WIBC taking big risk by weaving news with opinionsRestricted Content

June 21, 2014
The decision earlier this month by WIBC-FM 93.1 to part ways with longtime newsman and host Steve Simpson has many radio listeners and advertisers wondering if straight-up news radio is dead.More.

Former newspaper editor now telling stories on screenRestricted Content

July 19, 2014
Documentary filmmaker Ted Green recently completed production of “Bobby Slick Leonard: Heart of a Hoosier,” a 90-minute documentary that will debut at Bankers Life Fieldhouse July 29.More.

HHGregg ditches ad campaign, returns to former agency

July 9, 2014
The Indianapolis-based retailer is going back to Zimmerman Advertising a year after parting ways with the firm and just two months after unveiling a "brand transformation."More.

Late Pacers slump didn't slow season-ticket renewalsRestricted Content

June 21, 2014
The season-ticket renewal rate for next season is around 93 percent, and season-ticket sales are 15 percent ahead of last season, said Todd Taylor, the team’s chief marketing and sales officer.More.

Angie's List Grand Prix sponsorship targets service providers

June 21, 2014
It was no surprise that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway approached the Indianapolis-based consumer-review service about sponsorship of the Grand Prix of Indianapolis before the inaugural event in May. But the first response from Angie’s List CEO Bill Oesterle was no.More.
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  1. As a proud IU alum, even if veterans don't choose IU, I would encourage them to choose any of our excellent public colleges and universities that offer fully accredited degrees at much lower costs. By making the most of their military/veteran financial aid, they can hopefully have plenty of funding while in school, and graduate with little or no debt.

  2. Well first...I don't know that I personally would be against the NCAA lifting the sanctions at this point, they have lightened them some already...the people being punished today for the sins of their predecessors had nothing to do with the fact that a serial pedophile sexually abused numerous children including his own adopted son and Spanier, Curley, Paterno, etc. all had knowledge of this and were informed not once, but several times of this, and did nothing except try to cover it up and intimidate or discredit those who tried to bring it to light...those people are gone, dead, or still going to have to answer in say they "probably didn't do enough" makes Edward the reigning King of the land of Understatement, but realistically, the coaches and players there now have little or nothing to do with that...lack of institutional control is covered in the NCAA handbook, and PSU is the textbook case...but it is probably time to reward them for playing ball and doing the right things post Sandusky. As for "this guy at Kentucky" I presume you mean the women's soccer coach? Oh you mean that Calipari guy? As for Coach he cheating? I don't know...he does get a boatload of great Freshmen every year, anyone he wants pretty much...he gets paid an obscene amount to do so, mostly because UK benefits tremendously and pretty much all the guys he gets go to the NBA, which is likely the biggest single factor in why they go there...I have heard allegations, but I have no idea if they are true, or if they are just the psychotic ramblings of the Hoosier fan base whining "we do things the right way and because of that, we can't get no Blue Chips"...likening the fact that Kentucky and other institutions may be paying players or otherwise offering some sort of illegal incentive (besides making millions in the NBA) to prospective recruits to what happened to those poor children in Pennsylvania raises the alleged crimes of Coach Cal to rather ridiculous heights...maybe he is cheating...what we all presume is that a lot of cheating goes on, and that the NCAA doesn't enforce wonder...the NCAA exists simply because the member institutions agree to have a sanctioning body...of course enforcement is gotta sanction the people that pay your salary...the system is broken, and it was broken a long time ago...the NCAA and college sports and the sham of amateurism they promote is worth billions of dollars in TV contracts, ticket revenue, merchandise is nothing more than a multibillion dollar conglomerate that has sold a myth to the sports our choice is to whine about it or stop watching it...and we aren't going to stop watching...whatever they eventually do to Calipari, or North Carolina (cheating scandal), or PSU, or Miami, is simply smoke and mirrors while the money train rolls along..."pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"...

  3. As a veteran and current military service member, I am witness to these "colleges" preying upon other veterans and service members. Most (not all) of the for-profit "colleges" are nothing but diploma mills that other worthless degress. They do nothing but bilk the government for money and leave the service members in debt with nothing to show for it. When will people wake up to the fact that some things (like education) are not best served by the market (i.e. for-profit companies)? It's time to crack down on these companies and put an end to this abuse.