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  1. The ACLU is looking after the rights of citizens of Indiana. All citizens of Indiana should have equal rights to marry. I hope they prevail because these citizens got married in Indiana when it was legal to do so. They deserve their marriages to be recognized. If the state would join the 20 other states that don't discriminate, this wouldn't be an issue.

  2. The comment that salaries for existing jobs is a bold face lie. The average annual salary is $30,000

  3. One only needs to look to this last weekend to see problems arise. The traffic in downtown was near a standstill at 6pm when the NFD was called on a run west of town. ne of the fire trucks was held up at 9th & Conner due to traffic & pedestrian congestion during the street concert. Now imagine extending that out past the river extending to Riverview Hospital. I pray for anyone whose home is on fire, or worse yet; is in the back of an ambulance, fighting for their life; trying to get to get to Riverview.....

  4. It has been 13 months since the announcement of a proposed "state of the art"archery range being built at Strawtown Koteewi Park. The DNR has granted three-quarters of the $715.000 cost in 2013, yet park director Al Petterson and Tony Gert of Gert's Archery can't seem to get on target. s a resident of Cicero for most of my life; I drive by daily on my way to work & see nothing in the works.I was very excited to see a archery range for the residents of Hamilton County since most of Hamilton county's "city ordinances" ban the shooting of projectiles of any kind within their city limits. As an avid 3-D archer & bowhunter for over 25yrs it was great news that I wouldn't need to drive great distances to hone my skills. My son's and their children; who by the way are also into archery and hunting where also were looking forward to having a range in their "backyard". Maybe if the designers of the range propose installing a couple of "round about's" on the course, Hamilton County leaders might get out of their "tree stands" and start building this range! We all know how much they like their "round about's" on their county roads!

  5. They may be the ONLY company to ever make any money off TOneys' "vision". And Darrala