IBJ movie night: 'Wolverine'

April 17, 2009
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Summer's coming, so why not start the film season with a big popcorn movie?

I've got passes to the April 30 midnight screening of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" at Regal Village Park and Galaxy 14.

Want to go?

Just leave a note here stating what you'll tell your boss the morning after the film, when you arive at work a little late and kind of groggy.

I'll pick winners and random and will e-mail you mid-week if you are in.

Oh, and if comic book movies aren't your thing, watch this space over the next few days for an announcement of another IBJ Movie Night.
  • I love these movie nights! Thanks for hosting them. I don't see my boss on a regular basis b/c she travels frequently, but if I did see her the next morning I would say that I had stayed up a little too late watching tv and thank goodness it's friday.
  • I go to midnight showings every once in a while so I think my boss has gotten used to it. When I see her the next morning, I'll tell her I went to a midnight screening and then she'll tell me she wishes she were young enough to stay up that late. :)
  • I did pretty well the morning after The Watchmen showing. I also stay up well past my bed time from time to time anyway to catch up on reading. I'll be fine with a few cups of coffee.
  • I wouldn't be late....I would either be so pumped from watching the movie that I would stay up and go into work or I would schedule the day off and go watch it again if I could!
  • Wild animals kept us up late last night. :)
  • I don't know as if my boss would notice. I'm so used to staying up until 2am and rolling into work around 8:30 on a Friday that an extra hour won't make much of a difference.
    If he really wants to know why I'm so tired, I'll just tell him I was up all night having wild crazy sex. He won't want to know any more after that.
    Besides, late night movies are what triple-strength espresso is for,
  • This is an easy one! I was up late working on those extra projects you've assigned to me recently. I needed a little extra sleep this morning, so that I would be productive for my normal weekday workload.
  • the truth:)
  • I could tell my boss that the babe kept me up all night (little would she know that I'm talking about Hugh Jackman rather than my eight-month-along belly :)).
  • Why tell your boss anything if you are the boss :-) Working in a hotel....we are use to be up late all hours of the night.
  • I am the boss.
  • Boss,

    I'm sorry for being slugish at work today. There was a promotion on the IBJ's A&E Blog that required me to write a note telling you I would be tired at work today in exchange for free passes to see Wolverine. If it makes you feel any better, I'm not hungover.
  • Boss: So... why do you look like a Bangkok whore the day after the Navy left town?

    Me: A wolverine ate my homework.
  • My three year old twins wouldn't go to sleep until midnight, and then our baby woke up, wanted fed, and wouldn't go back to sleep. It's believeable, because it's happen before . . .
  • Snikt!

    (I'm a nerd.)
  • I will tell my boss the same thing I always do when I make it in late on a Friday: Get off my back or pay me more.
  • The truth always works best, but if I had to come up with an excuse… : )

    “I couldn’t sleep AT ALL last night. I think I came down with the “6-hour flu” or something. I heard that’s been going around. Aspirin and Robitussin failed miserably!”
  • I haven't been to a midnight showing in a long, long time. My immediate boss lives out-of-town, but I can email her the next morning and tell her I was at-the-movies, so save me two on the aisle. I hope my movie buddy (my DIL) is up for a midnight showing. Her boss, is my son and her three little ones and my daughter's two little ones (she baby sits them, so five in all, does that give her six or seven bosses?).
  • I would tell him I was up late working on getting my hair to look like this as I strolled in sporting the Wolverine hair style, lol.
  • I'd love to see Wolverine. I am self-employed, so I guess my wife is my boss. I'd tell her, see, I'm up and ready to go.
  • Twenty-three-plus years in the Marines taught me many things, especially punctuality. I learned early in my career that the Marines don't have a sense of humor for people who are late. The cream on the coffee here though is that I am now self-employed and I think I can find it in me to forgive myself if I'm a few minutes late getting started. Thanks for all you do for the arts and for the movie tickets.
  • There's nothing to tell the boss - I'm taking her.
  • I would tell my boss that after work the previous day I stumbled upon a ring at the bottom of a stream. Once I found it very bad things started to happen and random people came and found me and told me I had to throw is in some lava to stop the bad things. I had nothing else better to do so I did what they asked. Some dude followed me the whole way to and tried to bite it off my finger at one point but I still was able to throw it in the lava. I was then later told that I saved the world by doing this. So I would make sure to remind my boss that he/she still has his/her job because I saved the world last night because I destroyed a ring.
  • I'll tell him that I was burning the midnight oil and somehow was making him money all night, so don't mind these bags under my eyes and my plastic toy Wolverine claws and X-Men t-shirt.
  • As long as I show up with a large tea from McDonald's, I'm golden!
  • Free movies are far more important than work!!!
  • I love Wolverine! I'm dying to see this movie! I'll just tell them that I couldn't sleep all night for thinking of ways to do my job better. That's believable, right?
  • I would go with the truth, but anyway, I can't go that night. I just wanted to say thanks for the fun thread today. :-)

    Hope Baugh
    Indy Theatre Habit
  • I would tell my boss that REGAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP rocks!! :)
  • I would tell my boss that I had the chance to spend the evening with Hollywood leading man Hugh Jackman that I couldn't refuse!
  • Here are some excuses inspired by the greatest movie ever: Office Space...

    I was up all night, creating new coversheets for my TPS reports.

    If you could go ahead and let me sleep under my desk today, that would be great.

    I was out all night trying to find more pieces of flair.
  • I would just tell her the truth. It's not like she's going to fire me because I'm the best there is at what I do.
  • I would say something clever and witty like I ran over a pothole and my car fell apart.
  • Well, since that's my birthday I have a great excuse...I'll just tell my boss I forgot it was my 41st birthday NOT my 21st!
  • I never give an excuse unless asked for one. However, if asked, I would provide the truth. My boss would problaby be jealous that she was not able to go.
  • I wouldn't tell my boss a thing. I go to midnight movies somewhat frequently and head to work the next day with no problems.
  • Me: Sorry, I am late. I was up late putting together my Susan Boyle Fan Page.

    Boss: That's not a valid excuse and I am going to have to write you up.

    Me: Remember the time you forwarded me and the rest of the guys in the office that email about Motivational Posters. What was the email for HR again? I heard its tough to find a management position in today's market.

    (end of conversation)
  • I work from home most of the time, so I would just make sure I don't have any appointments scheduled for too early that morning. :)
  • I am so sorry I am late this morning. We had car trouble as something seemed to have clawed both sides of it and had trouble getting the doors open.
  • My real name is Ororo Munroe, I've been using an alias for all these years. My buddy, Logan, had an movie made about him, and he invited me to go check it out.
  • Work? What work? I have to go of town and will be coming back late Thursday, so all I have to say is the flight was delayed.
  • Well, since I'm in college with a lot of free time, I shaved my beard and hair to the likeness of Sabretooth in preparation for this release. Thus I feel showing up to work in my overlong trench coat running on all fours as Sabretooth does will be distraction enough to my boss to cause him to disregard my lateness. If he does demand an explanation, then I hope a strong growl should suffice to complete my elaborate disguise...And if not then I'm sure I'll enjoy my unemployed time.
  • I really get into these movies So I think I come into work and tell my boss that I was donating blood and they said it may make me a little groggy. :P
  • Got up early and called in to the school that my son wasn't feeling well enough go come in. We stopped at Steak'n Shake for some chocolate shakes for the ride home at 2:30am. We enjoyed Wolverine overall. Brian's first comment was that there was too much obvious green screen usage. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to find a good story. I was expecting a dependence on action and special effects which is the main point in too many action movies. The beginning war sequences were adroitly handled with smooth transitions. I was beginning to worry about Wolverine's memory three quarters of the way through, but was satisfied by the ending.

    The tickets were greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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