Broad Ripple lawyer represents cyclists involved in personal injury accidents

August 23, 2014
Anthony Schoettle
Indianapolis attorney Tim Caress’ desire to combine his after-work passions with helping people whose “lives have been turned upside down” resulted in his rolling—and running—into a new and growing line of business.

Commuting safely on bike can require counterintuitive behavior

July 12, 2014
Kathleen McLaughlin
The rate of bike commuting in Indianapolis has more than doubled since 2000, but many cyclists still don’t know—or follow—some basic guidelines that can keep them safe.

Not-for-profit focused on exercise adopts novel funding modelRestricted Content

May 10, 2014
Andrea Muirragui Davis
When Tom Hanley couldn’t get large charitable foundations to support a wellness program he developed for central Indiana youth, he switched gears and adopted a fee-for-service model underwritten largely by sponsorships.

Zipp Speed Weaponry 'at the front of the pack'Restricted Content

July 20, 2013
Anthony Schoettle
Zipp’s position as market leader has only grown stronger since the local company formed in 1988 was acquired in 2007 by Chicago-based SRAM Corp.

Local lawyer key figure in felling Armstrong

October 27, 2012
Anthony Schoettle
Bill Bock, lead counsel for the U.S Anti-Doping Agency's case against cyclist Lance Armstrong, spent two years investigating the allegations.

Marian University restoring velodrome to former gloryRestricted Content

September 15, 2012
Anthony Schoettle
Marian University has sunk $350,000 so far into restoring the Major Taylor Velodrome near its campus, and has plans for much more.

Bicycle race to debut in Speedway

May 22, 2012
Anthony Schoettle
More than 400 two-wheel racers and thousands of spectators are expected to descend on downtown Speedway June 1 for the first Tri West Criterium. Top cyclists are expected to hit average speeds of near 30 miles an hour on a tight, closed course.

UPDATE: City chooses manager for Velodrome, park

April 7, 2011
 IBJ Staff
Marian University will assume management of the Major Taylor Velodrome and the surrounding Lake Sullivan Sports Complex under a partnership announced Thursday morning by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

Weekend bike race incorporates Circle into course

August 20, 2010
Scott Olson
Inaugural Indy Criterium using famed landmark in race that organizers hope will become an annual event. The race begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

BENNER: Mom and Lance Armstrong had cancer in commonRestricted Content

July 20, 2009
Bill Benner
A few years ago, when cyclist extraordinaire Lance Armstrong was in the midst of his phenomenal seven straight Tour de France titles, those yellow Livestrong bands seemed ubiquitous. But when Armstrong left competitive cycling, gradually those rubber yellow bands faded from view. I kept wearing mine, however, to remind me of the courage of my mother, Emma.

National cycling event pulled from VelodromeRestricted Content

June 29, 2009
 IBJ Staff
An 11th-hour deal to keep this year's USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships at the Major Taylor Velodrome has fallen flat, and the event has been moved to Colorado Springs.

Velodrome plans in limboRestricted Content

May 18, 2009
While the Marian College cycling team has been off this month hunting national championships in Colorado, a plan by school officials to manage the Major Taylor Velodrome has not yet won support from Indy Parks.
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  1. Gay marriage is coming, whether or not these bigots and zealots like it or not. We must work to ensure future generations remember the likes of Greg Zoeller like they do the racists of our shame.

  2. Perhaps a diagram of all the network connections of all politicians to their supporters and those who are elite/wealthy and how they have voted on bills that may have benefited their supporters. The truth may hurt, but there are no non-disclosures in government.

  3. I'm sure these lawyers were having problems coming up with any non-religious reason to ban same-sex marriage. I've asked proponents of this ban the question many times and the only answers I have received were religious reasons. Quite often the reason had to do with marriage to a pet or marriage between a group even though those have nothing at all to do with this. I'm looking forward to less discrimination in our state soon!

  4. They never let go of the "make babies" argument. It fails instantaneously because a considerable percentage of heterosexual marriages don't produce any children either. Although if someone wants to pass a law that any couple, heterosexual or homosexual, cannot be legally married (and therefore not utilize all legal, financial, and tax benefits that come with it) until they have produced a biological child, that would be fun to see as a spectator. "All this is a reflection of biology," Fisher answered. "Men and women make babies, same-sex couples do not... we have to have a mechanism to regulate that, and marriage is that mechanism." The civil contract called marriage does NOTHING to regulate babymaking, whether purposefully or accidental. These conservatives really need to understand that sex education and access to birth control do far more to regulate babymaking in this country. Moreover, last I checked, same-sex couples can make babies in a variety of ways, and none of them are by accident. Same-sex couples often foster and adopt the children produced by the many accidental pregnancies from mixed-sex couples who have failed at self-regulating their babymaking capabilities.

  5. Every parent I know with kids from 6 -12 has 98.3 on its car radio all the time!! Even when my daughter isn't in the car I sometimes forget to change stations. Not everybody wants to pay for satellite radio. This will be a huge disappointment to my 9 year old. And to me - there's so many songs on the radio that I don't want her listening to.