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Smoke Free Indy advocates mount new campaignRestricted Content

December 8, 2008
Anti-smoking advocates are organizing a new attempt to strengthen Indianapolis' ban against smoking in the workplace.

Communities making tough choices will be better offRestricted Content

December 1, 2008
Mike Hicks
During the coming weeks, a number of Indiana cities and counties will be coming to terms with their new budget realities.

Residents to decide fate of township assessorsRestricted Content

November 3, 2008
Peter Schnitzler
In this election, citizens must decide whether the assessing duties of the elected township assessor in the township should be transferred to the county assessor.

'Rollcrete' might provide alternative to pricey asphaltRestricted Content

September 8, 2008
Chris O\'malley

Cities and counties are looking for alternatives to asphalt as the price soars for the oil-based material and threatens to bring paving projects and contractors skidding to a halt. The city of Indianapolis may have just found one viable alternative that goes down like asphalt: roller-compacted concrete, or "rollcrete."


Flood of appeals expected after rushed biz property-tax assessmentRestricted Content

March 17, 2008
Peter Schnitzler
In 2005, assessors valued the 559-acre Indianapolis Motor Speedway at $34.4 million for property tax purposes. According to the latest Marion County reassessment, it now has a market value of $170 million. Thousands of other businesses also would see extraordinary spikes in property values, according to an IBJ analysis of the latest assessment data.

Aging IT system contributes to property-assessment woesRestricted Content

July 16, 2007
Peter Schnitzler
Indiana deliberately chose not to invest the tens of millions necessary for technology that could provide an accurate property-tax forecast. Instead, the state relied on an aging patchwork of property tax software that allows officials only to guess whether assessed valuations of homes and businesses are correct.

Three-decade landfill battle rages onRestricted Content

January 22, 2007
Chris O'Malley
World War II could have been fought seven times over since Ralph Reed and sons first tried to build Mallard Lake Landfill outside of Anderson. The Reeds' dream of big cash from trash has upset hundreds of residents in subdivision-dotted fields since the family asked Madison County to rezone their 254-acre farm in the 1970s.

Mass transit's catch? Paying for itRestricted Content

July 17, 2006
Peter Schnitzler
The idea of rapid transit is popular locally, but there's no consensus on how to finance it. For construction alone, it would cost at least $546 million for suburban express bus service up to $1.4 billion for an "automated guideway" system similar to a monorail. And that's for only one corridor.
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  1. If I were a developer I would be looking at the Fountain Square and Fletcher Place neighborhoods instead of Broad Ripple. I would avoid the dysfunctional BRVA with all of their headaches. It's like deciding between a Blackberry or an iPhone 5s smartphone. BR is greatly in need of updates. It has become stale and outdated. Whereas Fountain Square, Fletcher Place and Mass Ave have become the "new" Broad Ripples. Every time I see people on the strip in BR on the weekend I want to ask them, "How is it you are not familiar with Fountain Square or Mass Ave? You have choices and you choose BR?" Long vacant storefronts like the old Scholar's Inn Bake House and ZA, both on prominent corners, hurt the village's image. Many business on the strip could use updated facades. Cigarette butt covered sidewalks and graffiti covered walls don't help either. The whole strip just looks like it needs to be power washed. I know there is more to the BRV than the 700-1100 blocks of Broad Ripple Ave, but that is what people see when they think of BR. It will always be a nice place live, but is quickly becoming a not-so-nice place to visit.

  2. I sure hope so and would gladly join a law suit against them. They flat out rob people and their little punk scam artist telephone losers actually enjoy it. I would love to run into one of them some day!!

  3. Biggest scam ever!! Took 307 out of my bank ac count. Never received a single call! They prey on new small business and flat out rob them! Do not sign up with these thieves. I filed a complaint with the ftc. I suggest doing the same ic they robbed you too.

  4. Woohoo! We're #200!!! Absolutely disgusting. Bring on the congestion. Indianapolis NEEDS it.

  5. So Westfield invested about $30M in developing Grand Park and attendance to date is good enough that local hotel can't meet the demand. Carmel invested $180M in the Palladium - which generates zero hotel demand for its casino acts. Which Mayor made the better decision?