be dealt with severely.
  • Frankly, I always enjoyed Spiderman's contributions to the Electric Company, back in the day.

    For Watchmen, given how I enjoyed the books so much, I'm trying to lower my expectations to the level of Misfits of Science/Manimal/Matthew Star. Or any nbc fantasy/superhero show that started with an M.
  • My favorite superhero has always been batman (cliche, I know). I love that he doesn't have any real superpowers but he sees a problem with society and is determined to make it better. It's so human and altruistic. I think we need more of that in the real world.

    That said, Joe brings up a fantastic point about Dr. Horrible. Battles between good and evil, the thoroughbred of sin, AND it's put to music. What more could you want?
  • I agree with Sarah. Batman as a regular guy who basically uses his brains to discover injustice and right wrongs is awesome. He also doesn't see the need to use guns.
    Although back in the day, I watched some Greatest American Hero, Hulk, and I LOVED Wonder Woman. I am definitely a slightly closeted comicphile. I watch so many Super Heroes Cartoons.

    I loved the so many of the recent Comic Book movie incarnations.
    Plus, my Dad looks like Iron Man.
  • No, really. Melissa's dad actually does look like Iron Man.
  • Maybe I am old school but Flash Gordon (1980 version) always rocked!
  • My favorite superhero has always been Superman. He was the first superhero I knew of, and I was pretty much raised on those movies, as my parents were huge fans. He has the coolest powers too--flying, seeing through things, and those laser eyes! Way cool.
  • Watchmen is by far one of the best graphic novels ever written...I'm excited to see what they do with the film!

    My favorite of the superhero movie(s) at the moment has to be an even mash up between the Spiderman series and the new 'dark knight movies of Batman. I feel the Spiderman series has displayed the perfect balance of action/humor/effects/story to date. On the other hand, Batman (although NOT a superhero...sorry Sarah ;) ) has perfected the opposite version of the spectrum with it dark gritty realism. I like them both pretty evenly. However, Iron Man was so good, it just may take over the throne from Spiderman for me.

    TV series wise, I'd have to go with something animated. Comic books tend to work much better in that form (for obvious reasons). I loved the old X-Man series, pretty much any of the batman animated series, and the various justice league incarnations.
  • 'The Dark Knight' will be a hard act to follow... Watchmen has many hurdles to cross with story, cinematography, musical score, acting, and overall believability.

    I believe that 'TDK' has become the norm in which ALL Superhero films should be judged against... that and Donner's '78 Superman.
  • Not counting Mannix, which was a detective show.
  • Similarly low expectations: Automan, starring a young Desi Arnez, Jr. The short lived Captain American, starring a bodybuilder whose name I forget. The equally short-lived Hulk television movies (much later than the series) which tried to incorporate other Marvel heroes such as Thor (awful) and Daredevil (blindingly awful). The Flash wasn't that hot, either, but did give Mark Hamill a paycheck. If you've seen the boot of JLA, you'll know why it never made it post pilot. On the other hand, the first few seasons of the cartoon were awewsome.
  • Well it just ate my first comment I tried to post...so...my vote goes for Batman,
    specifically Batman Returns. The cast was great (Walken!) and the Paul Reubens
    cameo (hah) and it was able to mix fantasy with realism so it didn't seem so
    ridiculously over the top like most superhero films are.

    Of course, The Dark Knight is impressive, and is the new benchmark.
  • While this isn't my favorite, this perhaps gives a medium to vent. HEROES the show had completely gone down hill. Yes we all want to see various different powers and dream of having them, but come on, how many characters does one show actually have?

    In the beginning, the first couple of episodes seemed promising, potentially keeping it to 4-5 heroes.

    Then, comes the rip-off movie, Push. This was an ok movie and kept the powers pretty simple and easy to understand. However, it felt like a complete copy of Heroes the TV Show.
  • Well the Greatest American Hero is now a comic book! Issue one special on ebay personally signed to you from William Katt!
  • Can I say all of them? I've always loved superhero movies, even the bad ones. I guess I appreciate them for what they are: escapism + a small dose of modern-day mythology. I guess my favorite of the bunch lately has been Spiderman 2, but I really liked the Ironman, Hulk, and Batman movies that came out this summer. I'm especially looking forward to this movie because The Watchmen kind of turns the whole superhero concept upside down.
  • I'm glad a few people mentioned Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long blog! Joss Whedon is a genius in my book! Love the X-Men - the comics / cartoons, not so much the movies. The new Wolverine & the X Men cartoon is really good and sorta picks up the torch from the 90's series. I'm looking forward to Wolverine this May. I really liked Iron Man and the Spiderman movies are all pretty good. The Dark Knight - of course, is fantastic. I've been disappointed in both the Hulk movies. I still love the old tv show though.
  • Actually, I like alot of them. Not sure whether Watchmen will be good or not but I would not minde getting free tickets.
  • Since not much talk on the TV side, I love the Teen Titans show and characters. Also can't wait to see how the Ben 10 movie turns out.
  • My favorite two superheroes are Quail Man from Doug and Blankman as played by Damon Wayans.
  • I've got to go with the TV Series of the Hulk. Other movies and shows since them may be of higher quality but you can't beat Don't make me angry, you won't like me when i get angry
  • Batman is my fav superhero movie. Michael Keaton was the best but Bale is the hottest.
  • Favorite superhero movies include 'The Incredibles,' and 'Dark Knight.' And while some do not consider Bruce Wayne to be a superhero, per se - he's still amazing! :-D
  • We live in a time when escapism and super heros are as much needed and economic relief. Good triumphing over evil, secret forces watching out for our best interests and failed government fiscal policies and spending make this a great time to embrace superhero's albeit that it is fantasy. Two hours of fantasy is a welcome relief.
  • My favorite superhero, by a mile, is Batman. I remember watching the campy TV show (in reruns) when I was a kid, and like most kids, I read comic books and saw the Saturday morning cartoons. For me, though, nothing beats the 1989 movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Even 20 years later, it still contains some iconic images (the BatWing sillhouted against the full moon), and an incredible soundtrack by Danny Elfman (later appearing in modified form on the animated series in the 1990s).
    The Dark Knight movie of this past summer is a very close second, not for Christian Bale's Batman, but for Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance as the totally amoral Joker. Whereas Nicholson's Joker was flamboyantly insane, Ledger is creepily psychotic. Without the acid-bath backstory from the original movie, this Joker retains a certain could-be-your-neighbor humanity that makes him even scarier.
  • Although I am not a typical big budget movie watcher (the movies that I typically watch fall under the “period piece” or foreign movie category) I was very pleasantly surprised by last year’s Iron Man and star Robert Downey, Jr. I am so glad to see such a great talent make such an incredible comeback. Iron Man was so much more than a special effects bonanza with record breaking budget. It was refreshing to see a superhero who is attempting to mend the destruction he himself caused in addition to fighting various evil doers. I purchased the DVD the first day it was released (also something I don’t typically do) and have continued to enjoy Iron Man.
  • OK, if we are talking cartoon super heroes, then hands down it would be The Tick. Spoooooon!
  • I grew up a huge fan of Batman comic books. I'm so pleased to see the amazing work that Christopher Nolan and his cast have created with the new Batman franchise. The last franchise starting losing it's appeal with the first sequel and from there spiraled downward quickly.

    As far as super hero TV shows as kid I'd have to go with Greatest American Hero or G.I. Joe (not really super heroes, but a super force:) .
  • My favorite super hero movie? Hmm...If Heroes doesn't count then I would have to say Batman: Dark Knight. I like it because it's realistic and doesn't make the joker someone you would want in your city...very well done. :)
  • the best tv superhero was Captain Marvel or Shazamm. I never missed that show and the one after it. Mighty Isis. the only thing close was the 6 million dollar man.
  • I would love to go see it! Batman is my fave. My dad had the old TV series taped when we were younger so we watched it all the time The cartoony 80's/90's movies weren't so great. The newest Batman saga is BY FAR THE BEST! Dark Knight was thrilling...I can't wait for my dad to come back to the states so I can share it with him. (He's deployed right now)
  • I'm in!

    Favorite? yeah... gotta go with Batman - I know, another one...

    Not only is he one with out super powers - unless you count perseverance and a high tolerance for pain as a super power - but, in his true identity as the hero, he is even willing to sacrifice his image and good name in pursuit of the salvation of his home, wherein he becomes the dark knight at the end of Dark Knight.
  • I would have to say Pooty Tang has GOT to top the list of superheroes! Complete with indecipherable language, villains, and 'ho' wannabees... this movie hits the morality mark.

    I would love to check out Watchmen the movie, I have a copy of the hardbound :~ )
  • I would have to say that one of my favorite comic book tv shows was the MAXX, which is in a way similar in tone to the watchmen. It was about a superhero who's sole mission it was to protect a women in her 20's suffering from estime issues and a general malaze for life. As the show/comic progressed MAXX falls in love with here but cannot get it together to make things happen and as it turns out the MAXX exists only in side her head. any way, it was a cool cartoon on MTV.
  • Cato, played by Bruce Lee, the Green Hornet's sideman was my favorite superhero. My brothers, cousin and I would wait in anticipation for his intriguing appearance to get the Green Hornet out of a jam and disperse of villains with some haught martial arts antics. Does anyone remember the time he kicked that lightbulb out that was high above? Hmm... I wonder if the Colts' Cato June was named after him.
  • A midnight showing of Watchman...yes, I'm there!! My favorite superhero is definitely Batman (yes, yet another one). How can you resist though really :)
  • My favorite comic book movie would probably be Ghost World. However, you said superhero movie. I think they did a great job of making Iron Man more fun than the comic book. From what I've heard, I expect to be blown away by Watchmen.
  • This thread made me think of GHOST WORLD, too! I liked the movie and the book.

    But speaking of superheroes and comic books, I loved the moving, black-and-white graphic novel, TALES FROM THE FARM, ESSEX COUNTY, VOL. 1, by Jeff Lemire. (Top Shelf, 2007)

    It's a GN for adults, but it's about an orphaned boy who finds comfort in playing a superhero.

    My favorite real superhero will probably always be Wonder Woman. I borrowed stacks of comic books about her from my neighbor, growing up.

    I can't go to the midnight premiere showing of Watchmen, but I would like to see it while it is still in theatres. I saw a book at my public library called WATCHMEN AND PHILOSOPHY: A RORSCHACH TEST, edited by Mark D. White (John Wiley and Sons 2009) that looked interesting.

    Copies of THE WATCHMEN book, itself, of course, are almost always checked out. That's another reason I would like to see the movie.

    Hope Baugh
    Indy Theatre Habit
  • I'd love to say that my favorite is something eccentric and hip, like PERSEPOLIS or GHOST WORLD or AMERICAN SPLENDOR. But I grew up loving superheroes, and for my money, I'm not sure if I've seen anything in that genre better than THE INCREDIBLES. Besides being just fabulously entertaining on a basic level, it contains a lot of really sharp meta stuff about the genre itself.

    Come to think of it, THE INCREDIBLES shares that and other traits with WATCHMEN - a bunch of retired superheroes in a world (sorry, ahem, IN A WORLD . . .) that's turned against them, going after a mysterious entity who's got it in for superheroes.

    And, y'know, THE DARK KNIGHT is the greatest thing since sliced face.
  • Lou, Blake, number 15 above, should definitely get tickets to see this movie. He was up at 1 AM this morning blogging this site. At 1 AM I already have 4 hours sleep and am working on 4 more.
  • Okay, now I'm going anti-superhero, but can I also just mention another graphic novel that I love?

    LIFE SUCKS, by Jessica Abel, et al, came out last year from First Second publishers. It is a graphic novel about a vampire who works in a convenience store.

    It sort of reminded me of the movie, Clerks. But, you know, with vampires.

    Hope Baugh
    Indy Theatre Habit
  • I hope the Watchmen really turns out to meet the hype because I was terribly disappointed with Spiderman 3 when it came out and who can forget Daredevil, sooo bad. From now on I try to hide my excitement about comic book movies so I don't ruin any high held expectations. The Dark Knight and Iron Man were both very well done.

    As for my preferred superhero in a movie, I have to say that I am a huge Wolverine fan. Kudos to Hugh Jackman. He does well with this character. Hopefully the upcoming prequel turns out well.
  • It was admirable that Warner Bros. honored the memory of the late Christopher Reeve, and the not so late Gene Hackman, with impersonations of their late 1970s/early 80s Superman movie characters by new coming actor Brandon Routh and Hollywood stalwart Kevin Spacey. Unfortunately, as keen as their performances were to the movie and fans of the late series, they were only reflective of what buried the series a few decades back. Superman was seen as an infatuated schoolboy worried about his reputation. Lex Luther, though starting out evil, just became a flat diabolical gangster out of Central Casting.
    The Warner Bros. Batman series was able to shake off its campy and cartoon like TV image of the '60s using Tim Burton's vision and art direction in the 1990s. Unfortunately that series took a down turn (of the wrist) as it progressed with the Batman/Robin story line. The Studio was able to shelve the series long enough to let the Dark Knight graphic novel find its place in the new age of American comic book fan psyche. The comic book fan had grown up. And so had its Batman.
    Superman Returns could have gone more than 2 ways. Since the Christopher Reeve series ended, Superman incarnations have been seen mostly on TV. He was love interest Clark and part time Superman in Lois and Clark and he was teen heartthrob Clark in Smallville. Smallville continues to have a genuine following and fan base. They would only have been appeased if Superman Returns used elements of the TV show already set in the minds and hearts of these faithful TV viewers. Unfortunately, they were left unsatisfied.
    The Warner Bros.' Superman has always been a nice guy. He is the sweet, caring guy ready to save the cat or foil the bomb plan. But with Routh's incarnation when he wasn't a Peeping Tom looking into Lois's personal life, he was nary a blip on the Daily Planet's radar. Clark Kent was supposed to be an Ace Reporter but none of the last 5 movies ever delved into that.
    Now Warner Bros. plans to reboot the series. They plan on retooling Superman as if he or the series was on a par with the Hulk or the Dark Knight novel. Well, let it be stated now, Superman does not need to be dark. The Superman character does not need to be brooding or have personal angst. Superman is not afflicted with our human quirks or personality traits. He has always been above such a thing. Take note, Superman is one of only a minuscule number of Superheroes ever conceived that had to hide his true self. Superman didn't need to wear his cape and costume. He was Superman. To disguise himself, he had to dress like a human, now there would be some angst!
    Where will Warner Bros. take it? Probably lessen or sideline the Lois Lane love story and focus more on intricate plot lines that involve weirder, more psychopathic villains in the vein of the late Heath Ledger's Joker from the Dark Knight. Ledger set the bar before his untimely death. But the Superman format works best when its humor revolves around how much we, as humans, are such self indulgent dolts and he has to dumb down to hang with us. I look forward to seeing the next incarnation, as long as they don't kill off what made Superman a pop legend, expounding on Truth, Justice and the American way!
  • I sure hope they didn't try to turn the Watchmen into some stupid action flick like batman and robin or the fifth element. I liked both those movies but they were shined and sillied up and over the top for kids rather than deal with the serious and mature subject matter contained in the story.
    One of the best things about the Watchmen was the tedious tension built up slowly, which is another reason why it's not for kids...
    If they did the Watchmen correctly, it should just about drive you crazy before you get any taste of resolution.
  • I read Watchmen earlier this year and I loved it. I cannot wait to see the movie adaptation.

    My favorite comic movie lately has been the Dark Night, I think Watchmen has its work cut out to be as good as that.
  • Thanks for the passes. The movie was fantastic. That didn't keep me from drifting into sleep a bit around 2:30 or so ...

    I've read the graphic novel and was suitably impressed by the writing and the innovations, but only mildly enjoyed it. The movie did a fantastic job of living up to the graphic novel. The effects were superb and the translation from the page to the screen was excellent.

    I'm kinda surprised this was listed as only R. I think NC-17 would be more appropriate, but for pretty graphic sex scenes and pretty gory violence.

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