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  1. Indy can attract more travel hockey with the additional facility and additional pads of ice. A prime example is Dayton, OH which has the IYHA hockey tournaments. The large tournaments require numerous pads of ice to host the event. Having rinks within close proximity is an advantage. Paul has had this plan for many years, I hope it becomes reality. Good Luck to all involved!

  2. The fact of the matter is that facilities like this cannot be financially viable in too many areas of our great city. I live on west 38th and as a former hockey player, my heart broke at the closing of pan-am. However, I know our sector of the city could not financially support another ice rink. The northside has the money...maybe brownsburg could build an ice rink, but that's the furthest south that I could see affording one.

  3. Javier and El Sol have a legitimate place in Indianapolis history. A story about Javier coming back is great. An unfair restaurant is hardly worthy of IBJ. You owe it to your readers to visit again later to do a review -and let the city's true original Mexican place get back on its feet.

  4. This is still my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. What I do love about the new version is it is much quieter than the most recent version. TV's were off, the music wasn't too loud, and the wait staff were not hyperactive like they had been the past few times I had been there. I just wish they would bring back the MOLE for the enchiladas!

  5. Not a bad paper. There is a need for local community news and city government issues. Don't really need the owner's constant national political rants. We all know where they stand by now.