IRL TV ratings plugging along

August 13, 2009
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IRLTVThe national TV ratings for the Indy Racing League’s Mid-Ohio race, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research, was .2, meaning 233,00 TV households nationwide watched the road race which aired on Versus cable channel starting at 1 p.m. Aug. 9.

The Nielsen rating for the central Indiana market for the Mid-Ohio race was 2.2, which equates to 25,000 TV households.

The Mid-Ohio national ratings were higher than the previous race, a .14 at Kentucky. But were lower than the .24 rating of the Edmonton road race July 26.

The rating in the Indianapolis market for the Mid-Ohio race was higher than Kentucky’s 1.14 and Edmonton’s .73 rating.

The Kentucky race, an oval, was a Saturday night race, with the green flag dropping at 8 p.m. The Edmonton race aired on a Sunday starting at 5 p.m.

The IRL has four races left and all are broadcast on Versus. The schedule consists of a late Friday night airing, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night airings, and a late Sunday afternoon airing. The next event is at Infineon Raceway Aug. 23.
  • The IRL still sucks. YMMV......prolly not.
  • .2! Wow-weeeeeee!!!


    I guess the series is going to make it, afterall. And, no doubt, this PROVES road racing for Indy Cars is more popular with the fans (all 14 of them) than oval races like Kentucky. Proves it! I mean a .14 compared to a .20? Come on!

    Left-right-left. And Montagny Mania folks! The IRL is back, baby!

    Infineon gets a .21 I predict it right here! Right now!
  • why isn't the league bragging about its 50% increase in just one week.
  • IRL TV ratings plugging along

    The 'league' should have its plug pulled. Since Belskus took over for Lord Anton, it's remained a total loser. There is no way any competent business person would allow this to continue.
  • It won't continue. Well, not beyond the 2010 season, except for a little itty-bitty 2011 mini season leading up to the 100th year at Indy.

    Then it will not continue. The IRL is down to its last 25 races or so. Some of those are going to be contested in front of 25,000 fand and a .1 TV audience. And that may be a stretch.

    The entire league would fold next year of it were not for 2011 on the horizon. If this were say, 2003 or 1999, no way. Game over. They are stretching this bad boy out for the magic marker. No other reason.
  • WOO HOo. GROwth is growth no matter how yo umeasure it. KEy meterics pointing up again baby. WEer back. KENtucky did it. THose hunnerts of poeple that wached told a couple hunnert more. ITs gone to grow now for the rest ofthe year. WAtch out for next year.
  • Oh yes, the people who do not care about the series or IMS continue to post about it. Better than that, they seem to hang around waiting for a story to be posted no matter what it is about then jump on it. Seems like a lot of work for people who do not care about something.


    If this prediction is like your others, then I will be looking forward to the IRL in 2011 and beyond. So have you moved into Brian Barnharts empty office yet? Oh right, he is still there.
  • A big key to the future success of the IRL is to build the personality base of their drivers.

    An example - Paul Tracy's comments that Milka Duno didn't belong on the track (so true!) were picked up by racing press online and in broadcasts. Always one to speak out on anything bothering him, Tracy has this bad boy image that makes for good press and increased fan interest.

    The IRL would be well served to keep Tracy racing the whole series as his Dale Earnhart win at all cost, drive the tires off the car racing style keeps every race he's in interesting and a bit more entertaining.
  • I wonder if the executive at Versus in charge of the IRL is sharpening up his/her resume?
  • Lighten up guys...there's still bullets in the gun! Four more opportunities to kill this thing good. I'd wager this thing could fall below .10 to .08 or lower, well below the average BAC of any IRL fan at any given race.

    Sponsors must be pleased.... Belskus, your leegue is bleeding to death by a thousand cuts. The Tony George era has devistated the AOW landscape. PLEASE get the control of the league into the hands of a capable racing professional, not your Indianapolis / Terre Haute gomer pyle mob. The golden goose has been screwed....

    Or better yet, put out a press release stating All Is Well, Everything's Coming Up Roses like you always do. Yeah, that's the ticket...
  • I tend to agree with Indyman from the standpoint of posting. While I have acknowledged the dismal IRL situation and the many, many miscues made by TG and many others, I wonder how long this will continue. For all the reasons you say what you do, I get it. But, how long can you beat this dead horse?

    Many of you have called TG and the IRL an outright fraud. Doesn't make you look very credible with the incredible Count in your corner, does it?

    Da Hooey - you once said, your work here was done? Your whippin' stick must be hitting pavement by now.

    Let the sleeping dog lie, guys. If it is resurrected, it will be done by someone other than he whom you loathe and in the best interests of the community.
  • Steve R: Mensa? I mean that is just brilliant that observation there, just brilliant. The EARL has tried everything else, why would that simple piece of adice work? Oh, cause they trieded it? :lol:

    The IRL: no one cares, not even Paul where's my check Tony? Tracy.
  • I manage and operate a hotel that does a great deal of business with teams and partners of the Indy Racing League. It is in my employees and my best interest to see the series succeed regardless of politics as it has a direct effect on our livelihoods. This would also include the many employees of racing teams and suppliers that are based in Indianapolis. I subscribe to these daily updates and it is very disappointing to see same people (person?) actively root against an important Indianapolis business. It really does seem to lessen the credibility of what is supposed to be a respected pro Indianapolis publication.
  • I subscribe to these daily updates and it is very disappointing to see same people (person?) actively root against an important Indianapolis business.


    The idiot who was put in charge of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has wrecked lots of businesses, both family owned and peripheral, through stupidity and greed. All that's left now is to write up the Hulman George story for the case books. You don't deserve special treatment, and he'd be the first to tell you that. Shut up and go broke like a man (or woman).
  • Da Hooey have you considered a subscription to Hooked on Phonics? It's hard to understand what you're writing when every other word is misspelled. And yes, I am a member of MENSA.
  • I post as much as the next guy, but the IBJ should be above this IndyStar Busch League comment structure. Just kill the blog comments alltogether. People don't need to, deserve to, or even have the right to comment on this 'private' site.

    Maybe the IBJ would better serve it's comment hungry audience at a different URL, one not technically affiliated with IBJ.

    Flamers, flame on, but aside from the occasional worthwile post, the rest is just a steaming pile. Business Journal indeed.
  • I don't think anyone can honestly blame Jeff Belskus for the many problems facing at this point. If you read IBJ's print story on Belskus in this current issue, you would know that he is just now assessing the total scope of the challenges and putting together his leadership team. He isn't the type of guy to rush into things, and I don't think it's unreasonable to give him until January to start announcing some of his plans. My guess is this off-season's silly season is going to extend beyond IRL drivers right into the IRL front office. Give it time, folks.
  • Give it time???? Why, no these posters would rather fill their hate fogged minds with venom and imply to He** with everyone else that even tries anything worthwhile or is involved in hospitality, support, or anything substantive. Naysayers: be gone with you - you've said your piece and have absolutely nothing to add. If you still feel like piling on, hook antlers at a watering hole of your choice. Or, just build your steaming pile on your back porch, not here.
  • Happy talk, keep talkin happy talk
    talk about thing you like to do
    you got to have a dream...
    if you dont have a dream..
    How you gonna have a dream come true?

    Is that better L in S?
  • JoBoohoo, just two months ago you wrote a couple of small articles about sponsors loving this kind of posting.
  • The IRL will end up cancelling portions of next season. Belsuks knows this. Asstadt knows this. Tony the Former knows this. And so do most of the team owners.

    2010 is going to be a blast!
  • It is in my employees and my best interest to see the series succeed regardless of politics as it has a direct effect on our livelihoods.

    You should have thought of that in 1995. If you went and hitched your wagon to the earl after that, your 'business' is as non-viable as the 'league'. :lol:

    Adapt or perish.

    Seriously, if you have to rely on that propped up fraud masquerading as motorsport, you don't really have a business.
  • Flame on SSD, flame on.
  • INenSITY ampLIfiED!!!! Growth! Key metrics up! Another Murrican oval track driver signed on (Frank Montgomery) and this weeks Downfarce code word is loser. The Vision is real, know it, live it, be it.
  • I love watching the races now that it's a little more like CART used to be. sadly I don't have much company.
  • More street races for the series I love.
  • Give me back my CCWS!
  • I loves me some cute little foreign drivers. I'd dance with Helio anyday.
  • According to Matt:
    '...Belskus in this current issue, you would know that he is just now assessing the total scope of the challenges and putting together his leadership team. He isn’t the type of guy to rush into things'

    The I.R.L. has NEVER been about rushing into anything, as these paltry ratings attest. Can you say Milka 8 seconds behind the pace is acceptable in a professional racing series ? What a JOKE.

    Stick a fork in it, AOWR is done. Thanks TG, Barnhart, Kalkhoven, Penske, GanASSi, Michael and anyone else that supported the 'League'. You guys killed it, so quit complaining about the stench....
  • It looks like, that only hero, who didn´t support destruction of AOWR was Gerry Forsythe (and maybe Paul Gentozzi)
  • Paul Gentilozzi - now there's a real brain trust!
  • Paul Gentilozzi is to open-wheel racing what Paul Tracy is to intellect.
  • It's prety simple. Neither CART nor the Three Amigos had the resources to keep CARTChamp Car afloat in a very challenging environment where limited sponsorpship opportunities and the NASCAR juggernaut demanded massive infusions of moolah to keep the competing series going. TG was the only one that could pump all this money (and did) hence IRL 'won'. Now, the well has dried and the 'league' will be kaput in due time. Those TV ratings represent the Fat Lady warming up her vocal chords.
  • Berwick, the side that stands with Count Tracula FOR FREE is still smart enough not to have PAID to stand with Gene Simmons over the same time period. At best, the comments on this blog are a 0-0 tie. At worst, they will soon be archived with IBJ sections on the XFL and the WUSA.
  • Steve R: I cood care lest what you think about my spellin. You get my point.

    Like Traculars, I am a busy man, with lots of sexy womens to attend to. me and my buddy ricky Treadway are headin to Paffy's crib tonight to tear it up on his bass boat.

    the IRL: Even Paffy dont care. :lol:
  • Motel owener guy:

    Serious - do you REALLY think that the EARL has a future? Why on earth you wood belive that is beyond stupid. This thing is in a dethsprial and has been for years, since the golden Midas touch from ___king Tony George. Like many here in the Indy area, you are PLACE fans, not RACE fans.

    Lemme axe you dis: How many races, outside of Indy, have you been to?

    Like most other Byrd Fatateria customers, prolly none. Like most Spedway rats, none. Like most Northsiders, none. Bottom line, Tony sucked the IMS dry and now you are left with a steaming pile of crap.

    Now who is to blams? Oh yeah, me. :lol:

    The IRL: Its all Da Hooey's fault.
  • This thing is in a dethsprial and has been for years

    Oh really?
    Then why Champ Car died?
  • Tony is still in charge, he told me last night while we were spooning.
  • champ car died because open wheel racing in america is dead; the George family(Maw George) didn't come to grips with that fact until recently.
  • Wow. All the smart people left the building. :)
  • This Malafama dude called it right. Really that paragraph right there sums up everything. The rest are all side stories.

    It will make May 2011 on fumes. Then it's behind the wall for the IRL.
  • I appreciate Anthony's attempt to present a forum regarding a sporting series that is important to the citizens and economy of greater Indianapolis. Naysayers will say not in its current form or short-time-left for that matter. Fine, what will be will be.

    Nevertheless, I have never in my life seen so many hate perchers that will take such glee in the failure of others. While I understand the reasons and the mistakes made by the George family, I cannot, in all due conscience, take part any longer in this heap on to the IRL, the IMS and all involved with such hate and venom that all should be thrown under the bus and run over several times (including the fans of the series).

    For those of you that try to see the positives, I support you. For the rest of you losers that spend so much time venting the same old hate filled rant with to-hell with you wishes on those whom you believe have wronged even you personally, well, enjoy your roller coaster ride downhill to hell. That's where it will take you if you don't learn how to fogive and forget instead of reliving and regretting for the rest of your lives.

    I'm done wasting my time with the doomsday brigade. I'm OUTk.
  • Bye! :lol:
  • BWG is soooo funny; the numbers Anthony posts every week clearly indicates the series has no fans. Don't worry Berwick, the France family will make it all better when they take over.
  • I appreciate Anthony's attempt to present a forum regarding a sporting series that is important to not only Indianapolis citizens and businesses, but also a sporting series that has far reaching national impact as well. Respectfully, when Hulman-George families twist the knife we ALL bleed.

    Look, you all may view this as negative but until the IRL and it's management make significant changes to this sport it won't be around much longer. Call it doom if you want....but EVERYBODY not connected with the family or the speedway has been seeing it this way for about 20 years. IBJ is not tasked with the destruction of the just reports the damage news. Some don't want to hear it. I thank the IBJ for the opportunity to let fans, citizens and business owners voice comments about the AOW sport, and it's plight under Tony George's destructive reign. Everything is not all roses at 16th and Georgetown and IBJ is keeping it real. Don't ever stop.....
  • Don't blame those of us who knew 15 years ago this would be the end result of TOneys follies
  • Berwick Girl leaving? That makes me smile.
  • I’m done wasting my time with the doomsday brigade. I’m OUTk.

    BFD. Like anyone cares,
  • WEEk bunch of NAncy boys. NEver give up. ITs INdy and when May roles a round it will be all good again. JUSt as long as the sisters dont screw up what TOney build weel be OK.
  • Why don't they just run nothing but downtown street races? They'd be guaranteed huge crowds with everyone wanting to come down and party at the festival. If every race drew 150,000 people Indycart would be just fine and they wouldn't even need a TV contract and it wouldn't matter who was in the cars.
  • Bring back Tyce Carlson, Jeret Schroeder, Dr. Jack Miller, Shiggy Hattori, Scott Mayer instead of Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, Helio and Tony Kanaan.
  • I think I'm cute because I found out I can post in any name I want. Look at me.
  • Doesn't matter who posts's true, the IRL is a failure. That essential fact trumps all. Prove that can't.
  • Nascar sucks!!!
  • Don't laugh! One model at the IRL calls for ALL street races except Indy, obviously, Mid-Ohio, and Watkins Glen, with WG in some doubt.

    So if the Glen dropped off, you will have about 14 street races, Indy, and Mid-Ohio. Sounds good?
  • Nascar sucks!!!

    The IRL swallows!!!
  • Did anybody check to make sure Berwick took his blinders with him when he left? Before this article, I thought all of the dramatic I'm leaving and never coming back crap only happened on TrackForum. Frankly, if your passion for on track racing of any sort is soured by something you read from an anonymous person on your computer screen, then you probably don't belong here. It's still ultimately about the racing for me. I just wish it wouldn't stink as often as it has this year.

    BTW, those of us smart enough not to support the IRL's $9 million marketing escapade with Gene Simmons in this life also won't be standing next to the Demon in hell during the next life despite Berwick's ridiculous ranting/fantasy wishes. Even God is smart enough not to punish common sense.

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  3. Bravo! Someone else that is willing to speak the truth! Bravo!_____NBCSN is available in almost 2 MILLION more homes than just a few years ago, but Indycar STILL gets less total viewers than it did just a few years ago when NBC took over Versus. Attendance and ratings cratered with the end of season races (just when the title battle got "interesting" HAH!__________And race in Basilia, where Miles celebrated the "rich history" of Indycar racing there. Rich history? What, 7 events in the 100 years of AOW? Yep, some history. Well, at least its an oval. It's not??? Are you kidding me??? Gosh darn road racin furriners.

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  5. Problem: most of the people responding to this article don't know about this service AT ALL! Why? Lack of awareness. This isn't IndyGo. This is CIRTA: might as well be the mattress company because they are asleep at the wheel - something like 3 directors over the last year? Playing with federal grant money is great! This "region" wants commuter rail service, has spent MILLIONS on Transportation studies yet can't even support a commuter bus line? This is largely for suburban riders to get to downtown - not for "service people to work in our hotels and restaurants" ! Get your head out of your backside!! These are professionals, students etc. that don't want to fight traffic, save some money on parking, gas, stress.... if CIRTA would put their federal money into widely promoting the sevive to Greenwood, Fishers & Carmel instead of finding directors and studies - this would be a successful service. Our family uses(d) it daily for the last several years - but the recent uncertainty & now unreliability due to cuts from Carmel has been a problem. Now, costs us an additional $350/month for gas & parking ( $4200/year) plus vehicle wear, service, environmental impact ... YES - this REGION needs this this type of service in order to keep growing and getting the people it needs to fill skilled positions in downtown Indianapolis. Think outside of your own car !!!