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  1. Just a guess, but new development along E. Washington is probably going to be on hold until the new Judicial Center Complex happens and those jails are removed.

  2. Indianapolis' Code Enforcement already has a mandatory contractor registry which is updated every 2 weeks:

  3. While I appreciate your efforts, please, Deylen Realty, change up your designs a little! They all are looking alike with block massing, color panels and Juliette balconies. These will be terribly dated and tired looking in no time.

  4. This story is exactly what is wrong with the tax caps setup. My property taxes and those of our clients have been all over the map, no stability whatsoever. Why? Because the city does not know how to assess property value. The assessors' office has some good assessors, and some horribly inadequate assessors. Their data is often collected by having random people just roam around with pen and paper. Fantastic, cap my rate at 2%, but what good does that do me if you turn around and assess a $100k property at $250k? That inability to properly assess the value is issue #1. Issue #2, these were sold to the general public, in particular to apartment owners, as a 2% set cap, period. In fact, that is how they are still referred to and discussed (case in point, this article). That however, could not be further from the truth. The building footprint of the lot is taxed at 2%, however, any land outside of the building footprint is taxed at the commercial rate of 3%. Same goes for the "improvements" portion of the tax. We have an apartment building that has large land density (big yard, skinny building footprint), so our effective tax rate when you combine the 2% for under the building and the 3% for the rest of the land, is 2.75%. That, in my opinion, is just outright dishonesty by our legislature. So IBJ, dig a little deeper, realize that calling something 2% doesn't make it so; and it certainly does not make for good journalism.

  5. Totally agree with WOW that's UGLY! All of the new apartment buildings going up are UGLY!! It's as if all of the developers complete work orders that say, "Building: One Each." It's depressing.