Indy Pole Day draws TV viewers

May 15, 2009
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IRLTVEven on a fledgling cable channel, the events surrounding the Indianapolis 500 continue to be an attraction—though I’m sure the Indy Racing League’s new TV partner was hoping for better. Pole Day qualifications drew a .35 Nielsen TV rating Saturday (May 9) on Versus. That means about 385,000 TV households nationwide tuned in to the cable channel broadcast. It’s not exactly a Super Bowl type rating, but it’s as good as any Indy Racing League race so far this year.

Well, actually, Pole Day drew just less than the Long Beach race (388,864 households), but better than IRL races in St. Petersburg and Kansas earlier this year. Versus’ broadcast of the second day of Indianapolis 500 qualifications on Sunday nearly did as well, with 322,000 TV households tuning in.

It appears the Versus sales staff might be stuck in neutral. The same old advertisers (Apex, Honda, etc.) keep turning up time after time during the broadcasts. Versus will no doubt try to use the Indianapolis 500 as a springboard to sell ads.

This weekend, Versus will carry more qualifications coverage from noon to 6:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Versus also will air Carb Day activities May 22. The race will air on ABC at noon May 24.

ABC airs five of the next seven races. That should give the series time to build up speed and hopefully Versus some time to sell some more ads before it begins airing the final seven IRL races beginning with Edmonton July 26.
  • As I have said before, this is the time for Vs. to get the word out. If they can get people watching their coverage surrounding Indy, then it bodes well for the rest of the season. It will be an uphill battle for sure.

    By the way, love the coverage on Vs. Beats the red headed step child treatment ABC has given qual days in past years.
  • I dint watch it Iwas there. GOt drunkerd up and had a grate time. AInt nothin liek drinkin and the IRl. Egspecially now that evry days bump day in the new IRl.
  • While this wasn't as entertaining as the famous Camp & Brew Video titled 2 Gomers 1 Cup, it was still great.

    Versus is very excited about these great numbers because the TV deal is forward thinking.

    Along with Kenny Brack's crash featured in the promo spots, they should show Alex Zanardi's crash as well.
  • Anthony, you're a pretty inattentive host. Thanks for the info, though.
  • Not great by any means. Equal to race ratings? Glass is half full or half empty, depending on what you are drinking.
  • I have a blog, a gut that hangs over my belt, and a former Russian prostitute with crabs for a wife.

    I bet that all of the posters at trackforum WISH that they were a media insider like myself.

    I predict that when Versus carries EVERY IRL race in a couple of years - the ratings will rise by at least 10%. Versus will be so happy with that, Tony George will have to clean swirly fecies from his front gate, and attendence will be down for the 500 because of the economy being down, the weather being too hot, ticket prices being too expensive and the Spring Sale at the local Toyota dealers.
  • It's more like 2 Gomos one cup!
    Feltch and spew should be fun this year eh BiF?
    Re-Versus still has a long way to go.
    Getting rid of Boob Jenkins, Jack Aroot and that creepy widow stealing Robby B------- and the telecast would be worth watching.
  • Hey Turn 13, you're a joyous guest. Thanks for reading, though.
  • if this isn't proof that Open Wheel racing in the US is DEAD then what is ? Thanks to TG and his cadre of bumbling im beciles, all I can say in honor of the upcoming 'big race' is:

    Viva La Duno !!!!
  • Hey bigirlfan, you would have to be drunk to like watching those crapwagons slowly fart around the track.

    .35 is lame, but so is the current indy500
  • OH YEah? WEll you might think the IRl is LAMe but it aint dead yet. liek your CARt is. WAht kined of rating did they get last week? HAHahahahaa BAd ratings is better than none at all.


    THe IRl - you aint seen nothin yet
  • ANd one other thing. THe start of the US 500


    YOu know waht I meen
  • Indy 1992 was a pretty good start too, how did the car on pole do that day?

    You type like a four year old, no surprise from a gomer.
  • Hey don't worry,,, 2013 isn't too far away. Then you can sit at indy and drunk by yourself...
  • HAHahahaha jokes on you. I all ready did that on SAturday hahahahahah

    PRObly will this weekend to
  • Memememememememe

    I am the media insider here.

    Look at my fat gut and read my blog. I feel sorry for all you that don't understand my superior humor.

    I am the GREATEST!

    Now - somebody get a cup for Turn13 and I.
  • Must be fun being the only irl fan,,,
  • Calculating the current downward trend of NASCAR's Sprint Cup ratings, it will only be 637 years until NASCAR and IRL achieve the same ratings. The companies that support NASCAR should take a serious look at IRL and plan accordingly.
  • BCF, BiF is not an IRL fan. You do get that, right? Mockery is what you're looking for. You two are peas in a pod.
  • Ok, it is official, this blog is completely out of control. Sad really. Used to be place where you could have intelligent debate. Now it is full of Indy star losers looking to kill time before Leave it to Beaver comes on.

    Anthony how could you allow this?
  • Wilke, you are hysterical. :lol:

    As for ReVersus sales staff trying to sell dollar-a-holler spots, they are lucky to take what they already have. Selling onion gum ain't exactly a winning career path.

    I'm surprised the ratings were that high. It will be amusing to see the trend on ABC and then back to ReVersus. Indyman and the usual suspects should be apoplectic by September, trying to insist all is well. :woot:
  • You are all a bunch of wanna-be-fans.

    Get back to me when you make better crappy paper cars than me, when you whore your daughter out to drivers like me, when you save Portland like me, when a series needs you like me, when your blog ,,,,,,,,,is ,,,,,,,,,as ,,,,,,,,,, good,,,,,,,,,,,, as ,,,,,,,,,,,mine, or when you know what is going to happen on Monday like me.

    Until then - open wheeled racing doesn't need fans like you. They need fans LIKE ME!
  • Stan,

    You mean apoplectic like you guys are trying to drag down the IRL? Sorry, I do not get that way. My life does not begin and end with racing. I have much better things to do than to spend hours dragging down a racing series that I claim I have no interest in.

    I am not sure I have ever said all is well. But all appears to be getting better. The cancer that was c?rt/owrs/ccws is gone. now it is time to rebuild. Hopefully for Open Wheel racing it works. Cause boys if it doesn't all we have left is F1 and if you do not like TG, then Bernie will send you over the edge.

    Remember, your series lost. It died because of too many chefs trying to get their piece of the pie. Remember, they were the only major race series run by team owners.... Coincidence that they are the only major race series that went bankrupt three times in less than 15 years? Look it up. Prove me wrong.
  • Well once we're more popular we will get better ratings.
  • Used to be place where you could have intelligent debate.

    That must have been before you showed up. You are nothing but a broken record, CART/CCWS/OWRS... take you blinders off, stop crying to Anthony and GROW UP. Or leave if you can't take it. Shouldn't you be getting you yellow shirt on and going to the track? LMAO...
  • Indyman, since we're bringing F1 in to this (not a dig, it is absolutely relevant), you all should check out a write up on about the current state of affairs in the sport. With the looming budget restrictions/options for 2010, F1 is following in the footsteps of US Open Wheel Racing, self destruction. You're spot on about Bernie, and don't forget about his anti semitic goober-in-crime Mosley.

    As a fan of F1 it disappoints me, but knowing that the two US series have a year of unification under their belts puts US Open Wheel in a very good position to cull teams/dollars as global sponsorship is fleeing Formula 1 and the ridiculous FIA. Those overseas races TA is entertaining don't look so nonsensical now.

    I admit as far as the formula goes for ICS, hell has to freeze over for a lot of that to become reality (or they just need to move quicker in FINALIZING the future 'tech' specs and rules --they don't have to move quicker than 2012, but they need to close the open ends so the future can get to work), but it's a much greater possibility than when they were split. And F1 & the FIA are becoming more and more irrelevant every day. The racing business is cut throat, and ICS needs to seize every opportunity.
  • Once I get a million bucks - I'll be a millionaire! :lol:
  • The IRL culling dollars from F1 sponsors? hahahaha the irl can't even sell izod shirts at Macy's
  • Remember, your series lost. It died because of too many chefs trying to get their piece of the pie. Remember, they were the only major race series run by team owners….

    Who do you think is running the earl, Blue-Sky dreamer? Some 'Vishunator' that doesn't 'own a team'?

    You have no clue, that is blatantly obvious.

    And one more time, with feeling, CART was profitable, popular, and elevated the Indy 500 to heights never before imagined. Since Anton, your hero, pitched his fit, it fell apart. You blame coincidence. Denial, it's not just a river.

    Keep on screeching about CART. Hysterical to watch your inferiority complex manifest itself. Has the 'league' un-sucked itself? (Don't answer that.. you should know the drill by by now. Idiot.)

    sc=fermin Rhymes with vermin. :lol:
  • Stan if you are honestly saying cart made IMS or cart sent it to the next level, then you do not have a clue. Wow, of all the things that have been said here....well I think we all know the rest. IMS made cart what it was. And the team owners killed it. Their greed was what did it in. I think if you were looking to make the most ridiculous comment, you succeeded. Best quote, is when AJ said AJ Foyt did not make Indy, Indy made AJ Foyt. And Andretti, Sachs, Unsers, Mears, Castroneves, Fittipaldi, Chevrolet, Sneva, Patrick, Penske, and the list goes on and on. IMS was making drivers household names long before cart and will continue to do so long after.

    Lets see, cart tried to kill Indy. That is a fact, look it up in the immortal words of Dahooey. The owners did not want to have anyone more powerful then themselves. Their pride killed cart. If they had given TG, the owner of the most powerful racetrack in the sport, a say in what happened in the sport, the split would never of happened. If they had not tried to kill the IRL and IMS, by intentionally scheduling races on the same week as IRL events, this would not have happened. Had various entities, too proud to admit defeat, had quit trying to resurrect cart, even though it kept failing, we would not be where we are. Blame cart first and foremost for the state of open wheel racing.

    And as far as my comment that no major race series is run by team owners, it still stands. Notice I said owners, plural. It does not have to do with one man owning a team, it has to do with multiple owners trying to alter the sport for their own pocketbook, not for the good of the sport. Prove me wrong, look it up.
  • Companies like Honda, Firestone, PEAK, and APEX have already bought ads for the entire season as part of their support of the IndyCar series. That's not a sign of weakness. If you see ads from other companies instead of VERSUS ads for other programming or Indy Downforce ads that's a sign of strength.
  • Lets see, cart tried to kill Indy. That is a fact,

    No, it is not. The rest of the foul, offensive rubbish you spew is nothing but idiocy and lies as well.

    Nothing but revisionist, Hulmanista gomer trash out of you. Typical.

    How's the massive crowd at fill day? Gonna lie about that too, gomer?
  • And typical of you and the TG/IRL haters, you say I am wrong, but provide nothing but insults to back it up.

    So you are saying that c?rt did not try to exclude the most powerful race track owner from having a say in how the series was run?

    Are you saying that cart did not try to kill the IRL and ruin the 500 by intentionally scheduling races opposite the IRL events? Remember the US 500?

    Are you saying that various entities did not keep trying to revive the carcass of cart every time it went into bankruptcy?

    Stan, these are all facts, in the immortal words of Dahooey, look them up. Heck, that is going to be as famous a saying as Driver, move that bus.
  • As far as ads, off hand Vs. has had Subaru, Kawasaki, Avis, Dominos, Vonnage, Travelocity and Hampton Inns to name a few.
  • So you are saying that c?rt did not try to exclude the most powerful race track owner from having a say in how the series was run?

    Are you saying that cart did not try to kill the IRL and ruin the 500 by intentionally scheduling races opposite the IRL events? Remember the US 500?

    None of that would have happened if that effing TG hadn't started his retarded 'league', so your revisionism and spin is neither factual nor accurate. Do you really have no idea what went on between the time the Idiot Inheritor took over IMS and the formation of the hapless 'league'? Cause you come across as completely ill-informed as to the situation. On what grounds should CART have folded and turned everything over to a 30-year-old coke-head who inherited a track? Do you even know that Anton tried to buy CART? Do you know anything factual, or are you only capable of spewing Hulmanista falsehoods?

    Garbage like the type you spew is so foul, stupid, offensive, nonsensical fiction that it is laughable. Fortunately, as the ratings and attendance for the League of Flying Crapwagons shows, there are very few like you. And fewer every year.
  • IRL: 175,000 viewers
    F1: 55,000,000 viewers

  • Anthony,

    Can you not dismiss the stupidity going on here and limit the posts to at least semi-intelligent discussions?

    This is absurd!!!!! The anti IRL haters are out-of-control and you seem to be shrugging it off. Why????
  • I enjoy the IBJ......but this is rediculous.........

    Enjoy the racing for what it is Stan.......entertainment.......sound like maybe you were a CART employee that lost his job...........

    anyone whos uses the word retarded in his reply should not be allowed to post here............

    Stan, where are your seats for the 500?
  • Stan,

    Not sure if you do not understand time lines, or just do not accurately read the posts. My first comment was and you repeated this So you are saying that c?rt did not try to exclude the most powerful race track owner from having a say in how the series was run? That came before TG started the IRL. It was one of the main reasons he started the IRL. As the owner of the cornerstone of carts racing series, and after hearing repeated threats to that cornerstone from the owners, who would not try to have a say in the future of his business? When he was denied even a basic chance to have a say on the future of the series, he formed the IRL. Not sure about your memory, if you were actually old enough to have lived through it, of what happened, but TG never tried to take over cart. He wanted to have a voice in how it was run. Do you remember how cart forcibly took over from USAC in '79? What do they say, live by the sword, die by the sword?

    Among carts failures: the staggering lack of leadership, the greed of going public, the many conflicts of interest and the total ineptness of supposed smart businessmen to manage a company. Those are not my words, those are former cart shill Robin Millers. I hate to say it, but truer words have never been spoken. Cart could have been a great governing body, but the owners knew not how to run it.

    So not sure what all that you spewed was, but the facts are facts. I think Dahooey can tell you what to do if you do not believe me.
  • Dahooey, I know a lot of your remarks are with pointed humor, however joke as it may be...55M viewers for F1 is global. ICS doesn't have that kind of viewership globally for sure, but the 175k number you keep using is a 'domestic' number for Vs.

    If you want to use domestic viewership for F1 to make the same point, that's fair enough. But the humor in using 55M is lost, at least on me...

    It still doesn't close the big viewership gap to any noticeable extent in ICS favor, but every one of these numbers is an 'estimate'. No one is counting actual viewers. We had 10 people at the house watching the last hour of bump day, and most care nothing about racing (but all became emotionally involved in the event). Vs. will never know that it got 10 people worth of exposure in our household. Actually, they will never even know they had 3 regulars, b/c we aren't a Neilsen household. Same goes for F1.
  • Amazing the IRL gets a woodie when they pull a 0.35. That tells you how far they have fallen. A 0.35 is considered a win. Well, it is upward trending. If they keep going, maybe by season's end, if there is a tight championship points battle, they'll land that coveted 1.0 and throw a dadgumm perty with girls, and boozem and everthing.
  • So anyone else get the feeling that tracula, bigirlfan and several other TG haters are one in the same. Same M.O., same writing style. Well that is to be expected.

    On to the subject. I must say that Bump Day was the most exciting in the last 20 years or more. The drama of watching Andretti trying to find speed all day and not finding. The drama of teams trying to decide should they re qualify or stand on their times. Watching Andretti and his team getting advice from some of the greatest racing minds to find the speed including a text message from Tony Stewart giving tips on what Andretti could do to find speed. And then finally Andretti, with two strikes on the car go out and do a masterful run to bump Hunter-Reay and his Izod sponsorship out of the show. Then watching Hunter-Reay do an old fashioned banzai run with no time on the clock to bump Tagliani a run that did not appear to be fast enough until he took the flag. Watching Tagliani, who thought he was safe with a qual position of 26th see himself bumped out of the race with no chance to redeem himself. Vs. did a good job of watching his emotions as he sat in the car.

    That was an amazing afternoon and I challenge anyone to find that kind of emotion and drama in any other race series.
  • I still think it is Bi - Girl Fan. It would be fitting for all that bitterness.

    Well said, Indyman! The drama has been a long time coming and they'll never see anything like that in F1 or nascar (emphasis on small letters is intentional).

    It's also too bad for Buddy Lazier. He's a good guy.
  • I feel for Bruno. Sucks to make it then have your ride taken because the number 1 driver got bumped, but that is how it works.
  • Tivo'd and ffwd thru all 26 hours of qualifying coverage. Lot of dead time, but VS did a great job. It was great on the rainy days not to have the delay last through the first portion of ESPN coverage and then have them switch over to a pig calling contest or something when the actual quals started. Never understood the point of showing two hours and then only the last hour or so. Half the time, those slots ended up with no one qualifying because of weather or whatever.
  • I remember the old days when the race and qualifications were shown as part of the Wide World of Sports coverage. They would do pop ins and show chunks of the race and then show parts of a bobsled race in Austria or Tennis Match in California.

    Racing is one event you need to have full coverage of. If you only show bits and pieces of it you may miss the drama. It is like taking a novel and only reading selected pieces. You miss the build up. Had you not watched Andretti keep trying to find speed, you would not have felt for him when he finally made it.

    I would bet ESPN and ABC would have stopped coverage at 6pm and you would have missed the whole Hunter-Reay-Tagliani drama. The switch to vs. appears to be the right move, now hopefully the viewership catches up.
  • Hi folks. Cory, from over at Property Lines. Anthony is on a bike trip and without his laptop for a few days. He'll be back later this week. Meantime, let's keep the discussion lively, but civil. Thanks!
  • How many viewers does IRL/ReVersus get outside of USA?
  • DaHooey,

    I was trying to find that info myself. Only quote I could find was regarding race expansion into Brazil which noted they get 3's and 4's on Brazillian broadcasts. But it's obviously not Versus.

    Whether any of you are for or against the league, it would be nice to know the global reach/viewership of the series. If anyone has access to that type of data, please post.

    Oh, and I think global viewership in F1 is down to around 33M per race(600M viewers in 2008/ 18 races). Still much greater than ICS for sure, but down from their peak....which I think at some point was around 75M a race.

  • Number i have read on Atlas F1 say viewership is up everywhere for 2009 season of F1.

    But please, lets not even put the hapless IRL spec series up against F1, no no no no no...

    1 Formula1 race outdraws more than a year of combined IRL rating!

    irl: not very popular, even if you can find it on TV. :lol:
  • F1 is different. It is a globally recognized sport, like the Olympics. It is big in India, China, Europe, the mid-east!

    Indy car racing is a national sport. It will never have the international numbers of F1...especially with India and China in the mix.

    It is like comparing apples to mangos.
  • Dana LaLiberte: HUH? Do you rememeber when Indy was a GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED SPORT, LIKE THE OLYMPICS? :lol: Do you remember when Nigel Mansell came over to run CART and Indy500 races after winning the Formula 1 world driving championship? Do you remember when the Indy 500 was PART OF the Formula 1 world chamionship? Do you remember when there were multiple manufacturers involved in the Indy 500? Do you remember when it sold out year after year after year? Do you remember when NASCAR was hicks, and Indy was the pinnacle of motorsports? Do you remember how great it was before Tony fixed it?

    I sure do.

    You should think about what you are saying because you are dead wrong in your assertation. There was abosultely nothing wrong with the Indy 500 and CART when Tony threw his temper tantrum and blocked out CART.

    Now what does he have? The worst of CART, the worst of IRL, and abosolute apathy from the general public. Sort of a supergroup of the worst parts of racing in the history of man. Furriners, road racin, leased injuns, Jap motors, and RIDE BUYERS (over half the field).

    The IRL: Not what it used to be. Not even close.
  • WEll HElls BElles. Do you rember when JAun MEndoza wonned the INdy 500 and then went to FORmola ONe and then moved up to NASCAr? hahahahahaha IF FORmola 1 was so dad blamed grate why did MANcel come over to CARt? And why dint he stay? HE came over to kick the CARt srret race loosers. THAts why MEndoza went to F1. HE got tired of beeting up on them CARt loosers. hahahahahahah THInk bout that.

    DOes F1 race at INdy? hahahahah NOt now.

    HAy I got me the TWItter now. SIgn up and Ill gve you the BIf all the time hahahahahaa
  • Dahooey,

    There was nothing wrong with cart in '95? If cart was such a wonderful thing and such a great business model, then why did it fail repeatedly after the split if all it lost was one race, albeit the major one?

    TG blocked out cart? Since when? My recollection is TG tried to have a say in the series. Makes sense if you own the major race and cart is trying to minimize it, then you would want to have input. After HE was blocked out of the cart board, he started his own series, set up to allow all cart drivers to run it and their series. cart blocked that by scheduling its races opposite the IRL ones. Who was trying to destroy whom? You need to reread your history.

    If all was well, and cart was such a great business model, why did it fail repeatedly? This is one question you guys fail to answer. Great business models, especially with the vast majority of its pieces in place should have rolled over the IRL. But it failed, why?
  • indyman: They BOTH are dead. 99% of the world agrees.

    What wouyld have happened if Tony didn;t fix things?
  • But it failed, why?

    Because Penske pushed it to go public and no one in CART had a Grandpa who left them a billion dollars. How stupid are you? If the CART business model was so bad then why does _TG say we wanted to be like the old CART. Anyone can half ass a series with spec cars if you have a billion dollars to start with, even a moron like _TG but having sponsors, manufacturers and ratings/attendance if different. There is a reason TV ratings for the 500 are down over 50% since 1995 and there is a reason the Hulman George family isn't on the Forbes 400 anyone. The product and the leadership suck.
  • Meantime, let’s keep the discussion lively, but civil. Thanks!

    Did indywoman cry to the mod again? Grow up.
  • Hahaha. nice smackdown Brett. :lol:
  • Actually that was a weak smackdown, and I did not complain to Anthony. Anything I have to say, I say on here. You have all seen my comments. Something tells me that comments like what you made is what the moderators mean. I guess you cannot prove your point so you try to feel like a big shot by attempting to insult others? Real mature.

    Are you saying that with all of the big names in cart, no one could fund the league? Going public was not carts problem, what they did with the money was. That would have happened no matter if the series split or not. cart had bad management from the day it started. Its business model was deeply flawed. Had TG not formed the IRL, cart would have reduced Indy to one week at best and still it would have failed.
  • Brett - The master who can't stand it when he's criticized, even by the moderator. He seldom ever tries to be civil, loves to put people down and always reverts to name calling.

    Brett, haven't you ever heard about trying to find the best in people and lifting them up. Just because you don't respect someone, you don't have to use foul language to describe them. Then when called on it, you reply to them to grow up. Perhaps that would best be suggested for you since constant name calling is usually what we hear from adolescents, juveniles and the uneducated. You don't seem to be uneducated, so it would seem that you are the one that needs to grow up.
  • Indyman & Berwickguy:

    The IRL is an answer to a question nobody asked. Want proof? Look at the stands. Sure, IMS has place fans, and that's fine, but if the series had to stand on its own without Mindy? :lol:

    Keep your eye on the TV numbers and attendance numbers the rest of the year. WORSE than CART.

    IRL: your trashy neighbor who no one likes.
  • Your living in the 60's if you think it is possible to go back to the levels of innovation, all hired drivers, etc, etc, etc. You can't live in the past.

    You said something about ride buyers earlier. Do you have any idea how much it costs to get to the point where one could even be an Indy car driver?
  • Of course I do. Innovation happens everyday in sportscars and Formula 1. And to my knowledge there mmay be ONE pay driver in F1 on Froce India.

    And NO - Im not living in the 60s. Ride buyers started with the split, and you know it. If teams saw a ROI, drivers would be lined up right behind the sponsors.

    IRL: If you can't make it in NASCAR or F1. :lol:
  • Ride buyers started before the split? Really?

    Eliseo Salazar, Frank Freon, Marco Greco, Tero Palmroth, Dean Hall, Lyn St. James, Hideshi Matsuda, Hiro Matsushida. All entered in the 1995 Indianapolis 500.

    I can keep going...
  • Dana (he or she i have no clue) if the irl is soooo successful, why doesn't the 500 sell out anymore?

    why do you not have any manfacturer interest?

    why you on Versus?


    I await your answers.
  • Da Hooey:

    You don't like people being mean, so don't you think you should refrain from the he/she point?

    Regarding your points to Dana:

    1. Few, if any, sporting events outside the NFL sell out anymore. It is likely to get worse in many venues. You know as well as I that the split hurt the 500 big time. It will take many years of fan rebuilding to recover, just as we've seen from Major League baseball because of the strike/world series cancellation.

    2. We have seen several engine manufacturers interested and the entries would likely have been greater if the economic situation was better. You and I also know that the limitations due to controls placed by the league have limited interest. If they went back to the old ways of doing things, they could likely have multiple chassis/engine entries. Unfortunately, today's litigious society would bring ruination upon the sport and the facilities if anything disastrous ever happened as they did in the Mickey Thompson days.

    3. Versus - You and I both know that the deal they had with ABC/ESPN gave them such limited exposure and the ire of fans waiting for the Ladies Golf/Tennis to conclude before they began races or moved them to ESPN Classic was not something they wanted to tolerate. They have to build again from the basics. So, follow the lead from the NHL and see the tremendously improved product offered by VERSUS. If and when they can get exposure in all markets, it may be a win/win for the league. Open Wheel has never had this much exposure before on TV outside of INDY and you know that. It's called Brand Building together.

    Yes, you can call it unnecessary if you want. You may be right. Had the minds that controlled the sport kept cool heads and had effective leadership, this would never have been necessary. Unfortunately, there was no one in a position to drive home the points or pull all the factions together. Then we have Anton going off on his own and being pimped by the France family and taking their advice. That was likely the dumbest move of all. Set nascar up to pick up the slack. And France continues to pimp slap the IRL at all of their tracks.

    It's been bad all around and I hate it as much as you do. Unfortunately, we are left with what we have. Unlike you, I choose to hold out hope that Anton will turn over the reins to someone capable sooner than later and that progress will continue. Also, unlike you, I choose to believe that many of the current drivers are competent and some of the best we've seen in several years. I may be a fool as you've indicated, but it's not about loyalty, it's about tradition. Some of that is still there in my mind.

    Sorry, Dana, if I usurped your retort.
  • AND...

    Ride buying has been a part of motor racing since the start.

    It has always been a part of the 500, and always will. Do you need more examples?

    DaHooey (he or she, I have no clue)
  • So Dahooey,

    Why doesn't the Brickyard, Talladega or Daytona sell out anymore? All TG's fault? the 500 still draws more fans than any NASCAR race. Still makes more money than any NASCAR race, you can look it up, prove me wrong.

    10 years ago, you never saw IMS advertise for tickets, but then you never saw most of the NASCAR tracks advertise either, or at least the big ones. Now you do. I think there are two reasons for it. One is the plethora of things for people to watch and do. All sports have been hurting for the last decade plus. NBA, NFL etc... They all saw drops in attendance and viewership. The other reason of course is the economy, but that is more recent. So unless you are going to say TG is responsible for NBA attendance drops and lower viewership on the PGA tour.
  • Children, if I have to stop this car, I will.
  • Deflection deflection deflection....

    Listen up folks, here is the final word:

    you can offer up as many excuses as you want, blame everything from the economy to the France family to the war in IRAQ, but the bottom line is that the Indy 500 is LESS now than it was when Tony took over.

    When you run a business, you are normally reviewed and compensated based on performance. Well if the IRL were a business (not sure the Hulmanistas have grasped that yet), all indications are that is has failed.

    1. Sells less tickets
    2. Less TV viewers
    3. Less sponsorship
    4. Less teams
    5. Less manufacturer involvement

    Tony even took his hammer to work and killed his competition and still - no improvement. In fact, it brings the sport down to Versus level accessibility.

    You can go on and on.

    So in the real world, Daddy would have yanked the spoon out of Junior's mouth and given it to someone who knows WTF they are doing. All you guys/gals and Tony's minions offer up is empty promises, next years, if maybes, and aw shucks. Remember what I wrote earlier about the sport being GLOBAL (yeah just like soccer), that is until Tony fixed it all.

    With that said, I have NO confidence that Tony has the ability to ever run this series successfully. And when Teams start bailing for the new F1 rules (look em up) next year, Tony is going to start looking even stupider.
  • The Hulmanista's are stamping their feet, spewing complete fiction (pretty offensive, hate-filled garbage at that) and still whining about CART.

    May is grate. :lol:

    Keep whining about evil CART and making up 'facts', you only make yourselves look stupider, and that isn't easy! Your inferiority complex is warranted, as CART for a long time was successful, profitable, had international credibility, and was popular. All things that effin TG's pointless 'league' will never, ever be.

    Really looking forward to continued misery and failure from the 'league', and its pathetically small group of Hulmanista bootli... er, fans. It's the only entertainment value it offers. Beyond that, well, it can always cease operations permanently. And it should.
  • Dahooey,

    Lets put your test to NASCAR with Brian France in charge the last 6 years.

    1. Sells less tickets Most venues have fewer fans in the stands including their hallmark races.
    2. Less TV viewers Viewership is down since 2003.
    3. Less sponsorship Teams are scrambling for sponsors with many bailing out for other outlets including the IRL
    4. Less teams Small teams cannot afford to run and be competitive. Many big teams absorbing them into mega teams.
    5. Less manufacturer involvement Since the '90s they have lost Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile. They have had to break decades long tradition of only American manufacturers to allow Toyota to enter the fold. And unfortunately talk is that NASCAR will probably lose one or two more American manufacturers under the Obama plan.

    So I think that may be the final word. Look it up, prove me wrong.
  • Stan,

    I think it is your lack of facts and insults that make you (to use your terms) stupider. You say how wonderful cart was, then criticize us for showing the differences between cart and the IRL. For some reason, we cannot compare what failed with what is succeeding. I have asked one simple question that the TG/IRL haters have ignored. If cart was so great, how did the subtraction of one race from their schedule cause them to fail three times in less than 15 years? Guys real simple question.
  • And now DaHooey says teams will be defecting the IRL for F1 and we should look up the rules. Sounds like DaHooey's fantasy league. Goes along well with the fantasy minds of the league haters.

    Really makes me think that the brain Igor took in the original Frankenstein movie must have been parceled out to the league haters. If you guys don't know the reference, look it up, check it out. Prove me wrong.

    You guys are about as ridiculous as Queen Pelosi's statements about the CIA lying to her. Yeah, right, oh she forget like y'all forgot the facts about the issues Indyman is so graciously explained.
  • Berwick & Indyman,

    What's funnier about the IndyCar exodus to F1 comment is that Renault and Ferrari are likely ditching F1 next season (among others). Kimi, while not the brightest of lights, was quoted saying that the exodus was likely. Alonso was quoted saying if the big teams leave, so do the big drivers. They refuse to drive for the 'new' smaller teams. The Ferrari injunction was thrown out yesterday, and no progress has been made to date on a change to Mosley's new rules. Even Bernie has admitted in an article today that he thinks they will leave the series.

    Some will say that it's just political posturing to have their demands met, but with egos the way they are this could actually be the moment where they sit out a season or two to protest. They've already said that they plan on running other series outside of F1 with their contracted drivers. If this all occurs as they are speaking, it will be as destructive to the sport as the Cart/IRL split & the MLB strike. F1, will no longer be F1.

    Now for the rumor Alonso posturing for a future Indy 500 run, or just another European series? See quote in regards to not running in F1, but in random events:

    I hope to race more than one race a year, but obviously I am 27, I have been two-times world champion and I would like to win more categories and more series.
  • JoBu:

    Thanks for your astute comments! Oh, and I think DaHooey forgot to mention that he heard Hudson was coming back to nascar!
  • Maybe part of what takes place on this blog is desperate noise. The world is moving on, and they can't believe that the Indy 500 is going on without them.

    If you ever want a sad laugh, there is a web site called champcarfanatics. It does have some excellent photography, but most is just sad blogging about the IRL. Some people just can't move on. Paul Tracy even mentioned it in an interview last week.

    Last word ever! You know it! Look it up! Ride buying started with the split! Look it up, and then look up yourself looking that up!
  • F1 almost split a few years ago when the manufacturers threatened to start their own league. King Bernie is pissing people off and making it difficult and expensive, especially in a recession, to participate.

    This will be interesting to see what happens. If a couple of the big teams and/or manufacturers decide to sit out, or race elsewhere, F1 crumbles. Could some of those teams/manufacturers decide to run Indy? As has been stated F1 has run Indy before. Maybe this all falls into some merged F1/IRL league. Doubtful but stranger things have happened.

    Always fascinating to watch what happens.
  • I warned you, children. Now you're grounded for two weeks.
  • Indyman: Remember when Tony said IRL would be bigger than F1 and NASCAR in 5 years? that was 2002. They are both bigger than the IRL today.

    shows you that Tony is true to his word.

    The IRL: Keep making excuses. :lol:
  • Oh, and I will also add this:

    Dana: chapTard fanatics is a bunch of high school kids from canada. :lol:

    sucked you in, didn't they.

    The IRL: No new fans since 2002.
  • No, I found them one day searching for some shots from Long Beach. I was pretty amazed by it. I wouldn't say sucked in. Sucked in would be if I were anti-Champ Car and I spent free time writing fact-free blog posts blasting them behind up some anonymous name.

    Race or not, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.
  • Monaco looks to be untra competitive. I'm thinking nico Rosberg may podium along with Massa and Hammy. Brawn may not have what it takes to win monaco.

    IRL: Not real racing - like F1 @ monaco.
  • No Dahooey, I do not remember that. Is that like John Lennon saying the Beetles were bigger than Jesus?

    So since you did not respond to my last comment to you, I should assume using your test, NASCAR is failing as well?

    Dahooey:nothing better to do than to blog about a series he hates.
  • We are NOT talking about the rise or fall or status of NASCAR, but since you WANT TO, --

    Yes, NASCAR is still bigger than IRL. Yes, F1 is still bigger than IRL. Hell, Top Fuel is bigger than IRL.

    What you are doing is simply derailing the debate into We suck, but so does NASCAR, but it doesn't. Have NASCAR ratings fallen a bit? I think so. although I do not watch that crap because I am not into it. The Dales and Billys and such can have at it, and it does not bother me.

    What bothers me is that Tony pressed and pressed and threw his money around until there was nothing left but a broken down Indy500, surrounded by a series that nobody wants. By default, YES, he won. But is the sport growing? NO. Has he kept his promise to make it bigger than F1 or NASCAR? NO.

    Tony George has failed in so many ways. Look back and see how he has betrayed his original vision and the lemmings who bought into it.

    The IRL: Not what Tony promised.
  • We weren't? Lets go back through this blog and see how many times the IRL is compared to NASCAR and F1. In addition, it seems like apples to apples if you are going to say how down the IRL is over the last decade, to show that it is not only the IRL, but most racing series and most sports for that matter. I know, that does not fit into your anti TG/IRL argument. I always have the ability to gum up your perfectly laid plans. I can almost hear your Scooby Doo ending. I would have convinced people if it were not for those meddling kids.

    I will tell you, the vision of TG is better than the reality of the alternative, which is a multi failed cart. TG wanted ovals, how many did cart have at the end? TG wanted to have American drivers, how many were left in cart at the end. TG wanted to save the 500 from being a one weekend show. What would it be if cart had its way? TG wanted a series that would compete against cart. Cart wanted it their way or no way. Unfortunately cart got the no way.

    Is the vision everthing TG promised? No. But how many plans turn out how you plan it? Exactly. But what we have now is much better than what we would have had if cart had been allowed to do as they wanted. They would have destroyed all of American Open Wheel racing. Again, answer this question. If cart had everything minus the biggest race, how did they fail?
    Notr sure what you call a little bit: but this article in the Sports Business Journal is interesting.

    It says the ratings are down 11.5% for the first 10 races. That seems more than a little down. Every NASCAR race is down, some almost 20%. Again, not sure what you mean by a little bit.

    So as I pointed out, your 5 item checklist not only shows issues with the IRL, but with NASCAR as well.
  • Great points, Indyman!

    Further, Da Hooey likes to point out that ride buying started with the split. And he talks about our points being fictional. Well, Da Hooey, you might try reading Robin Miller's piece on Speed about the late, great Larry Rice. Robin points out how Rice, a great competitor, never had an opportunity of substance at Indy because he had no money. Larry was a 3 time USAC champ but only ran Indy twice and once shared Rookie honors with that Mears guy.

    Ridebuying didn't exist, you say? I'm sure that those drivers in that era would laugh you out of the room. Some of them might just be flat angry enough at your statements to flat kick your a**. But, hey that's just me. So look it up, and as Indyman says so well, prove me wrong!!!
  • Drivers of all eras would laugh at that. I figure the first ride buyer was probably in 1911. If you have money or a sponsor to bring to the table and a marginal amount of talent, you have always had a ride.
  • kick my a**? :lol:

    Dang, i thought we were not going to get personal here. Its OK, I am not Fred Whalen.
  • Hey, DaHooey, I said they might because they're probably ticked at your assumption. Cool with me, though, it's your thought. You're right, Freddie's outa your league.
  • Brett - The master who can’t stand it when he’s criticized, even by the moderator.

    I wasn't criticized by the moderator. You are a f-ing idiot. There now go and cry to Anthony.
  • Maybe this all falls into some merged F1/IRL league.

    Ferrari, McClaren and Renault are just itching to race in front of empty aluminum at Spartucky, Iowa and Kansas on ovals. Bernie and everyone in F-1 barely know the irl exists and -TG is in no position to offer anything.
  • If F1 splits, both sides will be looking for partners. Never said F1 would run all IRL races. Could be a similar arrangement to the 50's when F1 cars ran Indy as part of a points series. I could also see F1 drivers hitting Long Beach, NY, Miami Watkins Glen, Vegas etc in addition to Indy. Run 5 or 6 North American races, 5 or 6 European Races, 4 or 5 Pacific Rim races. F1 is going to have to start reigning in costs to be a competitive series with multiple teams that can challenge for the championship. As with NASCAR and IRL, the days of unlimited spending are winding down.

    It will be interesting to see what F1 does.
  • That's so far off base its funny. :lol:
  • Really? I guess we will have to see. Your prognostication has been way off.
  • hahaha I love the month of May. Like the reporter said when TG took over the track, Now we will see if this place really is indestructible. Bye Bye TOney GOerge. Where are you BIf? Are you drunkt up yet.? Oh yeah, a 3.9 you gomers. Quilting with Mary on WFYI gets a bigger audience. LOL

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  2. i too think this is a great idea. I think the vision and need is there as well. But also agree with Wendy that there may be better location in our city to fulfill this vision and help grow the sports of hockey and figure skating in Indy. Also to help further develop other parts of the city that seem often forgotten. Any of the other 6 townships out side of the three northernmost could benefit greatly from a facility and a vision like this. For a vision that sounds philanthropic, the location is appears more about the money. Would really like to see it elsewhere, but still wish the development the best of luck, as we can always use more ice in the city. As for the Ice growth when they return, if schedules can be coordinated with the Fuel, what could be better than to have high level hockey available to go see every weekend of the season? Good luck with the development and the return of the Ice.

  3. How many parking spaces do they have at Ironworks? Will residents have reserved spaces or will they have to troll for a space among the people that are there at Ruth Chris & Sangiovese?

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