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Financial planner parlays meals for clients into money lessonsRestricted Content

July 19, 2014
Joe Clark says the two things that seem to matter to people the most are food and money. He has found a way to combine the two, cooking for client families in their homes once or twice a month as he answers questions and gets to know them better.More.

Yellen to give her outlook as Fed honeymoon fades

August 20, 2014
The perilous question that now awaits Janet Yellen's Federal Reserve has put investors on nervous alert: Can it manage to raise rates from record lows without weakening the U.S. economy or spooking markets?More.

Lender files to foreclose on downtown's Villagio condos

August 15, 2014
First Horizon Home Loans claims the owner of the Villagio at Page Pointe still owes nearly $5.2 million on an $11.6 million loan and is asking a court to appoint a receiver to manage the property until it's sold.More.

Local man faces 20 investment-related felony counts

August 13, 2014
Robert E. Wilson, 54, who operated locally based Wellington Institutional Management LCC, was charged in Marion County Court with 10 counts of securities fraud and 10 counts of being an unregistered broker-dealer.More.

Church accuses JPMorgan of mismanagement, self-dealing

August 13, 2014
Christ Church Cathedral has filed a federal lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, alleging the bank's "intentional mismanagement" and "self-dealing" led to $13 million in losses in church trust accounts endowed in the 1970s by Eli Lilly Jr.More.
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  1. An employer has no right to ask an employee to use their own personal cell phone nor computer for their business. They need to pay for it all. The solution is the business phone is for business only, the employee has their own personal phone. If the employer wants to contact the employee, business phone, otherwise, don't bother calling the personal phone The employer has no right to see any of the employees personal phone records and the employee cannot use the business phone for any personal calls. Also, the employer has no right to ask the employee to use their home network for business purposes if they won't pay for it. Simply put, keep business on business devices, personal on personal devices and pretty much keep the employer out of the personal lives of the employee. This should be defined by the law and by legal, business processes and documents. For too long, employers have been creeping into peoples personal lives with computers, phones, networks, etc. and consuming, invading personal time. Unless absolultely necessary, the employers is only paying for time at work in the business environment and employees should draw the line on their personal lives and time. Once at home, it is of no concern to do the employers business even if salaried. Take back your lives and enforce employee demands on employers which means you don't own the employees time on a computer, cell phone 24 hours per day, laws should be passed to restrict work hours, hourly and salary. Salary means pretty much 40 hours per week, if you want more, pay overtime to salaried workers. Don't use it as an excuse to say you own the salaried workers time no matter what, no matter when. It is about time to put our foots down on this issue and tell them no. Retail abuses this more than anyone, working 50-60 hours per week and getting a diminishing marginal return on salary. Salary is a name to abuse the employees time and an excuse to say take it or leave it in the name of having a quote professional job. If that is the case, then pay overtime once 40 hours is reached. Should be a law written in the employees favor in this case. For far too long have employers exploited professionals and college degreed individuals saying a job is a career and being professional and salaried means working 40-60 or 70 hours per week. Lets put up the wall and tell the employers that work stops when we leave their business and if they want more, pay more, not an open check book to consume the employees life and home time. Too much 24 hour per day worrying and working for them. Didn't exist before cell phones, beepers, email, LinkedIn, netmeeting, etc. and when physical buildings were more prevalent for business. It was go to work, do 8 to 9 hours, go home and forget about work. We need to do this again, set up an employee code stating that once at work, only work, once at home, only family, friends, and home, no mixing the two. Take back your lives and refuse the grind that executives are demanding to dump all the work of shrinking workforces on fewer and fewer people. We should not have to take this and it should be a rule just like OSHA, worker safety, worker rights.

  2. Many companies expect employees such as middle management and reps to be accessible by cell phone but do not provide them. And these days the employee better have a smart phone for the deluge of e-mails. The companies may "reimburse" the employees but that is not real compensation for being on-call 24/7. However, smart phones are provided to upper management as one of their perks. If my job requires a cell phone, then the company should provide it which is one of the reasons I'm still on a flip phone as a protest. I don't want to be so connected that I'm getting e-mails at all hours. Yes, two phones would be cumbersome but I like to keep my work and personal lives separate.

  3. I believe that companies have the right to access personal mobile phone/apps for that are company issued. My problem comes into my personal devices. I receive emails after hours on my owned personal device from clients about questions. From what I am reading the courts may tell me that all information on personal device belongs to the company after they asked to install the emails to my phone. No way! My personal information is just that that - personal. Company information is company information. With the ways courts are going today, you really wonder if we are moving backwards in time. I work for a company that is it. After work my personal life is just that=personal. The EEOC should get involved because invasion of personal privacy is a violation under our constitution- at least it used be. What you going to fire me because comments I make on twitter, Facebook, and other sites don't list the my employers name. If so, may as move to Russia since the USA is becoming more communist since limited right to privacy.