Indiana Gaming Commission

Could airport gambling idea take off?Restricted Content

October 12, 2013
Kathleen McLaughlin
Two gambling-industry lawyers see untapped potential in Indianapolis International Airport, which they argue is the ideal place to roll out wireless gambling technology and rake in revenue to support more nonstop flights, like the one United Airlines will launch in January to San Francisco.

Racinos ask permission to use mobile devices for gamblingRestricted Content

January 26, 2013
 IBJ Staff
The Indiana Gaming Commission might allow the use of casino issued iPads for gambling on casino premises.

Martin prevails in appeal of ruling that banned him from horse tracksRestricted Content

June 9, 2012
Kathleen McLaughlin
Industry stalwart prevails in fight against Indiana Horse Racing Commission, which found that he had participated in racing and wagering activities without a license.

Court sides with racinos in tax dispute with state

October 27, 2011
Francesca Jarosz
A federal bankruptcy court has sided with two Indiana racinos in a dispute over their tax burdens, a ruling that could reduce the total amount they pay into state coffers by as much as $30 million per year.

Governor backs card counter banned by casino

May 25, 2010
Associated Press
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels used the story of a blackjack player's lawsuit in telling Franklin College graduates about using skill to push the odds in one's favor.

Bills in General Assembly would ease costs for casinos

December 19, 2009
 IBJ Staff
The Indiana General Assembly is taking its first steps toward restructuring Hoosier gambling law.

Indiana weighs changes to combat out-of-state casinos

December 13, 2009
Associated Press
State lawmakers are weighing possible changes to state gambling laws at a time when growing competition from out-of-state casinos threatens to cut into business at Indiana's 11 riverboat casinos.

Ohio casino question could affect Indiana

November 2, 2009
 IBJ Staff and Associated Press
Ohio voters are poised to weigh in on a ballot question that would authorize casinos in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

Gambling habit puts state at riskRestricted Content

April 6, 2009
The state's overreliance on gambling, what once seemed like easy money, is becoming a major concern to taxpayers.

Trickiest legislative issues remain far from resolutionRestricted Content

February 23, 2009
Ed Feigenbaum
Positive action, action for the sake of action, and inaction were all on tap in the General Assembly in recent days as lawmakers prepared to wrap up the first half of the session.

Lottery privatization hinges on contractor's bolstering salesRestricted Content

December 25, 2006
Peter Schnitzler
To make the hefty payments to the state Gov. Mitch Daniels demands and still turn a profit, a private operator taking over the Hoosier Lottery would need to boost revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
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  1. Now if he'd just stay there...

  2. Daniel - what about the many US citizens who do NOT follow what the Bible teaches? The Hindus, Jews, Muslims and others who are all American citizens entitled to all rights as Americans?? This issue has NOTHING to do with "What the Bible says..." Keep all Churches separate from State! Pence's ongoing idiocy continues to make Indiana look like a backwards, homophobic state in the eyes of our nation. Can't we move on to bigger issues - like educating our kids?

  3. 1. IBJ should link to the referenced report. We are in the age of electronic media...not sharing information is lazy. Here is a link 2. The article should provide more clarity about the make-up of this panel. The commenters are making this item out to be partisan, it does not appear the panel is partisan. Here is a list of the panel which appears to be balanced with different SME to add different perspectives 3. It suggests a by-pass, I do not see where this report suggests another "loop". 4. Henry, based on your kneejerk reaction, we would be better off if you moved to another state unless your post was meant as sarcasm in which case I say Well Done. 5. The article and report actually indicates need to improve rail and port infrastructure in direct contradiction to Shayla commentary. Specifically, recommendation is to consider passenger rail projects... 6. People have a voice with their elected officials. These are suggestions and do not represent "crony capitalism", etc. The report needs to be analyzed and the legislature can decide on priorities and spending. Don't like it, then vote in a new legislature but quit artificially creating issues where there are none! People need to sift through the politics and provide constructive criticism to the process rather than making uninformed comments in a public forum based on misinformation. IBJ should work harder to correct the record in these forums when blatant errors or misrepresentations are made.

  4. Joe ... Marriage is defined in the Bible ... it is mentioned in the Bible often. Marriage is not mentioned once in the US or Indiana Constitution ...

  5. Daniel - Educate me please: what does the Bible have to do with laws? If the government wasn't in the business of marriage to begin with, then it wouldn't have to "define" marriage at all. Marriage could be left as a personal, religious, or otherwise unregulated action, with no ties to taxes, legal status, etc. Then people could marry whomever they want, and all this silliness would go away. Remember to vote Libertarian in November.