IRL TV ratings lagging at Richmond

July 2, 2009
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irltvSaturday’s Indy Racing League race—the SunTrust Indy Challenge—posted the second worst national TV rating for an IRL race this year. Only the April 26 race at Kansas scored a lower rating.

The national rating for the Richmond race—which began at 8 p.m. on Versus cable channel—was .22, according to Nielsen Media Research, meaning 248,000 U.S. households tuned in.

Even more surprising was the Indianapolis market rating, usually one of the IRL’s strongest. In central Indiana, the Richmond race posted a .67 rating, equating to 7,000 households.

The IRL races at Watkins Glen this Sunday, with the green flag dropping at 1 p.m. The race is played out at one of the more popular road courses and airs on ABC, which means TV ratings should be substantially higher than Richmond.

The road races coming up on the IRL circuit could bring a new cast of characters to the IRL leader board adding intrigue to the series. Drivers like Ryan Hunter-Reay and Graham Rahal are especially strong on road courses and could challenge the Target-Penske stronghold on the series. Hunter-Reay won at Watkins Glen last year, but it might be difficult for him to repeat, given that he is driving for A.J. Foyt, who hasn’t put a car in the winner’s circle in some time.

  • It isn't even funny anymore.
  • BWA HA HA HA!!! Anthony, can we get some spin from Angstriddenstadt on this epic failure? Some snippets about key metrics, growth sectors, and whatever else he can conjure from his bs generator. Even more hilarity could ensue! :lol:

    He should be fired by the new guy immediately, along with Barnhard, Joie, Fred, and the other Hulmanista yes-men. Then the new guy should fire himself for being nothing but a bootlicker of the effer TG all his life, and turn the operation over to Key Liquidators.

    The ratings and attendance suck because the product is garbage. It was created for no other reason than one lunatic's psychotic control fetish. The majority of the participants don't even like it.

    Grate to see another massive disaster for these vermin, couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of vile filth.
  • 7000 and one. ONe BigIRlFan hahahahahaha WAS a danged good race. CAnt help it if everones too stupid to not tune in. I did and got drunked up have way through. DRInkin and the IRl. A matach made in heaven. hahahahahaha

    SUnday Im gone to get drunk again. ANd shoot off fireworks. HOpe I dont blow off a finger or ten hahahahahahahah
  • Quoting the article: The IRL races at Watkins Glen this Sunday, with the green flag dropping at 1 p.m. The race is played out at one of the more popular road courses and airs on ABC, which means TV ratings should be substantially higher than Richmond.

    I like how you qualify the final statement with SHOULD BE! :-)
    I mean, seriously, can they be any worse?

    Oh wait, Billy Mays died last weekend. If there's a MightyPutty commercial on on a competing network this Sunday, it could spell trouble..

    By the way is it just me or did Philip Morris drastically up their 'red hat' promotion this year? I've only seen highlight clips on the news and YouTube vids but the predominant color this year in the stands is RED.

    Anthony, can you find out for us whether the red hat brigade is a fixed number (same for each event), or based on a percentage of total grandstand seats available?
  • Sad days ahead indeed. read somewhere that the3 new CEO isn;t even attending the WG race Sunday.

    Maybe got a meeting with Key Liquidators instead? :lol:
  • That will surely do it! Ryan Hunter-Gay is going to draw in viewers from their BBQ's and pools, and lakesides by the millions if only to see if he and the other IRL superstar, Ram Gayhal, can duel it out at household name Wadcars Glen for 7th place right behind Panica Crapstink.

    Why the IRL is surely going to see a 0.8!

    Wait! I know what will make this thing work!

    Richard Antodouchee Mania will sweep the nation and the IRL will get a 0.9!
  • [No title]
    Interesting to note:

    The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs ran from April 15th-June 12th and many of the games were on Versus. During this time, Versus
    apparently heavily promoted their IndyCar programming, and in fact their IndyCar viewership went up as the Playoffs progressed.
    The last IndyCar event on Versus during the Playoffs was Texas on June 6th, and saw the highest number of IndyCar viewers
    to date. Which, one might think, would be terrific news for both IndyCar and Versus. But no... it was just the opposite!

    A quick glance through a couple of race discussion threads suggests that race was a bore, awful, the worst Texas race I've
    ever witnessed.. and this was from diehard IndyCar fans -- what do you think all those casual viewers who tuned in after seeing
    IndyCar promos on VS during Game 3 & 4 of the Cup Finals were thinking?

    Apparently, never again.

    I wasn't watching, but I can't blame them.
  • Anthony better watch it, or the few remaining TG/IRL fans will accuse him of trying to destroy the Irl
  • where was Danica that night. The league could've used her presence and star power for sure.
  • Word on the street is Danicle is heading to Peter Windsor's F1 team as test driver '10 & regular driver 11 & 12.

    Oh, and she has to bring her sponsors of course. :lol:

    Why would anyone stick around the Leeeege after this week?

    The IRL: Bye Bye Danicle (and her $$$)
  • One more time - with feeling! :lol:

    They deserve every bit of ongoing pain and misery that the legacy of his effness TG tenure will bring.

    Eff the entire lot of them. The Hulman-George crime family, all the paid enablers of effbag TG, all the teams that played along with the outright fraud that was ‘the vizhun’, and the very few, yet incredibly stupid, so-called fans that supported any of this garbage in any way.

    And the funniest/most tragic part of this is that literally almost no one cares. A few message board posters, bfd. What a legacy of grateness.

  • Count,
    are you saying the Family is going to fix it so that NOBODY ever runs an Indy 500 again?
  • It's a shame, Stan, that you harbor so much hate for so many. Our calling is not to do so, but rather to pray for our enemies. Perhaps you haven't learned that lesson, but there's always hope that you may.

    Stop and think about it. Do the fans that tried to enjoy what was left, including the 250,000 that attended this year's 500 deserve all your scorn and hate because they didn't understand as much as you do or simply because they were uninformed?

    Why do you spend so much time flogging on the rotting carcas that you deplore so much? Couldn't we all just hold out hope that somehow something better comes of this?

    Shoot, I don't even hold out much hope for our country with all of the wacko progressive ideas that Obama and his handlers are trying to impose on our country - turning it into a semi-socialist state. But, I can't dwell on that, I just have to do what I can in a positve way. I'm not always able to follow that line of thinking. Certainly I have spent enough time spewing scorn and bad feelings toward you and your like minded thinkers about your favorite leegue. But, I'm better served for tying to point out what we should be doing.

    Hopefully, it will catch on sometime and better things will happen.
  • Forget praying for people and antiquated political views, I'm with Stan bring on the HATE and flog the horses til you know they,re dead
  • Our calling is not to do so, but rather to pray for our enemies. Perhaps you haven’t learned that lesson, but there’s always hope that you may.

    Stop and think about it. Do the fans that tried to enjoy what was left, including the 250,000 that attended this year’s 500 deserve all your scorn and hate because they didn’t understand as much as you do or simply because they were uninformed?

    Funny that you'd drag some fake religion rubbish into this. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Or just have a brain and realize there is no skyfairy spaghetti monster.

    As I stated, anyone who actively enabled the effer TG is party to this disaster. Just cause you were in furious denial for years doesn't absolve you of guilt.

    Pathetic that you try to play the 'uninformed' card. Anyone with functional vision (actual eyesight, in this case) could see the reality of the situation.

    Ultimately though, you are at the bottom of the enabler chain, a pissant like the crackforum gomers and the place fans that took the freebie earl fi-hunnerd tickets and tried to pretend everything was right, when nothing could have been further from the truth.

    You and I, and everyone able to read and comprehend, all know that the truly guilty in this affront to American tradition are Anton F.H. George, his immediate and surrounding 'family', and the bootlickers that collected checks at the expense of the Hulman trust.

    Those are the people that are most responsible. Still, it would have been a much shorter path to ruin if no-one fell for their crap.

    Sucks to be you. Re-evaluate your priorities and judgment.
  • Hakuna matada baby

    Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the handcuffs of hate. It is a power that breaks the chains of bitterness and the shackles of selfishness. -- William Arthur Ward

    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. -- Mahatma Gandhi

    Forgiveness is not an emotion, it's a decision. -- Randall Worley

    If you wish to travel far and fast; travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. -- Glenn Clark
  • Look, I mess around here and take jabs and act silly. For fun. I apologize if it has hurt any feelings. It was not my intent. A lot of this is parody on my part for wise cracks.

    What is true is this: I REALLY am in this sport. But I am getting out no later than 2011.

    What is also true is what I said: SERIOUSLY. The IRL is going to fold in 2011 and the H-G familia is going to, or has been talking about at the very least, folding up the Indy 500 after the May 2011 event. If they can find a buyer willing to pony up the $1.75 to $2 BILLION or so to buy the IMS and keep it going in some other form....MAYBE it goes on. But this is doubtful.

    The real facts are not publicized due to the overwhelming amount of money associated with long-term contracts. Litigation in this thing alone, is going to cost the family a third again of what TG has spent on the IRL if they don't do this right.

    Trust me! They want out. And this whole thing is preceding what was planned all along because TG has spent them into a corner they cannot get out of if it continued.

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