Issuing Shares

Washington Prime shares set stage for NYSE debut

May 28, 2014
 IBJ Staff
Shares of the fledgling, Indy-based firm hovered just under $21 in advance trading on Wednesday morning, providing a window to its official open Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Spinoff firm with Carmel HQ plans to hire 150

December 2, 2013
 IBJ Staff
Allegion PLC, an international firm that made its debut as a public company on Monday, plans to hire another 150 people within six months between its Carmel corporate hub and Indianapolis manufacturing facility.

Kite Realty raises $217.3M in secondary share offering

November 14, 2013
The local rest estate investment firm says it will use some of the proceeds to repay debt and the rest to fund part of its recent $307 million purchase of nine Southern retail properties.

Stonegate snares less than expected in IPO

October 10, 2013
 IBJ Staff
The Indianapolis firm debuted Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange at $16 per share, well below the anticipated range of $20 to $22. In total, Stonegate's 7.1 million shares garnered $114 million.

Stonegate expects to raise up to $156M in IPO

October 8, 2013
Chris O'Malley
The Indianapolis mortgage originator will debut Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange, the first local firm to go public since ExactTarget in 2012.

Allison stock slips after owners reveal plan to sell shares

August 6, 2013
 IBJ Staff
The primary investors in Allison Transmission Holdings Inc. are looking to lock in profits by unloading 16.6 million shares of the company for more than $350 million.

Remy International getting prepared for another attempt at IPO

September 27, 2012
Scott Olson
The Pendleton-based auto-parts manufacturer is offering 40,000 shares to employees and immediate family members to boost its number of stockholders before a broader public offering.

SPECIAL REPORT: Stock-based pay builds wealth for Indiana execsRestricted Content

June 2, 2012
Greg Andrews
IBJ's annual review of proxy statements for Indiana public companies found senior executives' median compensation rose 14 percent in 2011. But that analysis uses the fair market value of stock and options awards on the date they were granted. If a company's stock price surges, executives can make out far better. (with searchable database)

Indiana executives pare stock holdingsRestricted Content

March 5, 2011
Cory Schouten
Executives and directors at several Indiana public companies took advantage of market strength in February to pare back their stock holdings, narrowly missing a pullback sparked by turmoil in Libya.

REITs get boost, not scorn, for selling cheap sharesRestricted Content

May 11, 2009
Greg Andrews
Here's more evidence we're in strange times: Indianapolis' real estate investment trusts have been issuing hundreds of millions of dollars of stock at woefully low prices—and getting a pat on the back from their shareholders for doing so.
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  1. In reality, Lilly is maintaining profit by cutting costs such as Indiana/US citizen IT workers by a significant amount with their Tata Indian consulting connection, increasing Indian H1B's at Lillys Indiana locations significantly and offshoring to India high paying Indiana jobs to cut costs and increase profit at the expense of U.S. workers.

  2. I think perhaps there is legal precedence here in that the laws were intended for family farms, not pig processing plants on a huge scale. There has to be a way to squash this judges judgment and overrule her dumb judgement. Perhaps she should be required to live in one of those neighbors houses for a month next to the farm to see how she likes it. She is there to protect the people, not the corporations.

  3. Corporate farms are not farms, they are indeed factories on a huge scale. The amount of waste and unhealthy smells are environmentally unsafe. If they want to do this, they should be forced to buy a boundary around their farm at a premium price to the homeowners and landowners that have to eat, sleep, and live in a cesspool of pig smells. Imagine living in a house that smells like a restroom all the time. Does the state really believe they should take the side of these corporate farms and not protect Indiana citizens. Perhaps justifiable they should force all the management of the farms to live on the farm itself and not live probably far away from there. Would be interesting to investigate the housing locations of those working at and managing the corporate farms.

  4. downtown in the same area as O'malia's. 350 E New York. Not sure that another one could survive. I agree a Target is needed d'town. Downtown Philly even had a 3 story Kmart for its downtown residents.

  5. Indy-area residents... most of you have no idea how AMAZING Aurelio's is. South of Chicago was a cool pizza place... but it pales in comparison to the heavenly thin crust Aurelio's pizza. Their deep dish is pretty good too. My waistline is expanding just thinking about this!