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INSIDE DISH: Carmel eatery unafraid to break a few eggs, rules

November 2, 2012
                                       bistro_watch_videoRestaurateur Larry Hanes stuck to his guns in creating Eggshell Bistro, bending conventions with eclectic decor, artisanal coffees, and a simple menu with restrained portions.More.

Rewind:'s 10 most popular videos of 2012

December 19, 2012
Top 10 videos of 2012 watch
                                    video iconZipping from the Super Bowl Village to a federal fraud trial, IBJ counts down its most-watched online videos in a year of triumph and retribution.More.

INSIDE DISH: New partners boost sales at Pure

October 12, 2012
Dish Pure Watch videoReceipts at the locavore's haven in Fountain Square have surged since February, when two new partners took over day-to-day management, redefined the space, expanded the menu and turned its hours of operation upside down.More.

INSIDE DISH: Unlikely pair pilot Ship to profit

July 20, 2012
Dish_SinkingShip_watchvideoOK, so an accountant and a tattoo artist start a bar. Except it's no joke. Clearly defined roles have helped the odd-couple co-owners of The Sinking Ship navigate a turbulent startup and land on solid financial ground.More.

INSIDE DISH: Smokers' haven prepares for ban

May 30, 2012
Dish Mass Ave Pub watch videoMass Avenue Pub survived a two-year hiatus in the mid-2000s after a massive infrastructure collapse. Its owners think going smokeless on Friday will be a comparative breeze, even though 65 percent of their clientele like to light up.More.
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  1. 1. There is no allegation of corruption, Marty, to imply otherwise if false. 2. Is the "State Rule" a law? I suspect not. 3. Is Mr. Woodruff obligated via an employment agreement (contractual obligation) to not work with the engineering firm? 4. In many states a right to earn a living will trump non-competes and other contractual obligations, does Mr. Woodruff's personal right to earn a living trump any contractual obligations that might or might not be out there. 5. Lawyers in state government routinely go work for law firms they were formally working with in their regulatory actions. You can see a steady stream to firms like B&D from state government. It would be interesting for IBJ to do a review of current lawyers and find out how their past decisions affected the law firms clients. Since there is a buffer between regulated company and the regulator working for a law firm technically is not in violation of ethics but you have to wonder if decisions were made in favor of certain firms and quid pro quo jobs resulted. Start with the DOI in this review. Very interesting.

  2. Am I the only citizen that thinks this is too incredible to be believed? How could he not be benefitting from this connection? There are good people that work for state government but it's idiots like this that cast doubt on the honesty of all the other employees of state agencies. Where is the integrity of the people who are in a position to do something about this? So disgusted.....

  3. why are businesses continueing to leave? Real estate is flat. I base my opinion on economic reality, not talking points. I still own land there.