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  1. I love the headline - "Larger than Expected Losses". I expected losses for the last three years! This joke of a company has never turned a real cash profit in its entire existence. Bill and Angie have laughed all the way to the bank over the past three years at "investors" that have been willing to pay $15 - $20 for a share of this stock. It's a shame that these two have been made multi-millionaires for being completely inept at how to make money.

  2. Great news about Aurelio's coming to town, so it's time to correct Hoosiers about pizza. Pizza is never, ever, called "pie." New york and other cities with bad pizza call it a "pie," because they don't know any better. Chicago does know better, and Indy should, too.

  3. New guy doesn't have "it." Been listening to him last few weeks, to give him a chance, and now we're tuning elsewhere in the morning. Your new format leaves a lot to be desired, folks. I know I speak for thousands when I say "bring Steve back!!!!" Mike

  4. Down wind, that smell is more likely the Covanta trash burner, also located on Harding Street, than the IPL plant.

  5. I tried AL last year and was very quickly dissapointed. I was bombarded with AL the "big deal" emails and surprised how their search organized to those with coupons first. If I'm paying for a review service, I don't care if they have a coupon or offer me a package groupon type of deal. I want the best service. If they want to continue to essentially sell business promotions to the highest bidder, then they need subscriptions to be free for the actual consumers.