Izod touts IRL promo amid worries

March 25, 2009
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ryanNew York-based Phillips-Van Heusen Corp. will roll out its new Izod/Indy race-inspired clothing collection in Macy’s stores nationwide in April. The launch will be accompanied by a national multi-million dollar advertising campaign as well as an Indianapolis 500 sweepstakes. Izod is the official apparel of the Indy Racing League, Firestone Indy Lights and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Problem is, the poster boy for the campaign, IRL driver Ryan Hunter-Reay is not confirmed for the series yet. Hunter-Reay lost his ride when his former sponsor, an American consortium of ethanol producers, pulled out of the series after last season.

HVM Racing recently announced Hunter-Reay will do some testing for the team, but a deal to give him a full-time ride is still being negotiated. Lack of sponsorship for Hunter-Reay is still a problem. A Phillips-Van Heusen official said it would be a “significant problem” if Hunter-Reay is not on the track this year, but still, Izod is fronting little to no money to sponsor his car.

Meanwhile, PVH honchos are readying the green flag for their campaign.

“The [IRL] is an ideal fit with the sport-spirited Izod brand lifestyle,” said Allen Sirkin, president and chief operating officer of PVH. Macy’s is providing a platform to highlight the partnership between Izod and the IRL, Sirkin added.

An Izod/Indy themed 30-second spot will run during all nationally televised ABC and Versus IRL race broadcasts, as well as in movie theaters nationwide. The media plan also includes print advertisements to appear in Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine, and high-profile billboards in New York City’s Times Square and in Toronto. All advertisements feature the 2008 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, Hunter-Reay.

Promotional activities for the Izod/Indy sportswear collection include a Web-based national sweepstakes to be hosted exclusively on macys.com from April 4 to May 8. The grand prize is a package for four to the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which includes a police escort to and from the track, all-access pit and garage passes, pace car rides, access to the pre-race driver’s meeting, Festival Parade tickets, hotel accommodations and air travel.

This year begins a “Centennial Era” at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a three-year celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Speedway in 2009 and the Indianapolis 500 in 2011. Izod designers have taken 100 years of Speedway and Indy 500 artwork and designed vintage look-and-feel short sleeve polo shirts and tees to commemorate the heritage of Indy racing. In addition, a track and race-inspired collection of solid cotton piques feature official logos and special centennial insignias for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500.

Throughout this IRL season, in-store promotional events will take place at select Macy’s stores nationwide beginning with the season opener next month in St. Petersburg, Fla. These events include meet-and-greet autograph sessions with IRL drivers and legends of the Indianapolis 500, as well as an Izod/Indy race car showcase. Events will be held in markets such as Los Angeles; Kansas City, Kan.; Indianapolis; Dallas; Richmond, Va.; Columbus, Ohio; New York; San Francisco; Chicago and Miami.

“The IZOD-Macy’s partnership and promotional plan is easily one of the biggest we have seen outside of our endemic space and will transcend the sport,” said Terry Angstadt, president of the IRL’s commercial division.

Under its July 2008 sponsorship agreement, PVH also provides exclusive apparel to IRL and IMS executives and crew—from pit officials and track flagmen to the on-air broadcast talent and track announcers.
  • Tony boy had better be pulling out all the stops to get Ryan in a competetive ride. If he had better sense instead of family sense, he would let Mister Ed be the team manager and put Ryan in the car. Then, perhaps, Vision could win some races. Ed's a good guy and works hard, but let's face it, he is not in the same class of race drivers as Hunter-Reay
  • Doesn't it seem crazy that Izod wouldn't want to sponsor a car? Or at least write a provision in their contract with the IRL that assures their driver/spokesman/model would be racing on the track.
  • It's absolutely great news the promotion the IRL is getting from Izod/Macys. It's beyond terrible that the racecar driver spokesman won't be participating in races...
  • This surprises who here? :lol:

    The IRL: An answer to a question NOBODY asked.

    If the IRL can't screw it up, nobody can! :)
  • Hilarious. One the few sponsors they have and the EARL manages to muck it up. That's some vision. Didn't Macy's just close a buch of stores? The Hulman George curse strikes again. LMAO...
  • Macy's closed a bunch of stores in terrible locations which were dead weights on their balance sheet.
  • Ahhh, spring is here and so are the TG/IMS haters. I mean they could be watching their series.....ooops, thats right it failed multiple times.

    Ok, back to the subject. There is a lot of good news in here. First, it is unfortunate about Hunter-Reay, but he will get a ride. I think he would have one regardless of Izod, but with being the poster boy, another sponsor would be stupid not to pick up the free advertising.

    Second, Izod is doing a promotion like most other companies should. This wil be great for them, for the IRL and for racing. When so many companies in so many sports are cutting back, it is good to see them putting out the money. Hopefully others will follow suit.

    Can't wait to see the new clothing line. Vintage stuff is so in, it will be a hit. Does this mean the Yellow Shirts will be wearing Izod? How odd. Those will be collectors shirts.

    Slightly off topic, with Budweiser...errr, Inbev pulling out of NHRA, will they pull out of NASCAR when their contract is up?
  • Indyman, you're so right! All that energy from the detractors could be put to good use.....perhaps shining TG's shoes....that'd be a good job for Brett, don't you think? How about Da Hooey being the men's rest room attendant.....wouldn't that be fitting?

    Just some thoughts for progress to keep up with the successful racing series.
  • IndymaN:

    Its a different story when things are getting screwed (or as you call it - unfortunate :lol: ) by external forces....but this is all 100% FUBAR by the braintrust at 16th & Jonestown. Recession, Depression, whatever, it s always been nothing but downhill with ___king Tony in charge!
  • Well, at least Tony George has never asked the city for $15 million a year to run the facility in which he operates.
  • # Purdue Fan Says:
    March 26th, 2009 at 7:06 am

    Macy’s closed a bunch of stores in terrible locations which were dead weights on their balance sheet.

    Yep, they closed the one closest to Speedway, Indianner. Can't get anymore terrible than that
  • IZOD build a campaign around a driver with absolutely no guarantee that he would have a ride. So how did the IRL screw that up? The league doesn't tell the individual teams what drivers to run, and if they did, there would be constant complaining about that.

    It's like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppet Show...constantly complaining about it, but always there watching it.
  • I'm having a TOney Georgesque vision. In my vision, I see the whole IZOD marketing department in the unemployment line after this fiasco flames out.
  • So how did the IRL screw that up?

    That's a question a lot of folks have been asking for 14 years
  • Ok, that's funny, but seriously, how can any blame for the IZOD deal problem be placed on the IRL?
  • The TG/IMS Haters will blame anything on TG. The recession, global hunger, their failure to adequately perform, all TG's fault. They cannot admit that the c?rt model was a failing model. It is like a train that is about to crash. If you cannot get the engineer to change tracks, then the only other thing you can do is jump off and watch it go. That is pretty much what TG did. He tried to explain the problems with c?rt, but the owners loved the money. Right into bankruptcy
  • SouthSideDave (the Blaming Bozo): Yeah, right, the Macy's store that closed at Lafayette Square is all about Speedway. Your stuff is really getting old.
  • Who did I blame for what? I think it is right for the IRL owner and management to be in line with 99.99999999998% of Americans who don't care about the IRL product or what happens to it.
  • I will keep my eye out for the weekly Big Lots circular, and I'll let you Indy-only guys know when all that IZOD crap goes on clearance so you can get yours.
  • Can any of you Indy-only guys tell us why IZOD is using a late '60s F1 Ferrari in it ads?
  • SSD,

    That is still millions more than care about your opinion. It is truly sad that you folks have nothing better to do with your time than to complain about a series you claim to not care about.
  • There you indy-only guys go again attacking the poster. Where are you berwick to decry the hate
  • Ha ha ha. Grate. :lol:

    I have some blame to go around. The ones who get the most blame are Allen Sirkin, president and chief operating officer of PVH, and his Executive Vice President, Marketing, Michael Kelly. Can't complain about the due diligence of these guys before committing to this absurdity, as there was obviously NO diligence.

    “The [IRL] is an ideal fit with the sport-spirited Izod brand lifestyle...” Is that so? Good job on devaluing your 'brand', idiots. Are they gonna make an Izod tenderloin bib? Perhaps once they realize what a success they have on their hands, the BiF line of greasy coveralls will complete the earl look. Don't forget sumpin fer the fat chicks hanging around gasoline, er, effanol alley, too!

    Seriously (sort of), they obviously have no clue that ..king Tony and his flying circus have made a complete mockery and farce out of what once was the tradition of the Indy 500. As with every other deluded fool who has signed on with the visionator, they will learn the hard way. And I will enjoy heaping the derision and ridicule on this latest fiasco that it richly deserves.

    Somebody go get some pictures of one of these Macys in-stores, it's gonna be cricket city. Not unlike the vacant stands at an earl event.

    Angstadt has been chugging more corporate-speak seminar kool-aid - what the hell is our endemic space? Can someone transcend that for me? :lol:

    Another massive, epic FAIL from Lord Anton. On that front, he and his idiotic minions never disappoint.
  • Can any of you Indy-only guys tell us why IZOD is using a late ’60s F1 Ferrari in it ads?

    Uh, have you ever seen a Formula Necksnap crapwagon up close? Uglier than Mary Hulman George....
  • 16th & Jonestown

  • Indyman, I have managed to post profits for the past 13 years, something your hero admits to not being able to do. Maybe he should trade his invisible millions of caring, but non-paying fans for a better lot. Besides, with you and Berwick hanging on my every post, who needs the trouble that comes with millions?

    You liffffft me up, where I can stannnnd on mountains.
    You lifffft me up
  • The entire IZOD IRL clothing line is designed specifically to coordinate with this IRL fan's wardrobe:
  • Silly silly Gomers! You guys fell for the oldest trick in the book.
    The ole Let's build up a so so driver because he's 'murican and create an ad campaign promoting the leeeeeague!
    They forgot one thing! Make sure the overated so so driver actually has a ride!
    The funniest part of all is that the ad promoting Izod and the idiot racing leeeeeague
    is using a 68' Ferrari F1 car in the picture!
    I guess the crapwagon must have freaked out the agency who created the ad!!
  • The funniest part is you guys have no life outside of ripping on the IRL. Funny but sad.
  • Well, that does it! The job for men's restroom monitor at the Speedway is now officially awarded to Alan Metcalfe.
  • I got berwick boi and indyboi mad.Ha Ha.
    You girls made the choice of being fans of that awful series.
    I hope you like the new red tires! I hear p2p is coming too!
    The new vision is to take everything that was good for CC and use it to dress up the pig
    of a series the leeeeeague has become.
    Enjoy your little series girls. I hear they might get 18 cars.
  • Thank you. I know that I will enjoy it. Looking forward to May!
  • Speaking of May, Berwick Girl and Indycrossdresser are also excited as this is the only time they work. But if you are a volunteer yellow shirt and work for no pay, is that really a job?
  • Robin Miller is reporting that Lord Anton has opened his checkbook (yet again) and is running RHR at Vizhun all year. :lol: Pathetic last-ditch straw-grasping.

    The Izod/PVH execs that committed that company to this should be fired, no severance, no golden parachute.After that they should be investigated for corporate sabotage as this is clearly an attempt to drive the company into the ground by associating with that ridiculous, moronic 'league'.
  • Too f'n funny! Lord Sagamore has to save face with izod and sponsor the overated murican'.
    I hope Berwick girl and indycrossdresserboi are happy now.
    i'll bet they are both out buying izod stuff as i type.
    The idiot racing leeeeeeeague is showing its worthless self now.
    Just like 2004 FTG has to open his wallet and also have FHonda make its sportscar
    teams have to go race at Findy. I'll bet Fernandeath is coming to Findy as well.
    Good job at killing open wheel racing F'n Tony!
  • Hey Alan, welcome aboard. I'd just like to point out for future reference that when referring to the Lord and Uber-Moron of Gomerland, Anton H George, should you abbreviate to TG, the letter F in front of that is verboten due to chronic whining from a certain segment of posters.
    Don't complain to Anthony, just be creative. :woot: (Anthony, I shall be expecting my royalty check thusly!)
    There's not much that doesn't fly (unlike St. Anton's 'league' of crappy flying crapwagons) here, but that's one that you just need to steer around.

    As for this entire Izod debacle and the Idiot Major running RHR, it's disturbingly CC-like, yet the idiot brigade somehow discards their own blatant hypocrisy and cheers this rubbish.

    Izod should have a special line of back braces, Methodist Hospital sheet time-wear, and Conkles rubber bags for this ass-clownery.
  • NASCAR has offered to allow TOneys league to run at ISC tracks on the Thursday prior to a Cup race. Indyman and berwick believed Toney when he told them he was going to be bigger than NASCAR.

    League officials are hoping an engine manufacturer, any engine manufacturer will give them a call soon.
  • Indyman and berwick believed Toney when he told them he was going to be bigger than NASCAR.

    Hell, he said NASCAR and F-1. How high do you have to be to say that or to believe it. Will Dollar General have Izod shirts on clearance next to tubs of ResQ energy drink and Srah Feesher diecasts?
  • Indyman, get your carcass fitted for a driver's suit. TOney will need 16 field fillers for the 4 hours of the year you have a life. You may as well be one of the 16.
  • Wow, more personal insults. Truly sad. I guess I was wrong when I thought we could have adult conversations on here. So is it true that you guys are incapable of making a point without insulting those who disagree with your points? It truly sounds like a pack of fifth graders. Of course fifth graders have an excuse, they think it is cool to cuss and make fun of others. What are your excuses?
  • Come on, Indyman. You know it's not a conversation. It's a competition to see who can be funniest! Changing names around: funny! Insults: hilarious! It's like the Jerky Boys, only in print!
  • Indyman, you should check with your gerontologist, your dementia is flaring up again. Or maybe you choose to pretend

    # indyman Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 7:23 am
    The funniest part is you guys have no life outside of ripping on the IRL. Funny but sad.
  • And that is insulting how? Actually it seems like a fact. I mean it appears your favorite series has died, so instead of moving on, you blast the series that survived. I do not understand how anyone can continue to spend so much time trying to drive down a racing series and those who support it. If you took it as an insult, I apologize. It seemed more like a fact.
  • Perhaps they should fire up one of the old Mayflower Vans and pack up Dana, SSD, Brett, Da Hooey, Stan and Alan Metcalfe(the self annointed insult artist) and move them to Charlotte. Perhaps their attention directed toward heavy car racing could satisfy their hunger for defaming IndyCar racing.
  • WHOA! Don't put me on that van!

    Sarcasism doesn’t come out too well in blogs…sorry that you took it the wrong way. I am not anti-IRL. Not at all.

    Unfortunately, I get so tired of some of the meaningless name calling that I lose it, and probably stoop more to that level.

    I’d rather discuss and argue ideas without getting personal, attacking, or losing my temper. The anonimity on this bolg makes it easy to hurl insults back and forth. Sorry if I crossed that line.

    Please don't force me to watch the tin tops!
  • So the league decides it is its responsibility to provide RHR with a ride.

    How dare IZOD not realize it is their responsibility to prop up TOneys racing league.

    The league was expecting the Brazilian ethanol group to fund a couple of cars as well. Oh well, I guess TOney will have to cover that one too.
  • LMAO. D and R has dumper EARL 5 hunnert champion Buddy Rice for another ride buying furriner Darren Manning. The curse of the EARL strikes again!!! Ha Ha. Rice- no ride, UnderaCheever- finished, Brack- done, Hornish- Cup backmarker, Franchitti- failed Cup ride, Lozier-done.
  • Brett spewing hate as usual. All is right with the world.
  • Good luck finding any Izod Indy clothing in a Macy's store. I have been to 3 Macy's stores and even asked the clerks. They knew nothing about Izod Indy clothing and just showed me the normal Izod stuff. I did find a promotional card hidden in the corner at one Macy's store.....good to see Izod is getting their money worth!

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  1. I think the poster was being sarcastic and only posting or making fun of what is usually posted on here about anything being built in BR or d'town for that matter.

  2. Great news IRL fans: TURBO the IMS sanctioned movie about slugs running the Indy 500 has caught the Securities and Exchange Commission because Dreamworks had to take a $132MILLION write down...because the movie was such a flop. See, the Indy/IMS magic soiled another pair of drawers. Bwahahahahahaha! How's CARTOWN doing? HAHAHAHA...Indy is for losers.

  3. So disappointed in WIBC. This is the last straw to lose a good local morning program. I used to be able to rely on WIBC to give me good local information, news, weather and traffic on my 45 minute commute.Two incidents when I needed local, accurate information regarding severe weather were the first signs I could not now rely on WIBC. I work weekend 12 hour nights for a downtown hospital. This past winter when we had the worst snowfall in my 50 years of life, I came home on a Sunday morning, went to sleep (because I was to go back in Sunday night for another 12 hour shift), and woke up around 1 p.m. to a house with no electricity. I keep an old battery powered radio around and turned on WIBC to see what was going on with the winter storm and the roads and the power outage. Sigh. Only policital stuff. Not even a break in to update on the winter storm warning. The second weather incident occurred when I was driving home during a severe thunderstorm a few months ago. I had already gotten a call from my husband that a tornado warning was just southwest of where I had been. I turned to WIBC to find out what direction the storm was headed so I could figure out a route home, only to find Rush on the air, and again, no breaking away from this stupidity to give me information. Thank God for my phone, which gave me the warning that I was driving in an area where a tornado was seen. Thanks for nothing WIBC. Good luck to you, Steve! We need more of you and not the politics of hatred that WIBC wants to shove at us. Good thing I have Satellite radio.

  4. I read the retail roundup article and tried Burritos and Beers tonight. I'm glad I did, for the food was great. Fresh authentic Mexican food. Great seasoning on the carne asada. A must try!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. John, unfortunately CTRWD wants to put the tank(s) right next to a nature preserve and at the southern entrance to Carmel off of Keystone. Not exactly the kind of message you want to send to residents and visitors (come see our tanks as you enter our city and we build stuff in nature preserves...