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Financial planner parlays meals for clients into money lessonsRestricted Content

July 19, 2014
Joe Clark says the two things that seem to matter to people the most are food and money. He has found a way to combine the two, cooking for client families in their homes once or twice a month as he answers questions and gets to know them better.More.

Mitchell departs state job for treasurer's race

July 28, 2014
Kelly Mitchell announced Friday she was leaving her job as an investment director in the state treasurer's office Aug. 1.More.

First Internet reports smaller quarterly profit

July 24, 2014
A slide in mortgage-banking income hurt earnings, but net-interest income, commercial loans, deposits and assets were all on the rise.More.

First Merchants acquires Noblesville-based bank

July 22, 2014
Muncie-based First Merchants Corp. has agreed to acquire Noblesville-based Community Bancshares Inc. for about $46 million in stock, the companies announced Tuesday.More.

House votes to extend moratorium on Internet taxes

July 15, 2014
Under current law, the moratorium expires Nov. 1, exposing Internet users to the same kind of connection fees that often show up on telephone bills.More.
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  1. Ballard Administration. Too funny. This is the least fiscally responsive administration I have ever seen. One thing this article failed to mention, is that the Hoosier State line delivers rail cars to the Amtrak Beech Grove maintenance facility for refurbishment. That's an economic development issue. And the jobs there are high-paying. That alone is worth the City's investment.

  2. The town of Speedway needs to renew itself, otherwise it will pass as an old factory town. It was a much better place not 20 years go, but has become a town that has seen better days. Better than investing 100 million dollars in loans to the IMS, why not 100 million dollars in improvements to Speedway and police to protect citizens from crime. As with any city, Indianapolis downward spiral from the city center to I465 and beyond continues with migration of crime from the inner city to the outlying areas to surrounding counties. Unfortunately, instead of the acceptable culture and morals of surrounding counties taking precedence of people migrating from the inner city, it appears to be the negative element is moving into the surrounding counties causing crime to migrate with them. Would suggest that surrounding counties hold the line and do not allow pushing culture that is negative to the suburbs, but change those who have that culture to a more positive focus rather than inner city acceptable behavior. As with Broad Ripple, crime is migrating outward and must be stopped and those who are criminal locked up. I suppose that is why the new Jail/Prison is being placed across from the Indianapolis Zoo, what a bad place to put it, right next to an outdoor concert venue and across from a major community attraction. There will need to be plenty of security there. The only way to stop the violence from occurring in and around the city is to crack down on underage loitering, drinking, and generally between the hours of 11 and 7 in the morning, focus on crime areas and bust the criminals before they can commit any crimes.

  3. $15 MILLION for a traffic circle with no traffic signals seems awfully expensive even after considering demolition costs.