Golden Rule

Forecast: Cash to reign in health care

May 20, 2013
J.K. Wall
With premiums for health insurance likely to head north next year as President Obama’s health care reform law fully takes effect, both individuals and employers will pay for more health care out of their own funds and buy less insurance.

A health plan for job hoppersRestricted Content

December 15, 2008
Indianapolis-based Golden Rule Insurance Co. has launched a plan aimed at people who move in and out of jobs that don't offer health insurance.

Health reform network crumbles without RooneyRestricted Content

December 8, 2008
J.K. Wall
The state's Dec. 1 takeover of Medical Savings Insurance Co. marks the formal crumbling of J. Patrick Rooney's network of health care reform efforts.

Rooney: healer or heretic in health insurance industry?Restricted Content

March 17, 2008
J.K. Wall
The "father of health savings accounts" isn't satisfied. At 80, J. Patrick Rooney is gearing up for another health care reform battle in Washington--five years after winning a colossal victory when Congress awarded health savings accounts tax-free status.
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  1. What became of this project? Anyone know?

  2. Scott, could you post an enlarged photo of the exterior of the building? This will be a great addition to Walnut Street. This area will only continue to develop with additions like this. Also, please give us more updates on the "Cultural Trail light" expansion. Also a great move for the city, as long as there is maintenance money set aside.

  3. Great story IBJ! Citizens don't have a real sense of the financial magnitude of supporting Indy's sports and tourism sector. The CIB was a brilliant idea for creating a highly integrated public-private partnership to support this sector from the economic activity it generates. Unfortunately, most folks think the benefits of that economic activity accrue directly to the City budget, and it doesn't. So though the CIB is facing lean times (covering its costs while maintaining minimally acceptable reserves), the City is operating with deficit - less tax revenue than expenses each year - with a very fragile reserve balance. That's why it's so challenging for the City to fund basic needs or new intitatives (e.g. pre-k education; new jail), and some credit rating agencies have downgraded Indy from it's past stellar AAA status. More reporting on City finances would be welcomed.

  4. Sure, I'll admit that it bugs me to see that the IBJ.COM censors it's blog posts almost as much as the D of I does when someone points out the falsehoods and fabrications. _____But I think it bothers me almost as much that Captain/Defender/Disciple get his yanked too. You see, those of us with a sense of integrity, humanity, compassion, and a need for fact based opinion WANT to see all of his screeds posted. It makes our point so much better than we can do it ourselves.

  5. We're conflating two very different topics. Voter fraud is a myth and excessive gun violence is all too real. I just hope rational gunowners decide to stop being shouted down by the, well, let's call them "less rational" ones.