IRL title sponsor "on the doorstep"

September 4, 2008
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IRLDespite switching its telecasts from ESPN to Versus next year, Indy Racing League officials remain confident they will sign an eight-figure, multi-year title sponsorship deal by year’s end.

League officials denied rumors that some of the companies on the short list to become the series title sponsor had backed out. Subway restaurants, Kodak, William Rast clothier and two technology companies comprise the short list, said sources close to the negotiations.

“When some people heard the news without hearing the details, they went “Whew, why are you going with Versus over ESPN?” said Zak Brown, president of locally based Just Marketing International, which was hired by the league to help land a title sponsor. “But when they peal back the layers of the deal, they see we’re going to get a custom studio, a Saturday pre-race show and three hours instead of two hours of race coverage. Not one of the companies we’ve been talking to said, “No thanks, we’re out of here.”

The new TV deal has lengthened negotiations, Brown said. “Since the TV buy figures into the deal and we’re not dealing with what we were dealing with six months ago, it’s required us to step back and do a re-presentation.”

Brown has little doubt the deal will get done before Jan. 1.

“We’re on the doorstep with a couple of these companies,” he said.
  • Oh for crying out loud, does anyone believe this crap? I swear the guys @ 16th and Jonestown can spin with the best DC has to offer. Vs? over ABC/ESPN? Gimme a break. Why in the world would anyone sponsor this mess of a league/series that Tony has presented us with? William Rast? Have they seen the Demographics that the IRL draws? Subway? Why? and Kodak? Well maybe the typical 60 year old IRL fan still uses film, I dunno ....

    Ya'll need to step back and get to the root of the problem: The Visions that Lord Sagamore has brought us all. The IRL, short tracker Americans on all ovals with no engine leases, no foreigners and the top of the USAC ladder! Amwerican made chassis, no street courses, no races in canadaor Australia or Mexico....

    Or, something like that. :)

    Whatever works for you Tony, we are just fans, don't mind us.


    Former Fan who didn't come along kicking and screaming.
  • Da Hooey,

    What a bigoted, closed minded piece of work you are. If you're not a fan, then just shut up. Yes, it's not everything it used to be, or even close. Nor is it where it should be, but it's the best we have for now. Seems like a lot of good people, drivers and owners included, are still participating.

    Some of those foreigners that you seem to disdain so much were, and in some cases, still are fan favorites, including Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Nigel Mansell, Arie Lyendyke, Helio Castroneves and Scott Dixon.. I'm sure they don't miss your sorry attitude lingering around.

    Perhaps we could all take a look at what it may become in a few years and not focus so much on what it is right now. After all, there is always hope in life, and this is just one example.
  • I don't get Versus, and I have a rather extensive cable package. I can't believe they made a deal with a network most people don't get. I'm sort of a hockey fan and found sports bars don't even get Versus. This was a big mistake. More time on TV? Doesn't make any sense if no one gets this network. At least when CART/IRL was ESPN, you can watch it on basic cable or knew it was going to be on at least one tv in the local sports bar. This is a very stupid move. 10 years these people took a great sport into a dark former shadow of itself. I might watch an Indy 500, but my patience for CART Indy car racing is done. Roger Penske, Ganasi, Indy Motor Speedway, and the rest of these jerks should be kicked out of racing for what they've done. It's a real shame.
  • Mr. berwick guy:

    Sarcasm. Look it up. :) I detest the IRL past and present.

    Silly fans, Tony has promised you one thing, then delivered another. Super Defender likes to use the term evolution, and I prefer to use the terms whatever fits Tony's agenda of gaining control. You been used up like a Spring Break rental car my friend.

    You see, I am a CART guy, one who never believed Tony for a minute. I saw right through his Vi$ion and I think most smart, experienced race fans did. Those who actually bought into The Vision were sold a phony bill of goods and eventually were just discarded if they didn't come along kicking and screaming (A direct Tony quote). Sure CART screwed up, and CCWS obviously did not survive, but one thing is a constant: Anything Tony touches turns to crap. Ratings are at an all time low, interest has hit the skids, and a Vs. deal sends the series closer to capitulation than ever before. And check the Demographics the IRL offers potential sponsors. Maybe Depends could be interested?


    A foreign born, ex CART team employee who got revisioned out of a career because he refused to drink the IRL koolaid.
  • A foreign born, ex CART team employee who got “revisioned” out of a career

    Well, this really says it all, doesn't it......
  • Wow. Someone else who does not get it.
  • Well, I'd say what you don't seem to get is that the venomous ramblings that you call sarcasm are really falling flat. Simply stated: you're not as clever as you think you are.
  • Really? Tell me what in any of my posts here is incorrect. ? Seriously, did Tony not shift his Vision midstream? Are you lemming enough to buy into his leadership? In any other context, I am sure you would call what OW racing has become over the last 12 years, a complete and total failure.

    Enlighten me.
  • How fast are those DP01's this year?
  • Who could possibly care?
    The whole operation is nothing but a PT Barnum sideshow.
  • To be accurate, DaHooey, the deal is Versus/ABC and not just Versus. The ESPN2 side of things has been an embarrassment for sometime. Also, lighten up.
  • Dear Mr Berwickguy,

    I find it rather amusing... no, sad... that you miss the whole point of what Mr DaHooey is saying. But then you do seem to be rather bricktard-ish.

    You're saying: Perhaps we could all take a look at what it MAY become in a FEW YEARS. Now it seems to me that if this was 1996 (and you believed in Anton's pie in the sky), it would be fair to give the Wabash Wimp a chance - that is we could wait to see what it MIGHT become by, say, 1999. Not only didn't it happen by '99, it didn't happen by 2002 or 2005, and it still ain't happening in 2008 - in fact, it seems to be goin' the other way - and you're still willing to wait a few MORE years!

    Wait for what? We had it all in 1995. Your Indiana Idiot said he would make it better - and instead wrecked it, then wound up making it exactly what it was but on a much, much smaller scale, with ugly, useless racecars.

    The fact of the matter is that one man chose to be in control, whether or not he honestly believed he was going to make it better (more American, no engine leases, etc, etc) or not. He got his way - but busted it doing so. Too bad he didn't believe in if it ain't broke, don't fix it. He done fixed it good, he did. Real good. And just in the last few weeks he done fixed it even better. But oh no, us naysayers got it all wrong... just give our boy Tony a little more time and it'll come good. I'm training my pig to fly - let's see which happens first - my money's on the pig.

    You continue: ...and not focus so much on what it is right now. Why not? I want to watch races RIGHT now - and there's nothing worth watching. The sad part is that you agree - or you wouldn't be saying 'give it time'!!!

    Yet you answer your thoughts with: After all, there is always hope in life, and this is just one example. No, this is not an example of hope. This is an example of desparation; clinging to the faint notion that Lord Sagamoron did the right thing, or is doing the right thing... after he has proved over and over again for more than 13 years that he has done it all wrong and continues to do it all wrong. Versus, my ass!!

    Crikey - did you not see where just about the last true IRL team is trying to add a 2nd car with either an F1 reject (Davidson) or some no-one's-ever-heard-of GP2 driver!! Where's the freakin' all-'murrican short tracker there?

    If all you Tony apologists just stayed home and didn't tune in next year - Anton's hand would be forced - he would have to make immediate changes - and then you wouldn't have to wait a few more years. But oh, no, you and Bricky and Lugs and a handful of others will keep propping this turd up -and keep saying give it time...

    My money is still on the pig!
  • Yo Demond! Thankles for settin me straight, yo.

    Embarrassment? Funny you bring that up. Is that TG's middle name?

    Have check, will fail. :)
  • How fast are those DP01’s this year?

    Even retired they are faster than the Dallara, G-Force and even the Falcon, LOL. How embarrasing is it for the ALMS cars to be faster on the same tracks than the Crapwagons?
  • Fuck you c^rt losers. you and your fucking foreign morons ruined indy, fuck you

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  2. "The car count, THE SERIES, THE RACING, THE RATINGS, THE ATTENDANCE< AND THE MANAGEMENT, EVERY season is sub-par." ______________ You're welcome!

  3. that it actually looked a lot like Sato v Franchitti @Houston. And judging from Dario's marble mouthed presentation providing "color", I'd say that he still suffers from his Dallara inflicted head injury._______Considering that the Formula E cars weren't going that quickly at that exact moment, that was impressive air time. But I guess we shouldn't be surprised, as Dallara is the only car builder that needs an FAA certification for their cars. But flying Dallaras aren't new. Just ask Dan Wheldon.

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