Clinical Trials

AIT Laboratories leaps up Inc.'s list

August 24, 2009
 IBJ Staff
The Indianapolis-based forensics, clinical and pharmaceutical testing firm now ranks 598, up from 1,466 a year ago. The list is based on percentage of revenue growth.

Lilly's Effient launch just one of its many challengesRestricted Content

August 3, 2009
Greg Andrews
Eli Lilly and Co. has blasted past analysts’ earnings projections for two straight quarters. But if Lilly officials take that as a sign they can breathe easier, they need only flip through a stack of Wall Street research reports on the company.

Lilly cancels trials for experimental MS drug

July 28, 2009
J.K. Wall
Eli Lilly and Co. and a development partner has canceled clinical trials on an experimental drug to treat multiple sclerosis after the drug failed to delay progression of the disease in trial patients.

In spite of criticism, Lilly saves livesRestricted Content

March 30, 2009
Steven J.
My wife, Becky, is alive today because of Lilly and its trial drug Enzastaurin, a great surgeon, and a terrific team of local doctors.

Biotech push may help offset generic competition; some analysts skepticalRestricted Content

February 2, 2009
J.K. Wall
Lilly executives want to make biotech their top focus.

OBS Medical hopes to capture pharma's heartRestricted Content

January 19, 2009
J.K. Wall
The latest product to come out of Carmel-based OBS Medical may be just what the doctors ordered. The doctors working for major pharmaceutical companies, that is.

Generic meds cost more than consumers realizeRestricted Content

December 15, 2008
Generic drug makers drive up the cost of name-brand drugs developed by locally based Eli Lilly and Co. and other pharmaceutical firms.

Lilly taps hedge fund to cut research costs for Alzheimer's drugsRestricted Content

August 11, 2008
J.K. Wall

Eli Lilly and Co.'s unorthodox efforts to develop new treatments for Alzheimer's disease--if successful--could usher in a new approach to drug development. The Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company announced that a New York hedge fund, TPG-Axon Capital, will invest up to $325 million to help cover the exorbitant development costs of two experimental compounds to treat Alzheimer's disease.


Lilly expects FDA approval of long-acting version of ZyprexaRestricted Content

February 4, 2008
J.K. Wall
Eli Lilly and Co. hopes to extend the life of its best-seller Zyprexa with a potentially lucrative, long-acting form of the antipsychotic drug. But first, the Indianapolis-based drugmaker must win over a panel of medical experts convened by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Feb. 6.
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