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  1. Joseph - Good questions! My wife and I have written to my state representatives--Rep Brian Bosma and Sen Jim Merritt--in both 2013 and 2014 complaining that Indiana's conflicts-of-interest laws and regulations needed strengthening. In the letters I pointed out several instances of abuse including those raised in articles by Star Reporter/Columnist Matthew Tully. The responses we received from both Bosma and Merritt were non-responsive. They both disagreed that the state has a problem. Note that both of these men are in Republican leadership positions. Hence, I have no confidence in anything meaningful happening.

  2. They should start a new tradition by getting rid of that old dated one. I'm not from Indiana so I think the Straight Chaser's should sing "California here I come". A much better more fitting song.

  3. Bennet already got what he deserved, except probably not enough. The other accountability needs to assigned to Mitch Daniels. Mitch danced away to lala land at Purdue just in time. Mitch never has answered for all of the funds he received from the now incarcerated Mr. Durham. Where is that money Mitch?

  4. So, by your logic, slavery should have remained a "state right"? I guess all those African transplants (no good illegal immigrants!) should have just moved to New York or Canada. Serves them right!

  5. As can be gleaned in another IBJ article, the battle for downtown Indy is not over. Focus and attention need to be given to Union Station. Downtown Indy needs to gear up for that war.