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INSIDE DISH: Carmel eatery unafraid to break a few eggs, rules

November 2, 2012
                                       bistro_watch_videoRestaurateur Larry Hanes stuck to his guns in creating Eggshell Bistro, bending conventions with eclectic decor, artisanal coffees, and a simple menu with restrained portions.More.

Rewind:'s 10 most popular videos of 2012

December 19, 2012
Top 10 videos of 2012 watch
                                    video iconZipping from the Super Bowl Village to a federal fraud trial, IBJ counts down its most-watched online videos in a year of triumph and retribution.More.

INSIDE DISH: New partners boost sales at Pure

October 12, 2012
Dish Pure Watch videoReceipts at the locavore's haven in Fountain Square have surged since February, when two new partners took over day-to-day management, redefined the space, expanded the menu and turned its hours of operation upside down.More.

INSIDE DISH: Unlikely pair pilot Ship to profit

July 20, 2012
Dish_SinkingShip_watchvideoOK, so an accountant and a tattoo artist start a bar. Except it's no joke. Clearly defined roles have helped the odd-couple co-owners of The Sinking Ship navigate a turbulent startup and land on solid financial ground.More.

INSIDE DISH: Smokers' haven prepares for ban

May 30, 2012
Dish Mass Ave Pub watch videoMass Avenue Pub survived a two-year hiatus in the mid-2000s after a massive infrastructure collapse. Its owners think going smokeless on Friday will be a comparative breeze, even though 65 percent of their clientele like to light up.More.
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  1. Start drilling, start fracking, and start using our own energy. Other states have enriched their citizens and nearly elminated unemployment by using these resources that are on private land. If you are against the 'low prices' of discount stores, the best way to allow shoppers more choice is to empower them with better earnings. NOT through manipulated gov mandated min wage hikes, but better jobs and higher competitive pay. This would be direct result of using our own energy resources, yet Obama knows that Americans who arent dependent of gov welfare are much less likely to vote Dem, so he looks for ways to ensure America's decline and keep its citizens dependent of gov.

  2. These are the risks of living near the ocean and the benefits, live with it. Living in Indianapolis, a thousand miles from the ocean, I have very little sympathy for someone living on the ocean. Mere fact is I don't believe global warming is real, pollution is, so go nuclear reactors with no greenhouse gases. We wimped out when Three Mile Island and Chernobyl occurred, making safe nuclear is possible, it is the only true energy that we can count on, solar, wind generation are inconsistent and only nuclear can free the world from polluting energy. We should have chalked up Three Mile Island and learned fromit and continued building nuclear reactors, renewable energy has a large carbon footprint to develop the infrastructure and maintain the equipment.

  3. Really, we have been shipping our carbon footprint to China with our manufacturing going offshore forever, literally improving our air and making their carbon footprint rocket out of sight. Culprits like WalMart insisting on low prices which means move the US manufacturing to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and many other cheaper labor places with little or no EPA like agency. Why not ship our coal offshore, after all this is capitalism and democracy. We are now saying natural resources such as coal should be left in the ground and not used for electricity, really. With India, we have shipped most of our IT and software development there and probably more manufacturing to there as well and guess what, they burn coal, lots of it and the U.S. is complicit in polluting all of these countries, whether through coal electric generating or making batteries for cars there essentially polluting their ground, river, and drinking water. Lets ship everything, all manufacturing there and we will have no pollution in the US from manufacturing and they will choke on the air, ground, water pollution. Better get the big picture which is that literally, jobs and pollution have gone offshore. Where we were in the 60's and 70's with water, air, ground pollution, now this is offshore and our export to other low income and poor countries, welcome to low prices and offshore labor, cheaper, and moving pollution as an export to the rest of the undeveloped world. Who is to blame, the American consumer and companies that had high overhead in the U.S. with meeting EPA guidelines, increase profits and decrease expenditures to meet EPA by shipping the mess and polluting manufacturing to developing countries. So really, corporate greed, stockholders, and the government are responsible.