Building Codes

Indianapolis set for sweeping zoning overhaulRestricted Content

September 22, 2012
Cory Schouten
Code dating to 1969 to be updated to encourage density, sustainability and mass transit.

Developers prefer low-rise apartments in downtown IndianapolisRestricted Content

July 14, 2012
Scott Olson
Building codes add more expense to high-rise projects.

Decision on Broad Ripple garage delayed again

April 17, 2012
Scott Olson
The two-week continuance granted to remonstrators on Tuesday by the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals follows a previous seven-day delay. The board is set to consider a zoning variance for the $15 million project on May 1.

City closes downtown plaza after parking deemed unsafe

September 14, 2011
Associated Press
The city of Indianapolis has closed Pan Am Plaza and part of a parking garage below it near the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium because the structural integrity of the parking facility poses a safety risk.

Indianapolis halts work on blighted historic building

February 26, 2011
 IBJ Staff
The owner of the 1880 building located at 42 E. Washington St. was cited for doing unapproved work to the facade.

City push on building codes draws gripesRestricted Content

January 22, 2011
Francesca Jarosz
A vigorous effort by city officials to enforce building-safety codes has some concerned that it’s becoming tougher to revitalize older properties.

State pushing to keep building-review wait times down

December 16, 2010
Francesca Jarosz
Wait times in the plan-review process for non-residential projects increased dramatically this year, creating a backlog of cases.

City strengthens building-permit process

October 14, 2009
Scott Olson
The pre-permit review could add nearly three weeks to the current permitting process

'Dewatering' system creates space, keeps new Marriott's basement dryRestricted Content

September 19, 2009
Scott Olson
A sprawling network of drainage pipes is designed to keep the underground parking garage of the new JW Marriott hotel dry.

Green bills sprout at StatehouseRestricted Content

January 12, 2009
Chris O'Malley
Legislation filed in the Indiana General Assembly this year seeks renewable energy mandates, stricter building codes throughout Indiana.
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  1. Only half a million TV Viewers? And thats an increase? I knew Indycar was struggling but I didn't know it was that bad. Hell, if NASCAR hits 5 Million viewers everyone starts freaking out saying its going down hill. It has a long way to before Indycar even hits NASCAR's bad days.

  2. IU has been talking that line for years with no real progress even with the last Dean, Dr. Brater. Why will an outsider, Dr. Hess, make a difference? With no proof of additional resources (cash in the bank), and a concrete plan to move an academic model that has been outdated for decades with a faculty complacent with tenure and inertia, I can count on IU to remain the same during the tenure of Dr. Hess. One ought to look to Purdue and Notre Dame for change and innovation. It is just too bad that both of those schools do not have their own medical school. Competition might wake up IU. My guess is, that even with those additions to our State, IU will remain in its own little world squandering our State's tax dollars. Why would any donor want to contribute to IU with its track record? What is its strategy to deal with the physician shortage for our State? New leadership will not be enough for us to expect any change.

  3. How do you think the Bridges got approved? I spent a couple days researching PAC's and individual contributions to some city council members during that time. My printouts were inches thick on the two I concentrated on. Finally gave up. Was disgusted with all the donations, and who they were from. Would have taken me days and days to compile a complete list. Tried to give it to the Star reporter, but he thought it was all just fine. (and apparently he was treated well himself) He ended up being laid off or fired though. And then of course, there was land donated to the dad's club, or city, as a partial payoff. All done in the shining example of "charity." No, none of these contributions are a coincidence.

  4. I agree what kind of help or if any will be there for Dr. Ley's patients. I was a patient myself.

  5. What about the hundreds of patients who sought this doctor for the right reasons, to quit drugs. what option do these patients now have, experience horrible withdrawl or return to heroin?? those are the choices. what about the children of these former addicts who's parent(s) WILL not b able to maintain their job, for @ least 2 weeks.. There needs to b an emergency clinic opened for these patients.