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  1. I love how our fine corporate interest lobbyist, I mean senator loves to cite budget projections that 40 years from now. This project will create thousands of jobs and be an economic stimulus to a hurting democratically voting district. If federal grant money is available now, it should be utilized as it will provide a net benefit for taxpayers.

  2. And I want to add that the east side is NOT a hotbed of crime. I know because I'm an eastsider. And I getting sick and tired of people running it down who don't know what they are talking about. And as far as calling almost all of the east side the near east side is insulting too. Out there by Washington Square is the far east side. Out in the suburbs. The near east side in right outside downtown, by Tech High School - that's the near east side.

  3. All Simon needs to do is go ask Li'l Greg, the Marine Mayor, for another handout. He can tell Ballard it's for the children, or for the Pacers, and Ballard will gladly give him a few more $$MILLION$$ from his taxpayer stash!

  4. I hope the other employees view this as a warning. Angie's List is a sinking ship.

  5. Washington Square, which is not a hot bed of crime, has had little to no support from the Simon group in years. The parking lot is filled with holes, the inside should have been renovated 10 years ago, and last winter 50% of the parking lot was unplowed. So when no money is being put in to maintain the mall than of course it ends up deteriorating to the point where no one wants to shop there. Perhaps if Simon had actually been supporting the mall like it does others it would be better off today. But when you put nothing in, than you get nothing out. Simon is largely to blame for its failure.