Indianapolis Airport Authority

Airport adds events to draw more people, revenue for vendors

December 5, 2009
 IBJ Staff
One of the first things new airport CEO John Clark said he wanted to do was to squeeze more use—and revenue—out of the new airport terminal’s Civic Plaza space.

Airport plans holiday events to lure traffic to Civic Plaza

November 27, 2009
Associated Press
Entertainment planned for December could put airport visitors in a spending mood. Retail sales at the terminal have suffered this year due in part to a 10 percent drop in passenger traffic, prompting the Airport Authority to search for ways to boost revenue.

Airport retailers want relief from street pricing policy

November 21, 2009
Chris O'Malley
Airport concessionaires stung by a 10-percent drop in passenger traffic have asked the Indianapolis Airport Authority to ease a policy that was implemented more than 10 years ago to keep prices in line with what consumers pay outside the airport.

HENDERSON: Airport terminal, one long year later

October 31, 2009
Tom Henderson
As an all-too-frequent flier, I’ve had a chance to get the full-love experience of the new airport terminal numerous times in its first year. The summary is that it’s both tolerable, and I have no choice.

Firms line up to find new uses for old airport terminal, other properties

October 10, 2009
Chris O'Malley
The cash-strapped Indianapolis Airport Authority suddenly can’t look soon enough at developing some of its vast real estate holdings, including the city’s former passenger terminal. This month, it plans to conduct final contract negotiations with a firm that would study reuse of the old terminal, adjacent land and other airport holdings.

Airport memo: Republic could bring 750 jobs to Indianapolis

September 15, 2009
Chris O'Malley
Locally based Republic Airways Holdings, which earlier this month said it could move up to 400 jobs gained through its Frontier Airlines acquisition to Indianapolis or Milwaukee, has hinted it may move nearly twice that number to its headquarters city.

After comeback, former United maintenance facility faces challengesRestricted Content

September 12, 2009
Chris O'Malley
The mammoth facility near Indianapolis International Airport now employs as many people as it did when United Airlines abandoned it six years ago, but its new tenants are contending with struggles of their own.

Airport axes five directors in cost-cutting move

August 21, 2009
Scott Olson
Five executives are among seven employees let go by the Indianapolis Airport Authority as part of its efforts to cut expenses amid declining airport revenue.

Hendricks airport to growRestricted Content

March 23, 2009
The Indianapolis Airport Authority is planning improvements to Gordon Graham Field in Hendricks County, including a runway extension and a second terminal.

Airport tussle continuesRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
The Indianapolis Airport Authority has fired back against a Hebron, Ky.-based contractor that alleged in a lawsuit last December that the airport operator failed to pay in full on a $14.7 million contract to build aircraft parking spaces.

Airport hotel in limboRestricted Content

February 2, 2009
Anthony Schoettle
The recession, coupled with personnel shifts, have grounded the more than $50-million hotel project adjacent to the new terminal.

Airport board adds membersRestricted Content

January 26, 2009
The Indianapolis Airport Authority has tapped three prominent leaders to fill expiring terms of three board members.

Cincinnati construction company sues Indy airport for failure to payRestricted Content

December 15, 2008
A suburban Cincinnati construction company known for airport and interstate projects alleges the Indianapolis Airport Authority has failed to pay on a $14.7 million contract to build aircraft parking spaces.

Indianapolis Airport opening good news for local PR, hospitality firmsRestricted Content

November 10, 2008
Chris O'Malley
In the last two months, the Indianapolis Airport Authority board has approved spending at least $850,000 toward grand-opening parties for the new airport terminal and events in the form of contracts with caterers, event planners and public relations firms.

Airport terminal to rent out space, keep many employees in old facilityRestricted Content

November 10, 2008
Chris O'Malley
The new, $1.1 billion terminal at Indianapolis International Airport likely won't house as many airport employees as the existing facility. Instead, portions of the terminal are being set aside for their revenue-generating potential.

Reader suggests IBJ journalists probe officials' assertionsRestricted Content

November 3, 2008
The airport authority should not assume a 3-percent growth rate because of the new airport, and the FFA Convention was not as wildly successful as reported. Mayor Peterson shouldn't be held out as a good example of a mayor who supports public transportation.

Airport prepared to fly solo after departure of BAARestricted Content

July 23, 2007
Chris O'Malley
The Indianapolis Airport Authority's management contract with British firm BAA unceremoniously expired July 15, and authority officials taking the helm for the first time since 1995 say they're confident they are prepared to continue to innovate as they prepare to open a new terminal.
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