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  1. I won't pretend to know too much about the TV industry, but is it possible they could vie for a WGN or TBS affiliation?

  2. All Hospitals in Indianapolis are not for profit. Ther are requirements that go along with for the poor, equipment purchases and much more.Every family member who brings a loved one to a hospital wants top notch care which is very expensive.IU Health performs complex procedures that no other hospitals can do. Lastly, Insurance companies take money from the public and distribute to the health care providers. All the while making huge profits for being nothing more than money handlers.

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  4. Len: "I'm not sure why any company would be interested in acquiring it" A list of 2 million paid households is worth something to someone. If a cable companies was smart, they would buy it and try to bundle it with a cable services, that would be novel. AL debt is the issue, not sure anyone would buy it for 1 billion. $250 - 350 million, yeah, 1 billion, no.

  5. The Development Commission was correct in accept Pedcor's bid. The two bids were at the same price of $2.1 million. Why wouldn't you go with the developer who has a stake in the game of Carmel City Center instead of a new developer? This pays down debt immediately, not over time and puts a million dollars into the CDC's accounts. That is a win-win for both the developer and the CDC.