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  1. Can we pick who we trade Pence for? I think it should just be a first round pick next year and some cash.....

  2. I guess I'm confused. We built I-465 to loop around the city at that time and connect the other major interstates. As all highways do, I-465 pulled sprawling, low-intensity development to its edges and people chose to drive the difference creating traffic on interstates which shouldn't be built for local commuters. Now, they want to toss a few billion (will be much more than $2B) at the same idea further out? It is embarrassing to hear that a group of people voted on these recommendations. I can't wait until this goes to a vote! The story even admits that vehicle miles have remained flat, yet we are doubling our interstate presence? Tolled Truck lanes should be added to I-65 and perhaps I-70. HOV lanes could be added to I-465 and I-69. I wish we had someone in charge to actually think about a transportation system and not just funding their highway lobbyists. And no, this doesn't bring jobs. Minor construction jobs are created during the project, then they go away and usually it is people from out of state. Just bad.

  3. This group of politicians recognizes that the state needs more transportation infrastructure an at the same time flat out refuses to look at rail or bus rapid transit. Building a second bypass around Indianapolis is the possibly the worst transit idea the city could endorse. Maybe it's second only to the idea to turn West Street / MLK into an interstate. If you want to spend 2+ BILLION dollars on infrastructure let's upgrade the rail line to Chicago and make it a 90 minute trip. If we simply cannot afford to give all that tax money to anyone but the road construction companies (read: campaign contributors) then let's use the 2B to bury the north south stretch of I70/I65 as it cuts through downtown.

  4. This is badly needed for our city and state. An efficient transportation system is vital to the economy of any area and Indianapolis does hold a central role in the Midwest. Funding these projects will be expensive, adding tolls to the mix might help. The jobs created and the opportunities for the economy to benefit makes this win for Indiana.

  5. Just do away with the Department of Education, the State Superintendent of Education, the State Board of Education and the Governors Center for Education and Career Innovation. Return control of public education to local boards of education. Can anyone really say that our education system is better now than it was before the federal and state governments got so involved? No. Have all these federal and state agencies really proven all that beneficial to educating our children. No. They are merely means by which are elected state and federal officials can reward their benefactors (i.e., political contributors) big unions and big business at the public trough.