IU Medical Center

IU Health consolidation would cut 3 downtown hospitals to 2Restricted Content

June 20, 2014
J.K. Wall
Indiana University Health wants to consolidate its University and Methodist hospitals into one downtown location, a plan that would see one or both facilities close or be converted to another use.

Gene Glick was a soldier, a builder and a philanthropic giantRestricted Content

October 5, 2013
Norm Heikens, Jeff Newman
Gene Biccard Glick, who died at home following a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, built affordable housing sprawling across 10 states—a business empire that paved the way for tens of millions of dollars in donations to causes ranging from medicine to recreation.

IU Health makes prestigious Honor Roll list

July 17, 2012
For the first time, Indiana University Health has been named to U.S. News & World Report's "Best Hospitals Honor Roll," a distinction that goes to the top medical centers in the country.

Veteran hospital exec Odle to retire from IU Health

June 15, 2012
J.K. Wall
Sam Odle, one of Indianapolis' most prominent black business leaders, will be replaced on an interim basis by Jim Terwilliger while the hospital system conducts a national search for his successor.

Physician buyouts bruising hospitalsRestricted Content

May 26, 2012
J.K. Wall
As St. Vincent Health has nearly doubled the number of physicians it employs over the past two years, the losses on those practices have mounted. And the same thing is happening at all the major Indianapolis hospital systems, as all have spent the past four years aggressively acquiring physician practices.

Study: IU med school, hospitals boost Indiana economy

November 10, 2011
Associated Press
A new study says biomedical research at the Indiana University School of Medicine and its partner hospitals pumped about $370 million into Indiana's economy in 2009.

IU Cancer Center recruits top researcher

September 15, 2011
Scott Olson
Dr. Murray Korc, an internationally known pancreatic cancer researcher, comes to the cancer center as the first Myles Brand Professor of Cancer Research. The position is funded through a Lilly Endowment grant.

Firm joins race with IU autism drug

April 9, 2011
J.K. Wall
The Indiana University School of Medicine has licensed a pediatric psychiatrist's patent on an alcohol-dependency drug that the doctor discovered improves the language and social skills of autism patients. IU has licensed the patent to Indianapolis-based Confluence Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Evans dreams big as Clarian becomes IU Health

January 19, 2011
J.K. Wall
Clarian Health, which is set to change its name to Indiana University Health on Jan. 24, is relying on the academic expertise of its downtown Indianapolis hospitals to pull in patients from a wider swath of the state and the nation.

IU surgeon Pescovitz dies in accident

December 13, 2010
J.K. Wall
Dr. Mark Pescovitz, a surgeon at the Indiana University School of Medicine, died Sunday in a car accident outside Ann Arbor, Mich., after visiting his wife, Dr. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz.

Marketing experts: Clarian will get boost from IU name

May 5, 2010
J.K. Wall
The Indianapolis-based hospital system, which has 16 hospitals as far afield as LaPorte, Hartford City and Paoli, can now associate with all its facilities the name of the school that trains the majority of doctors and nurses throughout the state.
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  2. One important correction, Indiana does not have an ag-gag law, it was soundly defeated, or at least changed. It was stripped of everything to do with undercover pictures and video on farms. There is NO WAY on earth that ag gag laws will survive a constitutional challenge. None. Period. Also, the reason they are trying to keep you out, isn't so we don't show the blatant abuse like slamming pigs heads into the ground, it's show we don't show you the legal stuf... the anal electroctions, the cutting off of genitals without anesthesia, the tail docking, the cutting off of beaks, the baby male chicks getting thrown alive into a grinder, the deplorable conditions, downed animals, animals sitting in their own excrement, the throat slitting, the bolt guns. It is all deplorable behavior that doesn't belong in a civilized society. The meat, dairy and egg industries are running scared right now, which is why they are trying to pass these ridiculous laws. What a losing battle.

  3. Eating there years ago the food was decent, nothing to write home about. Weird thing was Javier tried to pass off the story the way he ended up in Indy was he took a bus he thought was going to Minneapolis. This seems to be the same story from the founder of Acapulco Joe's. Stopped going as I never really did trust him after that or the quality of what being served.

  4. Indianapolis...the city of cricket, chains, crime and call centers!

  5. "In real life, a farmer wants his livestock as happy and health as possible. Such treatment give the best financial return." I have to disagree. What's in the farmer's best interest is to raise as many animals as possible as quickly as possible as cheaply as possible. There is a reason grass-fed beef is more expensive than corn-fed beef: it costs more to raise. Since consumers often want more food for lower prices, the incentive is for farmers to maximize their production while minimizing their costs. Obviously, having very sick or dead animals does not help the farmer, however, so there is a line somewhere. Where that line is drawn is the question.