IRL might delay engine changes

February 3, 2009
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engineThere were some interesting revelations during an Indy Racing League press conference today to discuss the on-going Automotive Manufacturers Roundtables designed to bring about expanded engine manufacturer participation and to help define a new engine formula for the series.

First, the IRL might delay by a year—to 2012—its move to a new engine formula because an earlier change would be difficult for financially strapped teams. Second, despite the rough economy there are still a number of intriguing companies involved in talks to join the fray as engine makers for the open-wheel series. Those companies are: Honda, Audi, Fiat, Porsche and Volkswagen. Representatives from all of those companies today confirmed their interest in joining the series. IRL officials acknowledged that in this current environment, it is unlikely that any American engine maker would join the series. Honda Performance Development President Erik Berkman today stressed that the Japanese car maker very much wants there to be at least one more engine maker in the series in the near future. IRL officials made it clear that no engine maker would be allowed in the series without pledging serious money to help market the series and their involvement in the series.

For gear heads, the new engine formula looks something like this: four-stroke engines, engine capacity not to exceed 2.0 liters, dual overhead cam shaft with four valves per cylinder. Single turbo charger and direct injection systems will be permitted.

When asked about other engine makers (those that don’t make and sell passenger cars directly), IRL’s Brian Barnhart offered the following response.

“The Cosworths, the Illmors, the AERs are important to us. Even with manufacturer involvement, they can still be involved, and there still could be a place for them in the future. Our manufacturers in the roundtable are still open to some sort of competition with engine companies, but we will just have to see where that goes.”

So how many engine makers are IRL officials hoping for?

“We are happy we have five this far down the road in this process,” Barnhart said. “We are not going to get five. But, if we get two to join Honda, we would be very happy.”
  • More good news for the IRL. It is good to see that the IRL is watching out for the bottom line of the teams. Waiting a year will give teams a better chance as the economy gets better.

    Good to see so much interest from teams, but it is unfortunate that the American companies won't be able to compete. But they will be lucky to be in business by 2012.

    I doubt Fiat and Porsche will run Indy, but VW and Audi could certainly join in and it would make sense for them. If Audi goes in and is successful, then Mercedes and BMW would not be far behind. Those 3 love to compete and hate to see the others win. It will be interesting to see how this works out.
  • :lol:
    So they still can't decide on 6 or 4 cylinders. That's quite the optimistic group of minions FTG employs. Either that or they're lying. Ha.

    So what does the 'league' have to offer in exchange for pledging serious money to help market the series? I don't see it. Then again, there's no shortage of stupid, which is what it would take for one of these companies to go earling.

    Looking forward to the next round of earth shattering kabooms! :)
  • There is no positive ROI in the IRL. Ask ABC supply company.
  • Your suggestion of Mercedes and BMW joining in is laughable. Audi dominated LMP1 for years; where were Mercedes and BMW.
  • Yes, SSD, everything is laughable to you. Again I am waiting for you guys to explain why all the hatred. Did TG steal your girlfriend? Did you lose your life savings betting on Dick Simon? Did you invest all of your money in c>rt/owrs/ccws stock? The fact that you guys have such bitter hatred for a racing series has got to have a reason. I mean why else spend so much time ranting on a subject that you guys seem to hate so much?
  • Are you the same one posting the same outlandish claims on all the various websites or do you work in a team?
  • Indyman,

    Go, go, go!
  • Now that all the people responsible for the death of AOWR are under the same tent, it's much easier for us to do our job.
  • Here's one of those impending kabooms. :lol: OMFG. Milker going to NHL. Apocalypse is nigh and all that.
  • Just what exactly is your so-called job, other than being the South Side Doofus? And how much do you get paid to run your mouth. Now, granted, you might say so do I and rightfully so, but I don't call it a job and I don't pretend to know everything the way you and your buddies do. SooooooooSaddddddddddddddForrrrrrrrrrYouuuuuuuuuuu!
  • Audi dominated LMP1 for years; where were Mercedes and BMW.

    Dave don't confuse the Gomer's with facts....
  • ABC Supply must see a ROI because they re upped with Foyt racing for two more years.

    Also for those who don't know Audi and VW are owned by Porsche,(Toureg same as Cayenne, and the A4 is basically a Passat) so probably only one or two of those will join......

    I see Honda, (Porsche, Audi, VW), AND Fiat joining. If I had to bet it would be Audi of the three. Fiat, who owns Alfa Romeo, Masserati, and Ferrari, wants to break into the US market.....thus the deal with Chrysler.
  • The people responsible for the decline of AOWR would be those who charted the course the S.S. C<rt took and was followed into oblivion by the S.S. Owrs and the S.S. Ccws. They proved that the business model they founded, of team owners running the league, unlimited spending and treating track owners poorly does not work. They started out with the stars and cars and ended up in bankruptcy multiple times. It is interesting how some of you seem to blame TG for a failed model when he is one of the only reasons open wheel racing still exists in America.
  • They proved that the business model they founded, of team owners running the league, unlimited spending and treating track owners poorly does not work. They started out with the “stars and cars” and ended up in bankruptcy multiple times. It is interesting how some of you seem to blame TG for a failed model when he is one of the only reasons open wheel racing still exists in America.

    You are so jealous of the glory days of CART it's laughable. Now TG is the the one spending with no limits except it's his Grandpa's money and not sponsors or manufacturers. And ask the track owners at Michigan, Nashville, Fontana, Phoenix etc. about how they were treated by the dysfunctional Hulman George clan. I would rather OW die in the US than for it to be the pathetic semi pro league that it is today. FTG has shown no vision or leadership in 13 years and the league has left a trail of broken bones, out of business teams, bankrupt sponsors, failed races, empty aluminum and a TV contract on Reversus which has a smaller audience than ESPN2. FTG said that they would be bigger than F-1 in 5 years. I don't know who is the bigger idiot, TG or those who belive his lies.
  • Good 'Ol Brett,

    Such a bitter, bitter person who never can stop at expressing his opinion. He has to proceed with calling all who disagree with him angry, defaming, nasty names. Perhaps Brett could use some time on the Psychiatrist's couch or perhaps he could just become a speed bump on West 16th Street in front of the Track since he hates it so much and wishes to disrupt their progress. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk........
  • I would rather OW die in the US than for it to be the pathetic semi pro league that it is today.

    Well, why don't you act as if it is dead, and turn your back on it? Endless cursing and complaining is not going to make it 1995 again.

    Save your energy and pay no attention to it.
  • Such a bitter, bitter person who never can stop at expressing his opinion

    Sound familiar, look in the mirror. Do you comprehend the concept of a PUBLIC forum? As I told you in another thread, if you don't like the concept of freedom of expression, exercise your right to shut your cakehole and not respond.
  • Well, why don’t you act as if it is dead, and turn your back on it? Endless cursing and complaining is not going to make it 1995 again.

    I have. My mission is to return OW to the top of the ladder in the US and to expose TG and the irl* for the frauds they are.
  • Brett,

    Who is the jealous one? I am on here defending the sport I enjoy, you are on here trying to tear down a league you hate. I think who is jealous is obvious.

    Spending without limits? TG is the one who has instituted many features to save money, something C>rt refused to do and what killed it. The same features that has made NASCAR so popular and ones that most racing leagues are looking at including F1. These are the things you criticize TG for.

    The rest of your rant really applies more to c>rt/owrs/ccws. c>rt knows all about bankruptcy.
  • I, too, would like OW to be the top form of racing in the US. I like the IRL, though, and hope it isn't going away. I've seen them do way more for the fans than the CART folk ever did. I think that NASCAR kind of took off, and created a bunch of new race fans that didn't even exist before.

    I don't consider fans of NASCAR too sophisticated, they don't even know that the cars they watch racing are stock cars and not NASCARs. The races are boring, cars unsophisticated, and the sanctioning body thinks it is God. The cars don't accelerate, can't turn, and won't stop. Look at the track times from ORP. USAC Midgets, Sprint Cars, and Silver Crown cars are all faster.

    Let them be the biggest thing in racing in the US. If you listen to their broadcast, they will let you know.

    I could care less about NASCAR. OW racing is still tops for me.

    I still wonder what TG ever did to you, though.
  • Brett,

    It's not the opinion that I referred to. You always pass over this. I'll try to pitch underhand to you this time so it doesn't go by you too fast. Your incessant, bitter, evil name calling is over the top. You have a name for all associated with IRL. Perhaps many of those have been more successful than you could ever dream of - you think?

    Those names you use aren't necessary. Express your opinions, fine, just leave off the slander. After all, isn't that what we all should do?
  • I think there's a difference between opinion and slander. Just a thought.
  • I think there’s a difference between opinion and slander.

    Yes there but first one would have to know the difference. These cult like followers of Lord Sagamore attempt to deflect, censor and ban anyone who dare point out what a joke OW has become under the leadership of the Inheritor.
  • Brett,

    Once again, in your bone headed drivel, you missed the point. Pitching underhand did no good with you. No one ever said anything about censor or ban. We only ask that you make your point and leave the incessant, bitter, over the top, sometimes slanderous name calling off the post. That is all, get it this time?
  • Of the 4 big races, Indy 500, Daytona, CC 600, and Brickyard 400, only the IRL 500 has seen a decline in TV viewership since TOneys 1996 hissy fit, and the IRL 500 is down over half of what CART did for the Speedway. TOney gets 5 million and change for the race plus 4 others, when the race itself used to command more than twice that. And congrats berwick, you made all this success possible. Got the warm fuzzies yet?
  • SSD-

    Can you share the other ratings numbers?
  • SSD,

    How are the Crt became because that was where open wheel would be without the IRL. C>rt had a failing business model and TG recognized that. NASCAR was on the rise before TG created the IRL. Odds are c>rt would have failed with or without the IRL. It was only a matter of time. I mean all TG had was one very famous track versus all the resources c>rt had. How did they fail? I am sure a lot of investors would like to know.
  • indyman, you can ask them yourself when they're all swirling around mindy in May
  • Year Indy 500 Daytona CC 600 Brickyard 400
    1993 9.3/30 (ABC) 8.4 (CBS) 2.7 (TBS) not held
    1994 9.1/31 (ABC) 7.9 (CBS) 3.8 (TBS) 5.7 (ABC)
    1995 9.4/28 (ABC) 7.8 (CBS) 4.3 (TBS) ?.? (ESPN)
    1996 7.1/23 (ABC) 9.2 (CBS) 4.6 (TBS) 4.3 (ABC)
    1997 5.0/18 (ABC) 8.6 (CBS) 5.0 (TBS) 5.3 (ABC)

    2007 4.3/12 (ABC) 10.1 (FOX) 4.5 (FOX) 4.2 (ESPN)
    2008 4.6/13 (ABC) 10.2 (FOX) 4.7 (FOX) 5.1 (ESPN)
  • indyman, as you can see by the numbers, Daytona ratings were on the decline until berwick's hero decided to fix things
  • It's good to see another C^RT team taking money and sponsors away from people who helped TOney decimate open wheel racing
  • Thanks for the numbers.

    Yep, you're right...the ratings are about half of what they were in 1995. Numbers don't lie. The Civil War hurt OW racing. But it's over, and all we can do is rebuild.
  • and not on the current foundation
  • all we can do is rebuild.

    Who exactly is 'we'? If you think FTG gives a crap about you, or the sport (what it used to be), or anything but his control fetish, you're as delusional and insane as he is.

    There is nothing to rebuild. It's a smoking ruin presided over by a madman. It is not at all, in any way, a sport. At best, the earl is a cheap, lame, failed imitation. A fraud.

    There is no logic, none, in thinking that if you support it, it will somehow get better.
  • Don't you think it would be suicidal to start up a new Indy Car series?

    I really don't see any of the teams clamoring to get out of the IRL, so I am completely dumbfounded to even ponder who would think it would be even a thinkable idea to start a new Indy Car series at this point. I seroiusly believe a new series would have absolutely zero support from anyone even remotely involved in racing.

    I know you wish the series had gone a different route, but you lost on this one. Move on with your life.
  • I'm not delusional, or insane, Mr. Forsythe.
  • There he goes again, Stan the Name Callin' Man. Stan, now you are being very discommodious. And, you have become nothing short of a pestiferous recreant. Hope the rest of your life gets better than the first part!

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