IRL TV ratings gaining speed

July 17, 2009
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IRLTVIndy Racing League TV ratings aren’t exactly burning rubber, but they are accelerating.

Sunday’s race at Toronto, which started at 1 p.m., earned a 1.0 rating, which equates to 1.1 million television households nationwide, according to Nielsen Media Research. That’s higher than the .87 national rating the race at Watkins Glen earned a week earlier. Start times were the same and both aired on ABC.

The Toronto race also beat the national ratings for the IRL's races in Milwaukee (.6) on May 31 and Iowa (.8) on June 21 (which both aired on ABC), making the Honda Indy Toronto the most watched race of the year, not including the Indianapolis 500.

The national rating for the Honda Indy Toronto was double what Sunday’s Formula One race earned, starting at 3 p.m. on Fox. According to Nielsen, the German GP earned a .5 rating, with 628,000 TV households tuning in.

In Indianapolis, the IRL’s Toronto race earned a 3.3 rating, with 37,000 TV households watching. That was higher than the 2.74 (31,000 TV households) the Watkins Glen race tallied locally. Sunday’s F1 race scored a 1.6 rating (18,000 TV households) in the Indianapolis market.

Honda Indy Toronto was the IRL’s last of five races on ABC. The remaining seven races will be broadcast on cable channel Versus, starting with the Edmonton race July 26. The green flag drops at 5 p.m.

Versus has been promoting the race heavily during its Tour de France coverage this month. With Lance Armstrong’s return to the Tour and ratings for that event on the rise, it could mean an increase to the meager cable ratings the IRL has earned so far this season.
  • I am not impressed. Back to 0.6 to 0.8 the rest of the way.
  • Thanks for comparing the IRL ratings with F1.
    Greatly appreciated.
  • Oh, boy, now Da Hooey will have something to drink a beer to!!!
  • Sad when people celebrate a 1.0

    And I thought nobody liked to watch street parties.

    Ovals on Versus will be back in the 0.15-0.22 range, sponsors will be lining up to get in on that action.
  • JoBu Says: July 16th, 2009 at 12:37 pm
    Count Tracula,
    I seem to remember you saying that immediately following Watkins Glen we would hear about Barnstormer losing his job. Am I wrong? Where’s the announcement?
    I actually enjoy reading some of your posts, but you’re losing credibility……

    BerwickGuy Says: July 16th, 2009 at 2:46 pm
    Nice how the inimitable Count evaded your question. Seems like he/she was more interested in defending his/her self. Don’t you agree?

    JoBu Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    Yeah, Berwick, scratching my head at the no reply as well. But it’s probably better than hearing some half baked story about why he’s wrong on that prediction. Something ‘out of his control’, but ‘trust me’.

    COUNT Says: ......................
  • WHat oval was TOneys all oval series running?
  • SSD:

    The oval around your pie hole.
  • One big factor (that no one talks about, and the IRL doesn't seem to consider in its scheduling) is that there was no conflict with a NASCAR event this time out. If you wanted to watch a race on Sunday, IRL was your ticket. No NASCAR event to siphon away fans. If the IRL were to counter-schedule its events more often, they'd draw a bigger portion of the true motorsports fan base.
  • Jopoo and Berwick Girl, Barnfart WAS to be terminated post-WG. That is fact. Something internally changed. And I think it has a great deal to do with not upsetting the apple cart, so to speak, the remainder of the season. So they shall wait. But Barnfart will not be back in 2010 in his current role for certain. The guy is a toad and the new regime, if you will, recognizes that fact and wants to move on and NEEDS to move on. Barnfart's life link is no more. He is out there twisting in the wind and the rope will be cut post-Homestead. I had it on ACTUAL authority he was out after WG, but the right decision was made. Let him finish this, the worst season in IRL history, and then try again next year with the new guy. I sort of agree with this, even though I think Barnfart has nothing to add for the rest fo the races but his usual hysterical mismangement. The last thing the IRL drivers need at the moment is a sudden change of officiating. The Viso's and Moraes types could end up killing someone and the league's biggest fear, what really makes them soil cotton, is that person beign Danica. They actually talk about that inside the building.
  • Lets see, Tracula insulting other posters because he was called out for being wrong, and SSD spouting off nonsense, all we need is Dahooey spouting his hate for the sport once again and we have a well rounded IRL hater post.

    Sure ratings are low, but they are increasing which is what needs to happen. The return to Vs. will be interesting to see.
  • HAHaha THe IRl beat the FORmol ONe. HOw bad do you spose it would have beat that race had the GErman race been shown live? HUh? BY a lot! FORin raod race tape delayed and on SPeed. HAhahahaha GOod thig that werent on at 0 dark thirty int eh morning on SUndy or the iRL would have realy smacked it hard.

    ALL the peaces is in place. JUSt watch now. please
  • Funny, the entire reason I followed the Count on his Barnstormer comment was that I wouldn't have minded seeing him OUT. That said, hurling insults rather than manning up and admitting you were wrong....there appears to be a reason you're a part of a failing business.

    Oh, and Count, I try to stay out of the elementary school name calling drivel, but I think it's interesting you claim that Indy is easy, but it would probably actually have merit if you were more than a former participant and actually a winner (no matter what the you would make). Wait though, if you were Buddy Rice you did win....wait, but those were crap cars too. Rats.

    Oh, and quit insulting the folks that pay to see you work. You really are a feeble human being, even in blogorian jest. Definitely not a champion at the professional level, that much is clearly obvious. That should cut a few off the list for those trying to figure out who you are.
  • A few more questions, Count.....

    Why would the series fire your beloved Barnstormer if they just intend to close shop after 2011 anyway? Why pay someone else if it's already done? Why pay the severance?

    Seriously, you are so full of conflicting and fickle remarks, I can understand why our gracious host doesn't attempt to use you as an 'official' source.
  • Count Tracula - Dr. Jack Miller, a team owner and legend in his own mind, perhaps. Perhaps that'll humor the old boy.

    My, my, my...........
  • Hey Anthony,

    How about a post for all the followers here, be they haters or not to post their all time top ten Indy 500 drivers?

    Just a thought.
  • Berwick, I admittedly had to look it up (wikipedia), but in regard to my 'champion' remark above....your comment is that much more funny to me:

    During his stay in Indy Lights he won the 1993 B-series championship.

    Miller won the championship by virtue of being the only driver to compete in every race in a B-series car.
  • JoBu,

    The old boy was really stickin' to his guns! Kinda sounds like a Count, don't it???

    Hey, we just need Da Hooey to kick around for awhile.

    SSD is still tryin' to figgur out where his pie hole is. And note that I've learnt Da Hooey spellin' fer shur, fer shur. Or was that BiGirlFan? Oh, whut tHe HeCk, oNe and THe SaME.


    Yee haw.........
  • Funny how I get under your skin, especially you JoPoo.

    The IRL will be folding 2011. Barnfart's job status has nothing to do with the status of the league. They are not one and the same. Two observations: 1) Your question is silly. 2) You are clearly not cut out for sports business. Best that you just watch others who an actually do.

    Name-calling is all just part of the fun in mixing it up here. I egt called names and let it bounce. You should try it. Oh, I'll defend my positions to the hilt because I am on here as a person in the know just having some fun with you all. The rest? Sticks and stones and carbon fiber and Indiana concrete you know?

    So JoPoo, Berwick Girl, BigGirlIRL Fan,DaPooey, lighten up. Have some fun. Anthony is a cool guy with some good info and he doesn't need any sources more than what he already has. As for me, consider it a treat, I am here. I would if the roles were reversed and I was a fan banging it up and bashing around with a REAL racer on these forums.

    It is great fun to be somebody else beside the PC person I am essentially forced to be on TV and in the other media.

    I was not wrong about Barnfart so much as 16th and W. Georgetown simply changed their minds (which they do on virtually every aspect of our sport several times a day) at the last minute. Barnfart should be looking for work today. His sentence has been stayed and he can collect a check for his terrible effort for a few more months, then go out and hit the streets or get a cush side-gig at IRL until the ship goes down in 2011.
  • By the wayside JoPoo, you are one of those volunteer corner workers who ask for my autograph when you should be looking out and doing your job aren't you?
  • Autograph, hah. You really think you are amongst star struck dimwits??? I am not kidding, everything about your ego is laughable. You have an increasingly dillusional sense of self worth for a former Indy 500 'participant'.. I don't need your turd script. Keep posting though, I quite enjoy your drivel.
  • It is a fact that Count Tracula is an interloper. There. I said it. It is in print, so it must be true. The guy is an interloper. Just ignore him.
  • The only thing true Slob, is you are wrong and I am well, I am really, really, super-duper the real great big deal and you don't want to believe that because it messes up your whole vicarious living as a race car driver deelee-o now doesn't it?

    I bet you bring your own helmet and bag to the indoor kart track and look around to see who is watching don't you? Got your name painted, no you used a label maker but, on the side of it and your very own MarlboroTeam Penske visor strip you bought on Ebay now don't you?

    How are those lap times, Bob. Go through your print-outs and get back to me. I'll share some of my lap times at IMS with you if you do. And hey, NO chicken lift on that chicane that runs by the popcorn machine ok? YOU CAN DO EEEEEET!!!
  • Count Tracula has left the castle. I was really Tommy Hubbs of California and faked a dozen times ten at Trackforum, Smackforum, the IRL website forum, the IndyStar, SpeedTV, and this joint.

    Indy Car racing is dead!

  • how lame.

    anyway - good work tony george! Bringing back foreign street racing to America!! :gomer:
  • Wow, a massive, earth shattering .13 increase. Does Nielsen give a 'margin of error'? :lol: They'd likely never admit it, but once again, the differential, especially on a network broadcast, is statistically insignificant.

    What would be interesting to find out from now to the bitter end of the earl season, is the ratings for whatever is the lead-in on ReVersus. Not like there is any more proof needed, but some more evidence that people actively shut off the 'league' would be mildly amusing.

    The ratings are gaining speed alright. Did talkin' Terry need to be sedated from his euphoric state after this latest massive 'success story' and was thus unavailable for spin? :lol:

    sc = affews
  • Tommy Hubbs, huh? By the way...Georgetown runs north and south, not east and west.
  • Typical of the hate goon squad. No suprise here and none of the other dufuses would surprise me in that regard either.
  • Ha, ha, ha. The count dude finally got called out, exposed, and sent packing. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.
  • I don't have any fans. I have a handful of folks who enjoy reading my stuff. I've met a lot of them race tracks and parties and stuff...and they know my real name. You should try it sometime.
  • It's always fun to get a shout out from TOneys .....
  • where are all the Tony Stewarts Leo Mehl said you guys have laying around
  • The 1995 Indy 500 got a 9.4/28 share. what happened boys?
  • Score one for the
    Count: Joie Chitwood: You're Fired!!!
  • Figgurs that the moronic SSD would give credit in any form to count nimrod, the imposter. SSD must be code for short-sided dufus.

  • the Count has been getting around:

    from an insider at IMS... Joie's resignation was a bombshell announcement here today... strap on your helmets and hold on casue this wasn't the first and last departure... there are more folks preparing to head for the exit lanes... stay tuned
  • good hate berwick
  • The Count knows what he is talking about, because the Count, while having faked everyone out with a carefully created character and story for laughs, is actually REALLY in the Know. And that part is no joke. Could care less what anyone else thinks. And the dummies at the forums were faked again by the Count using the name of his buddy out in California, with permission, to fake eveyrone again. The idiots at the IRL webite bought it, hook, line, and stinker. The real Tommy Hubbs is a friend of the Count's real wife.

    And the Count lives!

    Next up to the plate for his beaning: Brian Barnfart. Sooner if not slightly later. That is still being sorted out.

    Cottman is safe for now.
  • indyman, why would the president of the track that has the one race resign?
  • Things are going so well for the Speedway and IRL.......:lol:

    You cannot make this crap up!

    The IRL: Nobody wants it, nobody cares.
  • Open Wheel Racing - 1995

    20 Teams

    31 full time drivers

    17 races

    3 chassis

    2 tire manufacturers

    2 engine manufacturers, 4 at a few races

    for the Indy 500 that year:
    45 drivers and 48 cars were entered to qualify.
    40 cars/drivers made a qualifying attempt.
    the slowest non-qualifier was 224.101

    A 9.4 Nielsen rating

    And in 1996...

    going into the final race of the season at Laguna Seca:

    * any 3 of the 4 chassis manufacturers could have won the championship, the lone exception was the Eagle
    * any 3 of the 4 engine manufacturers could have won the championship, the lone exception was Toyota
    * both tire manufacturers could have won the championship

    All three drivers that could have won the title that day were American.
    Vasser, Unser Jr. and Andretti.

    And Tony George decided to fix everything
  • Open Wheel Racing - 2012

    0 Teams

    0 full time drivers

    0 races

    0 chassis

    0 tire manufacturers

    0 engine manufacturers, 0 at a 0 races

    for the Indy 500 that year:

    45 heavy equipment operators and 48 Caterpillar bulldozers, scrapers, loaders, and a crane with a headache ball.

    the slowest Cat is 2.4 mph
  • I think Cummins might give Cat some competition in the engine department
  • South Side Dave = Count Tracula
  • Crownhilldigger=Cornholelicker
  • Count Tracula = incredibly moronic ninnyhammer with absolutely no purpose in life
  • Last in Face=incredibly ugly asshammer with absolutley no penis or life.
  • This is soooo funny! :D

    CART is dead people, get over with! :D
  • CART is DEAD. Champ Car is Dead. OWRS is Dead. USAC's rotting carcass is maggotizing down the street from the dying MIS, and the IRL has come down with will soon be diagnosed as a terminal illness.

    When the IRL takes its last breath it will be all over.

    Next up, a major overhaul shall we say, of the IMS. An historical plaque will be left in place with the original yard of bricks incoporated into the new development as I understand it, based on the plans I reviewed in May.

    Look, face it, I KNOW. The media will soon get scraps and mini-details, but nothing they can put the paper to bed on.
  • HAhahaha YEah yeah yeah ALl you haters all you got is hate and IRl enny. THe IRl is still a round and CARt aint an CHampCArs aint. DONt you worry boys the IRl aint gone nowhere.
  • The plan the GREAT IMPOSTER, aka Count, supposedly in his own decrepit mind stuck in the Twilight Zone reviewed in May while he was in his continued state of paranoia. For the sake of everyone else that reads here, take your plague ridden corpse and move on to the shallow existence we want to hear nothing more about.

    Be gone with you, you fraud.
  • and so is open wheel racing
  • Count, do you think someone will put a karting center on the old speedway grounds so the bubbas can drive Indy for themselves? Man o man, if they did that, BIf would have to split his allowance between the Chassy andt he Speedway.

    And will the future plans for the speedway fit in with the redesign of the town of Speedway?
  • ..yeah Count, what do you think? *turns off alter ego to comment as Count Chocula*

    Thanks for making the point Count.
  • you people are a hoot. I'm having more fun than a mole in loose dirt
  • err, ahhh I meant ethanol. The Brickyard 400 & Indy 500 generate enough revenue to keep the IRl inbiz. The venues added recently (LBGP & Toronto are highly profitable, VERSUS coverage is far superior to ESPN/ABC-even gives TNT/Fox a run for their $$. Plus, VERSUS
  • is gaining similar #s to what were historically generated by ESPN/ABC (who enjoyed a HUGELY larger cable distribution) Mark my words: VERSUS will make ESPN an afterthought
  • p.s. Southside-I've got an Aussie Golden Retriever mix and she truly enjoys ripping the heads off the moles that reside in the disc golf course fairways behind my home. Don't know how much fun that iz for the moles.
  • I'll let PETA know
  • Re: The speedway funding the IRL: that's why Tony got fired three times and resigned one time

    Very successful business model I would say
  • Long Beach doesn't pay a sanction fee to the IRL, the place was a ghost town thanks to the IRl, as was Toronto. Will IMS continue funding AGP venues? Time will tell.
  • like I said, you people are a hoot
  • SouthSideDave Says:
    July 22nd, 2009 at 3:30 pm
    like I said, you people are a hoot

    What??? 'YOU PEOPLE'!!! No need to get racist SSD. Would expect it from the South Side, but that doesn't make it right.

    Also notable, your use of the word hoot. I pictured you as Sarah Palin making that remark. SSD, the NEW and improved Sarah Palin.

  • weak saucer
  • Berwick Girl has been spanking too much meat. Other guys meat, of course, but it still wears a nerd out and he can't think straight with what is left of his methed out brain. Just ask his buddy Henry Lee Summer.

    Look, you can eat a big steaming bowl of my stink I KNOW what I am reporting to you for a VERY GOOD reason and the facts are what they are.

    IMS is going to cease to be a race track when the sisters sell the joint. Fact. A karting center? Maybe. A real race track, no. You should see what is planned there. You would all shit twice and a pee a puddle. A racing purist would go mad. No, wait, a racing purist is already mad. But you get my point.

    Here is a hint: The land the Speedway is worth far more than the projections for future Indy 500s and otehr associated piddly mish-mash like motorcycles and sports car races. The Hickabilly race is history anyhow.

    It comes down to dollars and the long-term investment is sound if it is anything but a race track.

    BerwickGirl, I would listen up. You are a fool if you think I am faking.
  • Anthony,

    Am I the only person that is getting sick of the Count and his over the top profanities and absurd rants?
  • SouthSideDave

    Every track/event pays sanction fee to the IRL... this is not CART/Champ Car anymore...
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh, whasamatter Berwick Girl, did you have to go crying to daddy?

    Hey, I'll just show up again in another form on another ISP if you try to get rid of me.
  • anyone who buys that place will never dent the mortgage by running a few races there. Especially if they have to keep the IRL running as well.

    Count, the contents of your post was overboard for this Blog. Show respect for other people's product.
  • IMS pays the prize money, so the tracks don't pay much if anything. Only one track is full, Iowa. Texas has a good crowd. Everywhere else is marginal at best and ghost towns like Kansas are the norm.
  • get a room.
  • Da Hooey, post something intelligent. Join the conversation. I apologize if I was over the top. I am trying to have fun and mix it up. Sometimes I go to far.

    Fact is this: The Brickyard 400 is over. After this race, the plug is pulled. There goes important revenue, albet it revenue the is down significantly, for both IMS and the IRL. The IRL gets the lion's share of the pain in that one. The NASCAR race just doesn't pencil anymore.

    That leaves MotoGP, a possible sports car race, and the Indy 500 for revenue generation. MotoGP is minor league for the Speedway and just another way to suck some revenue out that overpriced road track and get some value out of it. That event too, will be history, all due respect to the sport.

    The sports car race idea is a loser and the 500 is marginal anymore. The truth is, for the 500 to pencil anymore, the event needs to be 10 days tops, and I mean tops, and the place needs to seat no more than 175,000, tops. Tops. More reasonable: 1 week, 150,000. It pencils then. Things change. And this is one sporting institution that had REALLY been in need of a change that reflects its place in the sporting world.

    The only thing that will make the 500 work is to downsize or the only alternative is to sell the place and call it history. The land in that area is far too valuable to drain money for the sake of a historical event. The family knows this. Potential buyers know this. Fans need to know this because the event they love is in danger of going extinct. And it probably will.

    Ask yourself this? Would the world really be at a loss if there was no more Indy 500? Of course not. Neither would Indianapolis. The city has evolved into a pro sports mecca. It can get by just fine without IMS, and the proposed usage of the land would generate far more tax dollars over a ten-year projection.
  • Count:

    First you were a mystery, then you implied you were somebody with insight, then you said you were nobody. Now - you're nobody with conjecture, pure conjecture. Nothing more.
  • Count is just some junior high kid posting BS and trying to get a rise out of everyone. He's done this all over the racing boards including TF and Smack. He has no clue what he is talking about. And if he did, he would say who he is. So just take it for what its worth - some bad attempt at humor.

    Right Von Dickey? :lol:

    The IRL: Nobody wants it.
  • Da Poopey and Berwick Girl,

    You don't get it do you? Everywhere I go with my informed posts, I mess around and change things up and fake to the left and right and keep everyone guessing. So I know you don't get it. Also, if you follow racing as closely as you claim to, you see me on TV and in print all the time. No, I am not Robin Miller. And I am not a journalist. I am in the sport. But who am I? Really? Nobody seesm to guess correctly. A couple have been close. You guys are not even close. Nice try, though.

    Fact is: I gave you the facts. Scares you, I know. But fact is fact.

    Keep trying girls...
  • Who you are is of no interest...except to you Count. Clearly you are uninformed regarding property value such as the IMS site. What is it you believe would occupy this location? Is there a new manufacturing plant looking to locate there OR perhaps there is a production home builder that plans a community of single/multi-family dwellings? I am sure you are extremely knowledgable about the Indianapolis, IN. real estate market and all of the demands that currently exist in that arena and as the family has so many *options* please impart more of your geat wisdom of some of us *faces*. Please?
  • Cornholedigger, who I am is of immense interest to the 400 or so people I employ, several famous and important people in this world, my family, and my mistress. You guys? Who cares.

    Nice try Cornholedigger, I can see you are not a business man. Not at all.

    That is funny to me.
  • Count Fantasy - More made up stuff from the king of bufoons living his life of paranoia. Such a shame. As Mr. T would say Pity the Fool.
  • Berwick Girl,

    You that sweaty fat guy in dollar discount days sneakers and a goofy Indy 500 trucker's cap full of collectors pins that dangled a Sharpie from a bunch of shoe strings tied together when I walked past the Gasoline Alley sign to my race car, hoping I'd sign your freaky homemade presto-board photo shrine of me, when clearly you saw three things: 1) I was busy. 2) The racing hero you'll never be. And 3) The beautiful woman on my arm that you'll never have. The same one I nailed through the Hyatt bed springs later that night while you were home posting about how great I was on Fast Friday on one of these gay bob forums like Trackcrackforum or SpeedfreakTV.

    Have a seat fissure face. Also, PLEASE stop it with the PM photos of your ride, wearing my T-shirt, with that ssshit-eating grin on your fat, unshaven, gap-toothed ugly mug. Do you smell when you sweat like that? Ewwwww...and by the way, I am not impressed with your lame '92 Corolla ride with that rediculous wing on the trunk deck lid.

    Sit down, you are messing with the Count. I don't want you go hurt yourself.
  • CountSpatula is on quite a roll. :lol:

    Thanks for the laughs..!
  • I don't know about the rest of you real people, but I'm done responding to Count Troll.
  • Count Tracula you become quite boring with this load of BS you posting.

    I don't even read you anymore.
  • Just so everyone knows Count Caroline von ... is really John Howard aka Defender.
    He thinks he is being funny by calling himself Count Caroline.
    Little does he know that we all know what a douche he really is with this fake arrogant drivel he is spewing.

    Grow up John, your side is failing and your beloved killed Aow racing.

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  2. Not a bad paper. There is a need for local community news and city government issues. Don't really need the owner's constant national political rants. We all know where they stand by now.

  3. What nice people. Menard should've known better than to team up with the guy who robbed and drove Conseco to ashes. I'm surprised Timothy Durham isn't involved in this.

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  5. It is beyond me how anyone can think this was a "bad deal" for the state! If they could take the money back then, yes, but they can't! Protections were built in the agreement. Now, if they roll the roads up and take them away, I will agree that it was a bad deal. Otherwise, the only way to have paid for the infrastructure that was badly needed was for the state to issue bonds....that is a four letter synonym for debt folks!!