Indiana lawmaker's lynching reference riles tea party

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A black Indiana congressman used a lynching metaphor to describe tea party policies he says would turn minorities into "second class citizens," and the lone Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus threatened Wednesday to quit the group in protest.

Democrat Andre Carson of Indianapolis made the remarks to a crowd at a black caucus-sponsored event in Miami, arguing that some tea party politicians are trying to block the economic advancement of blacks and other minorities.

"Some of them in Congress right now with this tea party movement would love to see you and me — hanging on a tree," the Indiana congressman said.

The comments from Carson's speech last week were first posted online Tuesday by the Glenn Beck-founded website The Blaze.

Allen West of Florida, the only Republican member of the black caucus, said on the program "Fox & Friends" that he might quit the panel over what he said were "reprehensible" comments.

Carson told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he and West have a "cordial" relationship but that nobody on the black caucus would "lose sleep" if West left the panel because of the comments. He said the Democrats who make up the rest of the caucus have supported him.

Carson said that while he wishes he would have chosen different analogies in his speech, he would not have changed its substance. He said the language he used has become a "distraction" to the message he was trying to get across about some tea party members.

"I'm deeply concerned about some of the extremist elements who I feel have been a distraction to many of the well-meaning Americans who affiliate themselves with the tea party," Carson said. "What I was referencing was is there are some in the tea party that want to take America back to a time when certain minority groups and women had greater economic struggles and fewer opportunities than they do now."

Indiana tea party organizers said Carson owes them an apology and questioned whether Carson was trying to "incite a riot," The Indianapolis Star reported.

"He owes every Hoosier an apology for his comment," Monica Boyer, a Kosciusko County tea party leader, told the newspaper. "Since Mr. Carson can't stand on substance or truth, the only thing he has left is to play the race card."

State Rep. Vanessa Summers, an Indianapolis Democrat who is chairwoman of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, said Carson shouldn't apologize for expressing what many people feel.

She said politicians in Indiana and nationally have pushed tea party-supported legislation that would cut spending on programs important to the minority community, including education.

"Some of that affected some of us in a very detrimental way," Summers said. "The kind of agenda and the kind of legislation they are pushing is harmful to people of my constituency who happen to be African-American."

This isn't Carson's first go-round with the tea party. In March 2010, he accused protesters of yelling racial slurs at him and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., outside the Capitol during the heated health care overhaul debate.


  • gees Tom Wolf, can't you write your own rant?
    wow...your a Donkey,and I don't mean a Democrat! Can't you write your own rant without re-writting what I said? Be orginal Tom! You did make me smile though....so thanks!
  • Not a fan of the TP; Not a fan of Andre either!
    I've gone online periodically to read what everyone has to say; and I just have to say that C-Lee made the most sense.

    I don't support the Democrats, I'm not a fan, so I'm not defending them... but I don't believe that ANYONE wants or is trying to turn America into Communist Russia...

    Those comments and similar are a joke to normal people and reek with ignorance. Did Andre play the race card or just state the truth? Anyone who can't see that the Tea Party is a reaction to Obama's election, not his policies, doesn't WANT to see that.

    In my opinion, the Tea Party set themselves up for this type of discussion when they sat back and watched George Bush spend wildly, and then jumped playing the "fiscal conservative" card when a black man was elected. Great timing TP!

    Where was the Tea Party four years ago? The Ron Paul Tea Party was strikingly different...

    This current Tea Party may not be a racist movement, but the timing is quite questionable, isn't it?

    And to one particular poster: Why can't blacks be racist? Or be called racists?

    And to my fellow Republicans: A bruising debate will occur in our primaries that will break down Romney and Perry, softening them for Obama, who will not face a primary battle and will have a solid democratic party standing behind him. This is why the best candidates, including Mitch, are still on the sidelines. This Tea Party movement is just dividing us, making it harder for victory while solidifying the Donkeys...
  • Not a fan of the TP; Not a fan of Andre either!
    I've gone on line periodically to read what everyone has to say; and I just have to say that F.C. Wade made the most sense. I don't support the TP, I"m not a fan, so I'm not defending them...but I don't beleive that ANYONE wants or is trying to put America back to a time that incuded slavery. Those comments and similiar are obsurd and reek with ignorance. Andre played the black card...and anyone who can't see that doesn't WANT to see that. In my opinion, playing the black card cheapens any message that he may have wanted to share. It was a racist comment, but we don't call blacks racist...so we just have to endure the behaviour?
    • you bet
      To those who voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they weren't racist,
      Please vote against him in 2012 to prove you aren't idiots.
    • Amazed, just amazed
      No not really. I know that there are many neoc-cons or teaparty or conservatives or Republicans that really do want to go back a hundred and fifty years or more to have slavery present in our society again. Some people need to feel superior and slavery gave many that option. I think Carson spoke the truth and most of what I have read on this site today is so bais, so prejudiced, so, yes, even racist. Some of these comments are nothing more than far right wing political statements. This country is still extremely racist and you don't have to go far to see the evidence. Did any of you risk your lives to march in the south during the civil rights movement?
    • FC... Wow!
      "You are a typical liberal / socialist. You were likely born here, and have lived here all your life... but you are not an American, not really. You feel life 'owes you'."

      HAHAHAHAHA! Is this a rant or a joke!?! Anyone born here is an American FC; you do not hold a monopoly on America!

      There's probably a communist party out there for Americans to join if they so wish. They are still Americans if they join the Red Terror.... Hahaha! I'm still chuckling! Democrats are not socialists waiting for the revolution FC; if you feel that way you're blinded by your extremist, far-right-leaning rhetoric...

      I pray you represent only a small percentage of the Tea Party... Do I sense fascism????
    • Thanks Pablo!
      Pablo: Your answer disturbs me but at least you answered it.

      Our military authority and spending has extended beyond simple national defense... It's what Eisenhower warned against more than 50 years ago...

      We have two friendly neighbors and two nearly bottomless seas protecting us... Why on Earth do we need military bases in Germany and Korea, thousands of jet fighters, hundreds of airships and thousands of nuclear bombs in the name of "national defense"? And with our lucky isolated circumstances, we still managed to invade a country on the other side of the world to blow billions of dollars!

      What are you people scared of? The only thing that endangers us is terrorism, which can be fought in a rational, inexpensive fashion as compared to our past wars...
    • Responding to "Me"
      I see while I was out making a living, "me" had plenty of time to trash talk. Let me say the following, hopefully for your edification:

      You ask if I would pay for bombs or for social security. Well, if you studied the Constitution of the United States of America, you would see that America is required to provide for the military defense of our nation. However, you will not find any amendment that provides for social security, medicare, medicaid, ADC, WIC, etc. etc. Those powers are not given to the Federal Government and, therefore, are the responsibility of the States. However, not sidestepping the question, I would do both. I would tell countries like Germany, Japan and others, if you want our troops in your country, you should foot the costs. As for Iraq and Afganistan, I would take the gloves off, kick their asses until it hurt and force their total surrender just like McAurther and Eisenhower did in WWII. Then I would get out (after taking all their oil reserves for reparations). With all the money saved, I would provide for limited welfare programs based on means testing.

      You tell others, here, that we should quit whining... but that's all you do. There is a black caucus because they are racists, elected in districts filled with self interested persons living off the govt. It is amazing how people like Herman Cain can claw his way to a fortune EVEN THOUGH HE'S BLACK. Envy is a way of life to Carson and most of the group that voted him into office. Tell me what you would think if we had a Congressional White Caucas? How about a White History Month? What if businesses were required to hire population propotionate white employees? Affirmative action is nothing but racism, plain and simple.

      As far as the democratic or democrat party name, it depends what side of the fence you're on. Traditionally, opponents of democrats call it the Democrat Party..... mostly to piss people like you off. It works.

      In ref to hamstrung Obama, he had control of the presidency and both houses of Congress for two years. In that length of time, he ran up debt higher than ALL other presidents combined... since America's founding. It was christmas for every liberal, left wing group in the nation. If he has anything to complain about its that HIS party screwed him. Remember, it was Harry Reid that said of Obama, "we finally have a black candidate who is both clean and articulate".

      In ref to "guns at rallies", I have to ask, why not? We, as americans, have the right to keep and bear arms. If you choose not to do so, that is your right. However, it does not give you the right to prevent me from doing so. Keep in mind, too, there have been ZERO riots, zero racism and zero episodes of violence or assault. And, believe me, if there were the media would be all over it and you know it. So, stop with the 'bad tea partiers' if you don't mind. You are just repeating the lies spread by the "democrat party"...hee heee...

      Now, those are your 'responses'. You are a typical liberal / socialist. You were likely born here, and have lived here all your life...but you are not an American, not really. You feel life 'owes you'. You think the government should provide you more than an opportunity; you think it should provide sustanence. That is not the 'government's" job. The bible says that those who do not work should not eat. The problem with much of the black community, and certainly not all of them, they believe what they have been told by democrats like Carson. They believe they can't live without the government providing them an income. However, people such as Carson, himself, proves that is not true. Carson is successful. I admit he's a con artist, and a racist who played the race card for the black vote to get elected but he is successful. The point is though, there are blacks that do well without the government. As well as you write, I'm sure you could, too. Just as a side note, did you know Carson was a booze cop (excize police) before being elected. Julia got him the job. She also got his brother a job with the same department. Is that graft? Nope. Its just the way the Carson's are.... democrats.
      • There There Indy60
        If you believe it, go to a Tea Party event and look around at the BLACKS and whites. Yes there are many intelligent black people that are part of the Tea Party. Im sure that they are not racist, or are they?
      • Dear Beverly
        Beverly, just because we have a black president who has created the biggest deficit of any president ever, does mean that the Tea Party wants to hang the blacks, they just want them to control themselves. The reason there is a 40% unemployment rate in black neighborhoods is your black president. He has failed, and Carson has been sipping a little to much of Julia's moonshine. I do not think the KKK traded their sheets in for signs. There are several intelligent black people that are part of the Tea Party movement. You must not know much about the KKK. There are no black members. Stop whinning and discuss the issues. All the lefty Osama supporters need to stop crying and figure out how to clean up the mess that has been created by this group. Oh Beverly, when Osama says tomorrow that he wants to increase the gas tax, are you going to say the Tea Party is wanting to hang people? Lets use our heads. Carson opened up his sewer and spewed hatred. He needs to keep his mouth shut. He simply inherited his position...now he will loose it.
      • Be Nice
        Please take note of our comments policy before posting. We realize this is a sensitive issue, but we will remove posts that cross the line. Our goal is civil discussion.
      • And finally, dear Ridic
        I'm willing to bet that none of the advocates from the Right on this board have ever pulled a level for a Democrat. Whereas I, my spouse, and my liberal friends have all, at some point, done some critical thinking and looked at the person over the party affiliation. My prediction is that Mike Pence is going to win by a landslide because you guys will LOVE his uber Christian evangelistic Republican chest thumping and be so blinded by the D after Gregg's name that you'll miss the fact that Gregg is a pro-life, Christian and (like Obama) pro-DOMA candidate. So please spare me the finger-wagging about seeing beyond party affiliation. Done with this board. Have a nice day, everyone.
      • So bombs or medicare? Guns or social security?
        C-Lee, I'll answer the question for F.C. Wade: it's bombs and guns! The Federal Government was not and never expected to be a provider of social services. Even when FDR created social programs he planned for them to be temporary just to get the country out of the depression. The Federal Government was and is expected to provide national defense. The Feds need to get out of the socserv "industry". Let the individual states (this is a Republic) decide how they want to manage socservs, if at all. That takes the burden off the Fed's back and takes care of the national debt crisis. "Local" politics can then decide what and how to pay for socservs. And let me offer full disclosure - I work in socservs. I see it up close and personal. I see 20% who need/deserve it; 40% are on the fence; and 40% who are "you've got to be kidding me" that they get food stamps; low income housing; medicaid; etc. There should be a fixed time limit on receiving services and unless one is disabled (and disabled by no fault of their own -- drinking/smoking/drugging themselves into disability gets one no benefits) then they are on their own -- like the rest of us! I applaud those states and institutions that require passing a drug test to receive benefits/jobs.
        • To C-Lee
          They never answer the questions about what to cut. It's too easy to sit around and complain than it is to put forward a solution. Fact is, Boehner tried to push through a jet engine project that even the Pentagon said it no longer needed because it would benefit his district. And let's not forget the famous "Keep Government out of my Medicare" signs at the Tea Party rallies. This isn't some new "fiscal conservative movement." It's politics as usual (we can cut YOUR stuff but don't touch MINE, see also Bachmann, Michele, subsidies) with a healthy side of thinly-veiled racism. Let me know when the GOP comes up with a plan that isn't "Our number one job is to make sure Obama is a one-term President" (that's from Mitch McConnell. Perhaps someone should tell him that spending and jobs bills originate in the House of Representatives and maybe consider making those a priority over "winning"...)
          • SuzyQ
            I'm sure, based on your comments, that the Tea Party would be delighted to have you. Heaven knows we have to protect the white minority that currently holds 96% of Congress and nearly 100% of the Fortune 500 CEO positions from the comments of one guy in a tiny district of a state with zero national clout. Keep up the good work.
          • Hey Julie
            Get back to me on the 911 Truth movement when you can point to even one member of Congress who has affirmed or even acknowledged it. Meanwhile, you guys have PLENTY of folks in leadership positions, including Boehner, who have expressed doubt or done some concern trolling about the President's birthplace.
          • I have a dream...
            that the election day will come when the citizens of Carson's district will elect his opponent regardless of the color of their skin or party affiliation.

            Andre is the one seeking to keep the black man down with comments like these.

            Citizens of his district - elect someone that doesn't have the name Carson.

          • Genetics
            Who would have guessed a Carson would say something foolish? We should have been used to this many years ago.
          • Your facts
            Tim: "Me" didn't say black people make up half the population... he said "minorities" and women -- and he's not far from the right figure. As I'm sure you know, there are more than a few people of Asian, Native American, Mexican, and other backgrounds in the country. In an effort to get the "facts" out, which is always good, we ALL should make sure we read a statement/post correctly first.
          • Wow
            Now THAT is a wacko comment!
          • FINALLY!!
            The tea party is on the defensive. Very entertaining! You go Andre.
          • Where do I join....
            Have never thought about becoming part of the tea party, but am now giving it serious consideration. Thank you Mr. Carson, Ms. Waters, "Rev." Jackson!
          • Hey Tim
            How many African Americans are in the U.S. Senate?

            And I think he was referring to WOMEN and African Americans...

            And Tim, yes I elected a black president. But that doesn't mean "we" elected a black president... Nearly half of the voting country failed to vote for him, and now certain portions of that half have become more than the typical sorry losers...

            Did you vote for him? Even if you voted for the guy you can still be jealous of the African American ability to provide a different point of view...

            Racism will never cease... It will always exist and must be confronted wherever it arises...
          • Answer the darn question
            You never answered the question, F.C. Wade: Which would you cut? Our ability to make bombs or our ability to help seniors, the retired and the unemployed? Can you give me a one or two word answer to this question?

            And thanks for the observations ME... I never mentioned Bush's unwillingness to list either war on the budget, which Obama made the mistake of changing because now he's "exploded our national debt" blah, blah, blah...

            How many posters here owe money for their house, car and education? What is the problem with government debt if it never surpasses a certain percentage of our GDP?

            We are not Japan or Greece with national debt nearly double or four times our GDP... we still have time to make changes before it becomes a problem...

            So bombs or medicare? Guns or social security?

            To all you Hobbit Republicans: this is not a battle between good and evil. Obama is an American who cares about this country just as much as F.C. Wade, but with different ideas on how to maintain our greatness... And we are still great, despite what the negative Tea Party says!
          • "me"
            me - just what most liberals think most about. What are your thoughts about the 911'ers. The group of wackos that includes a number of Obama's closest ties that think the US govt was behing 911?
            • hey me
              "me" - get you facts straight. The % of blacks in the US is 13 and the representation in the 111th congress is 9.5. Agreed there is disparity, but not to the degree you state. And don't forget, we elected a black president.
              • And
                If the Tea Party is tired of being accused of racism, perhaps they should make sure that it's not so likely that that they are. Only the rabidly far right were demanding "proof" that Carson had to walk through a crowd of folks calling him the n-word. The rest of us just looked at the signs at various rallies, the weapons and unprecedented toxicity at the town halls, the statements of the Truthers, the unbelievably disrespectful way Obama has been treated in general by the Right, and figured it was probably true. If you don't want those assumptions to be made, make sure your organization behaves in such a way that people don't automatically assume that the worst is very likely exactly what happened. Again, end of story.
                • Wow FC Wade
                  You're working really hard here. I guess making sure the talking points get heard is a tough gig. Here's the reality: The Tea Party (not the Ron Paul version, the Michele Bachmann version, yes there are two) didn't exist until January 2009. End of story. Prior to that, any war, any spending, any policy was A-OK with the Right. (And the Democratic, note the correct form of the word, Congress didn't come into being until 2006, well into Bush's administration. If anything, Obama, in spite of being hamstrung repeatedly by concessions he unfortunately made on the reduced stimulus package, the healthcare bill, and not to mention the endless ridiculousness of the Truther movement, has done an admirable job with the very poor set of circumstances he was left with. At least he knows how to account for wars in a budget. Something Bush and Mitch seem to have left out.)

                  To the rest of you. Why not work toward a world where there isn't a need for a Black Caucus, instead of whining because there is one? The reality is that our Congress is 96% white male, which in no way represents a country that's about half minorities and half female. If you think there's a level playing field and everything is hunky dory, you're probably either a white male or married to one. For instance, look at phrases like "paraded through the tea party rally." He didn't "parade" (how DARE he!), the rally was outside the door where he was going. Sheesh. Silliness like that is the reason discourse in this country is in the toilet. Thanks, tea party.
                • To C-Lee
                  You make some good points but your liberal bias glares. Bush's great sin was not in spending money; it was that he allowed the democrat controlled congress to spend it without a veto. I blame him for that. However, this economy belongs to Obama. It was his stimulus (a trillion dollars) that was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%. It didn't work. It was his johs (shovel ready projects program) that was a miserable failure. It was he who sent a budget to congress that failed to get even one senate vote...from either side... proving he has no economic awareness at all. It was him and his party that has failed to produce a budget, which is constitutionally required annually, for nearly 3 years. You need to get your head out of the sand and face the facts. This is his economy. As for the wars, Obama is the Commander in Chief; he can bring those troops home tonight if he wants to and could have before he sent more troops into Afganistan. Those are his decisions. Relative to making "scud missles", we don't. SCUDs are old Soviet made missles. As far as medicare goes, and social security for that matter, something is going to have to be done with those programs. When Roosevelt set up the programs, even he knew that, at some point, the program could fail due to underfunding. Did you know that you have never 'put money into social security'? The system was designed for the current working population to pay for the retirement of the aged, non-working population. As the boomers retire, therefore, the numbers of retirees will be so much greater than the work force that each worker will have to pay for up to 6 retired persons. I suppose you know that cant work. We have to redesign the system to preserve it. If we don't, it will be gone and seniors will suffer without hope or help. Is that what you would prefer?
                  • Reply to anon a mouse
                    You might want to finish the story, anon. The only reason Carson was harrassed (verbally) was the same reason Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank (both of whom are white) were harassed. As you may recall, Carson accompanied Pelosi and Congressman Lewis into the Capitol. If you also recall, Carson accused Tea Party members of using the N-word 15 times. Forgetting that counting the number of times he heard the "N-word" would have been really strange at the time, he and Lewis were the only ones to hear it. No camera picked it up. No microhone heard it and, as hard as they tried, the liberal media could find no proof that such "N-word" calling ever occured. In other words, Carson made it up to picture the Tea party, once again, as racists. Carson is a big one to pull the race card whenever it can be used. The reason he was being harrassed had to do with his support of the health care law, which is opposed by 60% of Americans, being rammed down the throats of an unwilling public by a democrat controlled House, Senate and White House. Carson is a racist and, if you support him, you should truly consider your own motivation before accusing whites racism.
                  • Could he be right?
                    Where was the Tea Party when President Bush started a unneeded war and spent money like a drunk Harvard student in New York City for the weekend?

                    It's hard to gain respect when most of your representatives are former right-wing nut jobs that currently paint themselves as "fiscal independents"...

                    And expound the idea the current state of the union is this president's fault... Give me a break!

                    I think we all have a choice: cut spending on making bombs and guns (our current industrial military complex in massive and bloated, which a former five-star general and president warned us against), or cut spending on fellow Americans who need help...

                    Will the Tea Party cut spending on machine guns or medicare? Social security or scud missiles? WWJD? :)
                    • Who can a racist be?
                      Andre Carson is a racist. A racist is an individual who practices racial bias. It makes no difference if the bias supports a particular race, nor discriminates against a different race. When race causes on to take any action in denial or support, it is racism. Dr. King sought equality. Equality means the same. He wanted blacks, whites, hispanics, all races, to be treated equally. He didn't desire to separate the black community from the whites. He didn't envy what white had but he did seek the opportunity to have the same. That is not what Carson seeks. Carson is a racist. He wants blacks to be kept in a condition where they are dependent on government handouts to live. He wants to do so in order to keep his job. He will keep his job as long as the gov't keeps sending out the checks every month. He hates the Tea Party because they want to stop the checks and promote job growth. They want blacks to have "the same" as whites; not a govt handout. Trust me, if the black community stops getting the govt dole from Andre, they will find some other prominant black man who will promise to bring the welfare back and Andre will be history. Julia understood this and Andre knows it will work for him, too.
                    • To JoeP
                      Joe, you have your facts wrong. Rick Perry said nothing about putting Bernanke in prison, first of all. He said the people in Texas would 'treat him ugly' for trying to print more money while we were in a debt crisis. You should study up on what happens when you print money without collateral; its called monetizing your debt. Furthermore, Perry made his comment in jest. Carson's embarrassing racist statement was made in all seriousness, for no other reason than to play to the racist congressional black caucas for reason of furthering his own career. You should be embarrassed that he represents you in the Congress of The United States of America... a racist for God's sake!
                    • To Indy60...
                      Please provide proof... not media heresay... that supports your assertion that "TeaP's have been carrying on class and race warfare from the beginning!" You cant because its a lie and you know it. I don't know how you can live with your moral concience. You want to allow a lying, racist speak for YOU in the United States Congress. This is a man who has no experience, other than being Julia's grandson, and the only reason he won is because his distric is made up of a racist populus. I'm ashamed of him. I say fire him! You should be embarrassed. If youre not, perhaps you should ask why you aren't.
                    • VOTE!
                      Next election every conservative should vote. Long past time for the "Carson" reign to end. We've had some excellent candidates running against him in the past, and some of them were blacks. Also remember that in the last election Carson didn't even have the courage to debate his opponent Marvin Scott prior to the election
                    • Reply to Bertha Hughes
                      No, Bertha. This is not 'politics as usual'. This is a United States Congressman, from my district, who is spouting racism and attempting to pit blacks against whites. I am ashamed to be represented by him. You should be, too. If a white man had said something like that, he would have been taken to the woodshed. Remember when Rep Wilson said Obama was "lying" and was placed before the ethics committee? He was punished for his words...even though Obama was lying and time has proven that. Carson did MUCH worse and is being applauded by liberal democrats. Where is you moral outrage? We pay his damn salary!
                      • give me a break
                        Why would he have to resign? Should Perry resign because he publically threatened Bernanke that if he does his job he will put him in prison when elected? To me that's 10 times worse than what Carson did. Carson is saying the truth, although as a politician he should know better. Sometimes it's better to keep quiet.
                        • And so it begins.....
                          The attitude demonstrated by Carson is a reflection of the district he represents and those of his constituents. By reading the comments here, it is easy to see that blacks feel the same way he does. They do so even though there has never been any violence at Tea Party rallies and racism / sexism is not practiced in the movement. This continued attempt to paint the TP as some 'southern democrat' offspring is ignorance on the part of everyone that spouts it. They are parroting what Carson and Obama spew out. They, Obama and Carson, are the racists here, along with many of you foul individuals who so obviously demonstrate your hatred for whites herein. It is rhetoric like this that will, eventually, stir up violence between the races again and that is PRECISELY what Carson and other democrats want. They want the Tea Party to react violently in order to prove TP members are violent. Frankly, if it happens, Carson and Obama can be blamed. If you blacks want to see racism, look in the mirror. Obama carried almost 95% of the BLACK VOTE. That is pure racism, easy to see and should make all of you ashamed of yourselves. You might pray about your actions in this matter and ask God what is right and wrong, while you're in church this Sunday. What the TP representatives in Congress are trying to do is to stop people like Carson and Obama from decimating our economy. By doing so, they are killing jobs. Jobs that are severely lacking in the blace community. Obama and the democrats are buying your vote with welfare checks and food stamps, and Carson is helping..... One last point, before Carson climbs up on his high horse and starts screaming at people to 'tone down their partisan rhetoric" perhaps he should spend more effort in controlling his own words!
                        • Miami?
                          Leaving the comment itself aside for a minute, I think the most important question is why was Carson speaking in Florida? He should be here, in Indiana, working to help our economy and working with the people that elected him into office to help them find jobs - not off in Florida promoting his own personal political agenda. I wonder who's tax dollars paid for that trip?
                        • Congress Andre Carson
                          Congress Andre Carson owes no apology. When that white man holler out to the President Barack "you lied" (like 4 year old) then when the other White man called our President a Tar Baby again no one said anything (not even IBJ) so to you double standard people, we all know that the tea party changed their name from the KKK, put their sheets down. suck it up , stop crying,he said it SOME people of color believe it. I do.
                          • dont apologize
                            I hope he don't apologize for speaking the truth.
                          • Tea Party
                            The tea party has as it's roots the old Southern Demoncractic wing of the Democratic party. These folks decamped to the Republican party starting in the sixties. The Southern Democrats were racist to the core and unfortunately a lot of these folks seem to have their political roots firmly planted in the Southern Democratic tradiion. This mixture of God and politics sounds all too familiar.
                          • anon o mouse
                            Anon o Mouse - Are you referring to the never proven accusations that he was called the "N word" when he paraded thru the Tea Party rally with Nancy P. The comments from the liberal below are laughable. Andre is the racist, and people like him perpetuate exactly what they supposedly despise.
                          • Apologize - For What?
                            What's he supposed to apologize for? Telling the truth? TeaP's have been carrying on class and race warfare from the beginning! If you don't believe it, go look at some national posts!
                            • lest we forget
                              this would be a fine time for the media to remind the public in general of carson being harrassed and called names by tea party members when he was reporting for session some short while back. or didn't that happen either? i thought it did.
                              • Tired of It
                                While many "European Americans" bend over backwards to be PC, try to get along, and strive for true equality, plenty of "African Americans" walk around with a chip on their shoulder and refuse to bury the hatchet. Stop trying to be equal and just BE equal. I'm tired of the games.
                              • Cheese to go with your whine?
                                Please stop being a cry baby,this is politics
                                like it or not.
                                • Carson's comments
                                  If a congressman or state legislator would have made the racist comments made by Congressman Carson there would be an outcry for the individuals resignation. But because he is a minority he is allowed to make the statement with impugnity. I don't care if he apologizes to the tea party, he needs to apologize to those who vote for him.
                                • Ind lawmaker -lynching remark
                                  Racists shouldn't be allowed to be in a
                                  Political position.
                                  What would happen if there was a
                                  White Caucus...Shouldn't be a black caucus either. Just keeps a divide between the two.
                                  Shame on Andre Carson..he sounds like he is
                                  afraid somebody who believes in the Constitution might vote him out of office.
                                  However...after a remark like he made, he should be asked to resign...others have had
                                  to resign over less.

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                                1. How much you wanna bet, that 70% of the jobs created there (after construction) are minimum wage? And Harvey is correct, the vast majority of residents in this project will drive to their jobs, and to think otherwise, is like Harvey says, a pipe dream. Someone working at a restaurant or retail store will not be able to afford living there. What ever happened to people who wanted to build buildings, paying for it themselves? Not a fan of these tax deals.

                                2. Uh, no GeorgeP. The project is supposed to bring on 1,000 jobs and those people along with the people that will be living in the new residential will be driving to their jobs. The walkable stuff is a pipe dream. Besides, walkable is defined as having all daily necessities within 1/2 mile. That's not the case here. Never will be.

                                3. Brad is on to something there. The merger of the Formula E and IndyCar Series would give IndyCar access to International markets and Formula E access the Indianapolis 500, not to mention some other events in the USA. Maybe after 2016 but before the new Dallara is rolled out for 2018. This give IndyCar two more seasons to run the DW12 and Formula E to get charged up, pun intended. Then shock the racing world, pun intended, but making the 101st Indianapolis 500 a stellar, groundbreaking event: The first all-electric Indy 500, and use that platform to promote the future of the sport.

                                4. No, HarveyF, the exact opposite. Greater density and closeness to retail and everyday necessities reduces traffic. When one has to drive miles for necessities, all those cars are on the roads for many miles. When reasonable density is built, low rise in this case, in the middle of a thriving retail area, one has to drive far less, actually reducing the number of cars on the road.

                                5. The Indy Star announced today the appointment of a new Beverage Reporter! So instead of insightful reports on Indy pro sports and Indiana college teams, you now get to read stories about the 432nd new brewery open or some obscure Hoosier winery winning a county fair blue ribbon. Yep, that's the coverage we Star readers crave. Not.