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  1. Why is it that whenever anything is written about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway about any aspect of it, whether it be NASCAR or IndyCar or whatever, so many borderline illiterate excuses for human beings slither forth like cockroaches to poison comment sections with fiction, hatred, and nearly continuous portent of doom? NASCAR is not my favorite form of the sport either, but IMS has been working hard to make the Brickyard weekend compelling to a wide swath of racing fans, and I have found myself going back for the weekend. So lighten up, critics. No taxpayer money is being squandered, the track remains legendary, and thousands of actual racing fans will descend on the great facility again this weekend. Enjoy it or find something else to do. Like golf. Oh, wait. That's dying too. LOL

  2. While Angie's brings good employment and tax revenues to the state, it ceased being a consumer organization several years ago when profits and executive salaries became the goal and they began to sell listing advantages to the vendors.

  3. EB Indy, You are only focusing on internalized costs to you, as a user of the service. What you don't factor in is the externalized costs, by way of pollution and health impacts, to the broader population. Because you demand falsely cheap electricity, others suffer, at great expense, the respiratory and lung problems associated with electricity production. In short, we all pay the higher cost for "cheap" electricity, it is just a hidden and diluted fee through health care and quality of life.

  4. I live downtown and can smell the Harding street plant. This is not a political issues unless your a Fox News minion.

  5. The Indiana version of "Right to Work" has many flaws. It is no doubt viviolates both the State Consitution AND Federal Law. By the way this law has nothing to do with one's right to work...