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  1. Ok, Getty warrant and take the blood. If the suspect fails then they have to pay a fine to cover it(hint: increase the fine). If he passes, the police, prosecutor, and judge must each hand write an apology.

  2. Daniel, the judges are not deciding names of things, they are deciding if the ban is constitutional or not. If you want the government to change the name for marriage, you can contact your US and state representatives and senators. they are the ones that can do that. On August 13, judges are going to decide if we continue discriminating against people who choose to marry someone of the same sex or not. I hope we stop the discrimination.

  3. I'll be the first to agree that US healthcare system is not efficient and extremely expensive. This is one of the reasons for the initial support from some of Obamacare. they were ready for 'change'. Problem is we're quickly realizing how incompetent this admin is and just how bad obamacare is. Its far from an improvement. the old system needed fixed, however, affordable care act is not that fix and anything but affordable. As with our current tax code, our healthcare system needs a serious overhaul. the problem is our gov only pollutes the system when they attempt to 'fix' something. Our current admin who is either incompetent or corrupt is really good at pointing out our flaws but completely incapable in improving or finding solutions. They end up making things worse. We need to elect real thinkers into office instead of swift talkers. Proponents of obamacare point out its intentions, as with every liberal policy, but always fail to see its actual results. healthcare spending is not going down, its just being more heavily subsidized. the only thing declining will be actual care

  4. Marriage is between one man and one woman. If you wish to create a new term to define a legal contract defining the relationship between two persons of the same sex ... feel free to do so. I'd support that.

  5. Simon should thank the taxpayers for financing the Circle Center mall.