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  1. Go back and look. Most years, in late summer or early fall, AL pares staff. The end of summer means the end of home improvement season, business slows and voila! More Layoffs. Most media in this town are in love with the Angie mirage. Credit to the IBJ for casting at least an honest eye to an outdated, overleveraged house of cards.

  2. Online shopping changed things, but no one MADE them purchase the mall. It was a choice with risk involved. Others thrive, this one failed. Pay the piper you legally enabled thieves!

  3. If we are going to try another stupid social experiment and redefine marriage let's start with polygamy. At least a child will have their natural mother and father. If this goes well let's try arranged marriage. Last and most certainly the least on the list of groups is the unnatural same sex groups.

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  5. And to think they just recently sold several properties/ malls. They have money. Take it, no way they shouldn't have to pay. Stopped paying the mortgage in December... Bet they didn't stop collecting rent from the tenants in December. Tenants should have been exept too then. Guess the working poor will bail the billionaires out again. Pathetic!