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  1. Well, Councilman Ferlic has now had TWO FULL WEEKS to support the statement he made. I offered a site below with dozens upon dozens of studies and stories showing real economic harm from bans. The Councilman claimed "The VAST MAJORITY" of such studies showed NO HARM. I believe that the Councilman has told his constituents a lie. I would ask him to produce even a half dozen studies by economists showing NO HARM to casinos and bars from smoking bans. The Councilman can easily prove he is correct IF he is correct. If he is NOT, then he should admit his mistake and apologize here to his constituents. - MJM

  2. That is difficult to do when we live there. BR is a choke point for any traffic trying to go east, west, north or south. Drive it sometime, even in off rush hours. It is a mess. School starting only makes it worse.

  3. Yet another republican appointee with no education experience is in change of yet another state college. Be very afraid. Public education is going to disappear in this generation. For profit education is in it for the sole purpose of making money, not educating our citizens.

  4. I would like to clairify the name of this company that is being sold. It was implied that HUBERHUNT was one name. There waa a Huber (My former father in law) and a Hunt and a Nicholes. Thank you Joan Huber Romano

  5. Folks, the struggle is REAL. I feel for the developers that have to listen to the complaints of congestion and traffic every time they want to build anything in an URBAN area, like they are trying to build a super Walmart in someone's cul-de-sac in Fishers. SMDH.