Capital Improvement Board

CIB failure isn't an optionRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
Creativity and transparency are required to fix the Capital Improvement Board's financial woes.

CIB's influence has grown with city's sports sceneRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
Peter Schnitzler
State lawmakers formed the Capital Improvement Board in 1965 to oversee construction of the city's convention center.

An open letter to Indianapolis Colts owner Jim IrsayRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
Bill Benner
Jim, you could engender so much good will if you would step forward and provide some short-term relief by paying more toward the operating costs of Lucas Oil Stadium.

$720 million stadium will open with big operating deficitRestricted Content

August 11, 2008
Jennifer Whitson

Cleaning crews are wiping construction dust from the 63,000 seats in Lucas Oil Stadium, prepping for the public's first peek at the $720 million venue Aug. 16. But the hard work is only beginning for the city's Capital Improvement Board, the entity charged with operating the stadium. The fumbling point: CIB is anticipating a $20 million operating deficit for Lucas Oil Stadium in 2009.


Fred Glass brings city's 'to do' list to lifeRestricted Content

April 16, 2007
Anthony Schoettle
Fred Glass, president of the city's Capital Improvement Board, headed historic transitions in both the mayor's and governor's offices and has become the go-to guy for some of the city's biggest initiatives, most of them sports-related.
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