Indiana specialty-plate proposal heads to governor

April 16, 2013
Associated Press
Legislation overhauling Indiana's specialty auto license plate system has been approved by lawmakers and is on its way to Gov. Mike Pence.

Lawsuit claims BMV overcharged Indiana residents by millions

March 7, 2013
Associated Press
A newly-filed lawsuit seeking class-action status accuses Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles of "systematically" overcharging state residents by tens of millions of dollars for driver's licenses.

Bill limiting Indiana specialty auto plates advances

February 6, 2013
Associated Press
The state lawmaker trying to overhaul Indiana's specialty auto license plate system said Wednesday he believed a compromise has been reached on changes.

Lawmaker seeks limit on Indiana specialty plates

January 10, 2013
Associated Press
A Republican state lawmaker is reviving the debate over specialty license plates one year after the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspended a gay youth group's plates.

Not-for-profits urge lawmakers not to kill plates

September 5, 2012
Associated Press
Organizers from not-for-profit groups urged Indiana lawmakers Wednesday not to kill the sales of specialty license plates that raise some of their funding.

Sales of Colts license plates wanesRestricted Content

December 31, 2011
 IBJ Staff
The number of people ordering the specialty tags declined after the team started losing.

Indiana BMV nixes fee to see driver record online

May 20, 2011
Associated Press
Indiana drivers can now review online records including citations, suspensions and violations without paying a fee.

Indiana license branches no longer renewing plates

January 2, 2011
Associated Press
Starting Monday, all Indiana residents will have to order their registration cards, stickers and plates online or by mail, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles said.

BMV commissioner resigns following arrest

October 7, 2010
 IBJ Staff and Associated Press
State Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Andrew J. Miller resigned Thursday, the day after he was arrested for allegedly exposing himself in a public restroom in downtown Indianapolis.

Indiana BMV chief arrested on indecency charge

October 6, 2010
Associated Press
Andrew J. Miller, 40, of Carmel, was arrested on a charge of public indecency about 1:30 p.m. at Claypool Court, a retail and hotel center near the Circle Centre mall, authorities said.

Colts, God license plates slice into sales of charity tagsRestricted Content

April 7, 2008
Chris O'Malley
Sales of specialty license plates benefiting colleges, not-for-profits and other Indiana organizations fell by nearly a third last year after the state unveiled "In God We Trust" tags as a free alternative to the lime-green pastoral fields plates reviled by many motorists.

Car dealers to offer license platesRestricted Content

February 19, 2007
Peter Schnitzler
Hoosiers wanting to avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the BMV will soon have an option, but will have to pay about $20 to use it. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is launching a project to allow automobile dealers across the state to provide title and license-plate registrations.
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  1. Kent's done a good job of putting together some good guests, intelligence and irreverence without the inane chatter of the other two shows. JMV is unlistenable, mostly because he doesn't do his homework and depends on non-sports stuff to keep HIM interested. Query and Shultz is a bit better, but lack of prep in their show certainly is evident. Sterling obviously workes harder than the other shows. We shall see if there is any way for a third signal with very little successful recent history to make it. I always say you have to give a show two years to grow into what it will become...

  2. Lafayette Square, Washington Square should be turned into office parks with office buildings, conversion, no access to the public at all. They should not be shopping malls and should be under tight security and used for professional offices instead of havens for crime. Their only useage is to do this or tear them down and replace them with high rise office parks with secured parking lots so that the crime in the areas is not allowed in. These are prime properties, but must be reused for other uses, professional office conversions with no loitering and no shopping makes sense, otherwise they have become hangouts long ago for gangs, groups of people who have no intent of spending money, and are only there for trouble and possibly crime, shoplifting, etc. I worked summers at SuperX Drugs in Lafayette Square in the 1970s and even then the shrinkage from shoplifting was 10-15 percent. No sense having shopping malls in these areas, they earn no revenue, attract crime, and are a blight on the city. All malls that are not of use should be repurposed or torn down by the city, condemned. One possibility would be to repourpose them as inside college campuses or as community centers, but then again, if the community is high crime, why bother.

  3. Straight No Chaser

  4. Seems the biggest use of TIF is for pet projects that improve Quality Of Life, allegedly, but they ignore other QOL issues that are of a more important and urgent nature. Keep it transparent and try not to get in ready, fire, Aim! mode. You do realize that business the Mayor said might be interested is probably going to want TIF too?

  5. Gary, I'm in complete agreement. The private entity should be required to pay IPL, and, if City parking meters are involved, the parking meter company. I was just pointing out how the poorly-structured parking meter deal affected the car share deal.