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  1. To address the epic failure of attracting race fans to both the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 would take too much of my time to write. Bottom line Boles is clueless and obviously totally out of touch with the real paying fan base. I see nothing but death spin coming for the Brickyard, just like Indy. Get somebody in a place of power that understands what race fans want.

  2. I am a race fan through & through. It doesn't matter if it's Indy cars or Nascar. I love a great race. I go to several other tracks each year and you can see the entire track. I know Indy has tradition, but fans want to see the entire race. I sit in the Penthouse, am almost 60 years old, and would like to see a better TV screen in turn 1 so you can see the entire race. Then I think Indy needs to install an escalator so us old folks can make it up to the Penthouse and down again if we want more options to purchase food and drinks. Just a race fans opinion. Lights won't make the race any better, but you might be able to see the TV better at night. Turn 1's screen needs replaced with a better and bigger screen.

  3. This is an economic and cultural issue, the only way to change it is to have jobs in the Inner city, and change the culture which has its foundations in multi-generations. Every major city has this and it is getting worse instead of better. Cities need to realize that no all work is done in the office buildings in the city center, the people outside the center need opportunity, jobs, education, infrastructure, not a 25000 seat outdoor amphitheater, but manufacturing companies, industry, etc. near downtown. Invest the 50 million in incentives for companies to locate downtown

  4. It's interesting that when people from Cuba arrive on the shores of Florida, they are given asylum because they are fleeing persecution but these children, who face death from gangs, aren't. I'm sick of people like Pence portraying themselves as good Christians and supporters of life but they want to decide who warrants protection.

  5. IF families have offered to host them, then let them stay. How can we send them back to those horrors?